Mar 23

Today we’re taking a look at the lover of games and anime from “Persona 5,” Futaba Sakura! Not only do we get Futaba in her main outfit from the game, optional parts are included so you can swap out her jacket for bare arms, and display her holding Morgana and her smartphone!

In this episode:
1/7 Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)


  1. been a fan of persona games.. hoping to have this. 😀

  2. More phone camera, getting real close is really good to show the details.

  3. I played persona 4 and loved it. This is a nice figure and I would love to have it. ❤

  4. Never played Persona, but I absolutely love the look and design of this figure — which is very ambitious, being she has swappable bits to change up her look — and man, I’d love to add her to my anime figure collection!

  5. what a cute figure! I want it!

  6. That figure is pretty big. Really love the Persona girl designs.

  7. Haven’t acually played Persona 5 yet, but gotta love their character designs. Very well designed figure as well.

  8. Loved persona 5. Ive platinumed it in my ps4 version 200hours of play .

  9. Neat looking figure

  10. This Futaba figure ia freaking lit ~~~
    Almost freaked me out on the tiny glasses part.

  11. This Futaba figure is freaking lit ~~~
    Almost freaked me out on the tiny glasses part.

  12. Glasses look super fragile e_e

  13. futaba sakura looks so cute!

  14. Futaba Sakura? I didnt hear much about her but I still want her.

  15. Love the detail on the statue. Persona 5 is such an amazing game and it’s great to finally see figures trickling out.

  16. Futaba is my favorite character from the Persona franchise, and I need more Futaba in my life hobbylinktv!

  17. It seem ol’ Cap gets to stand… IN AMERICA!
    The scary glasses are a neccesary evil to get that stunning look juuuust right.

  18. Maan that figure is lit. Though I do agree with you guys, she’s was too stylish to be a hikikomori o_o

  19. At least bend the ends of the glasses before you box the figure. What happens if I break them?!?

  20. hope i can win this stuff, ….. love it

  21. She’s my favorite character! I just wish this figure had better painting on Morgana. And her ahoge looks a little wonky… I pre-ordered her but I let her go for the Hobby Japan version. I’d love to win this Futaba though!

    Her glasses are like the Yu Narukami figure from Megahouse. Nifty.

  22. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  23. Futaba best girl ♥

  24. Man, I never expected to see this getting a review, we could say, I never see it coming…… I’m sorry.

  25. Futaba @_@ ~ Futaba : “I’m going to trust my own eyes and my own heart to distinguish the truth from the lies….”

  26. I don’t know much about persona, but the designs are so interesting for 5 that i just had to pick up a copy of the game.

  27. Really lovely figure. Love the persona series. Here’s to winning her!

  28. She looks nicer without glasses.

  29. Futaba!! Need to win this!

  30. Inkling GirlI mean Futaba is my favourite character in Persona 5. No challenge. Although Haru is super cute as well, so I hope she gets a figure too eventually <3

  31. Futaba.. Futaba.. Futaba.. with her weapon of mass destruction megane just cat say no.

  32. Win!

  33. When i first look of this figure i really love it, really hoping to get this one for me, i really like the detail and she soo cute XD

  34. So she’s a shut-in but a very beautiful and stylish one. Riiiiiiight…

  35. I really like how she looks without glasses and Morgana is really cute as always haha

  36. Just two weeks for the anime release @.@

  37. That figure looks really cool, makes me wish I could play the game

  38. my friend is a pretty big fan of persona so if i won, id probably give it to him, that aside, i really like the editing of the recent episodes, keep up the good work.

  39. Futaba Sakura is my waifu in Persona 5! I want her!

  40. I like the design of the model
    also waifu af

  41. I love the persona games and I absolutely love futaba’s character! She turned out to be completely different from what i expected, which was a pleasant surprise actually.

  42. Damn, thank God I started playing P5 not so long ago.

  43. Sakura is too cute. 眼鏡!

  44. KAWAAAAIIIIIII!!! I want her in my collection 🙂

  45. The details on her were amazing! 😮 Hope I can have one in the future

  46. Haven’t played a single Persona game, but I love the character designs.

  47. I would love that futaba figure.

  48. She would really be a welcome addition to my collection!

  49. I love this Futaba Sakura figure. It is very detailed and stylish. Optional parts are cool too.. very nice..

  50. I love Persona 5. It was the first game in the Persona series I’ve played and I love the story and character designs.

  51. Futaba is my favourite, I’m glad her figure is so good.

  52. Nice figure, I don’t mind to have it.

  53. Futaba is the best waifu 😍

  54. Man this model is awesome….would really like to see it person

  55. Little bitty glasses… yes, she is styling for a shut-in. Or anyone else, for that matter. Her jacket has ‘AFK’ on it. Wonder what she’d think of D.Va.

  56. Futaba is the only social link you need

  57. never played the game but absolutely love its characters.

  58. Cool

  59. Futaba! The details in this figure are great!

  60. What a fantastic looking figure from a fantastic game! The color and details are awesome.

    I’ve never had a figure from Phat Company, but looking at this and their no game no life figures I know that will have to change!

    The glasses bit was interesting, I’d be afraid of breaking or warping them. They look so small and delicate. ><

  61. Futaba is one of my faves!
    Her character arc moved me to tears way too often T-T

  62. If I win this, I will buy and play the game. 🙂

  63. Very nice looking figure. I liked the snark Futaba has with the other Phantom Thieves and enjoyed her story.

  64. I’ve been waiting for her to release since I first saw her announced 😊

  65. Had no idea her jacket came apart to repose, looks like an amazing figure! Love the style.

  66. This figure is just amazing

  67. This figure is so awesome am delighted in how much detail it holds. I really wish I could win it

  68. I love Futaba Sakura, my favorite girl from Persona!

  69. Hope Ann gets a better school version figure too…

  70. It looks really nice. But man, those glasses are scary to put on her face!

  71. The glasses look scary to unfold.

  72. What a nice figure. Would be nice to win it. It would make for a nice display.

  73. Futaba!

    Makoto when?

  74. I want this

  75. Anna has cleaner hands… hmm… “In what way…” hmm… 🙂

  76. Man those glasses are scary thin, at least it looks like you get an extra pair.

  77. My girlfriend is a big P5 fan and I’d love to gift this to her! The figure looks fantastic ♡

  78. don’t fail me this time random number generator

  79. Liked and subscribed. Hope I win that amazing Futaba figure. 🙂

  80. Best figure for best girl

  81. Lovely cat!

  82. Futaba is me and my fiance’s favourite girl in Persona 5. She’s such a QT 😀

  83. I NEED this, I’ve been eyeing this one since it was announced but couldn’t afford it *fingers crossed*

  84. Congratulations for reaching the 50th episode finally, after an eternity 😉 And hope you guys get that 100k subs soon and the silver youtube badge that comes with it.

  85. If its persona 5, i must haves it

  86. Wow Nice action figure for Futaba Sakura.. One in my wish list since last year.. I hope I can get my hand on those beauty… great review guys..

  87. Rolling the rng, But Futaba definitely had my favorite story arc and with lovely character progression. Hands done one of my fav characters in P5.

  88. This post is a winner I can feel it!

  89. That tongue should be illegal.

  90. Me want it please !!!

  91. That figure looks amazing!

  92. Interesting how snug fir is for Morgana, what shaking needed for her to fall of.

  93. Aw man she’s so cute. She was my favorite link in P5.

  94. This figure is awesome! Love the Persona series!

  95. Ah..that song in the fusion room. Spending so much time in the fusion room across 3 diff persona games has made it the most listened song I will ever have in my life.

  96. Man, I need this! My buddy has her and she looks super gorgeous in person.

  97. omomomomom I neeed that in my life!! PLease RNG lol thanks for the review!

  98. A Hikikomori like me, we are not alone!

  99. absolutely fantastic, would love to have this

  100. She looks taller than she should 😛

  101. Their content is getting a lot better now in my opinion, you know, getting all meme-y and stuff. I really enjoy the recent episodes, keep it up guys.

  102. Those glasses remind me of working with photo-etch parts, extremely nerve-racking. Still can’t wait for Aoshima’s Persona model kits.

  103. Style, cats, and glasses – how can it miss? Love the figure!

  104. Big fan of Persona, 3 is still my favorite though.
    Futaba is just adorable.

  105. I’m in love with that figure :3

  106. What a lovely cute and stylish figure, RNG be kind!

  107. Futaba really looks great here

  108. bending that glasses scares me ><

  109. I like how the base also has a design instead of just plain color.

  110. P5 and Persona in general has probably been the JRPG series I’ve spent most of my time on. This figure looks downright gorgeous!

  111. All Persona series navigator girls are lovable but only Futaba is Life, Futaba is Love…

  112. Nice looking figure!

  113. Now I have to go finish the game 🙂

  114. She looks really cute while holding Morgana!

  115. Persona is one of the best games over the world! Futaba is a waifu material ✨💖✨ I love this figure by Phat! Love you guys, you are so funny~ 💕

  116. I feel like they needed to give a whole sheet of glasses if I had this figure… so fragile and stylish!

  117. Futaba is my favourite Character in P5 so far with a rich backstory which we might all relate to

  118. Futuba is lovely, congrats on 50 episodes!

  119. That reminds me i gotta finish P5… eventually…

  120. The video was amazing she done a real good job never played the videogame but I love that figuring. I like classic games

  121. I love Futabae <3

  122. I hope she steal my heart !

  123. HEY HEY HEY, Put me into that giveaway

  124. LOVE the Persona games! I’m not usually big into these sort of figures, since they’re pricey and I prefer articulation, but for Futaba I would gladly make an exception. Fingers crossed that the ancient deity of random numbers should be in my favor on this occasion.

  125. I really love Futaba! And I am a big fan of persona’s series. Thank you for the review!

  126. I really need to win this one! Cause i’m saving money for the Amakuni’s one. Really fun video! Please do more persona 5 reviews in the future!

  127. Great episode guys, I hope I can get her

  128. Oooo I like this. Thank you for reviewing!

  129. Dude this figure is totally awesome, love the Persona franchise

  130. This figure is so stunning please come home my wife.

  131. I have never played Persona but oh boy this figure sure looks nice! Hopefully I win it 😁

  132. An amazing character from my favourite games series of all time.

  133. She’s very cute and looks very well made!

  134. This is an amazing figure and i really hope that i win it.

  135. I love this figure. She is the best of the companions to the mc of this game as she has the most involved backstory in what is going on. I really like this character.

  136. Oh boi. favorite girl from P5 Futabae. I wanna win for sure.

  137. Loved P5 *fingers crossed*

  138. Oh hey HLJ comment section! Long time no see! Chance to win an awesome figure will certainly bring me out of the woodwork!

  139. It’s always nice to see smaller details on figures that are true to the game, like the SNS app’s appearance on Futaba’s phone.

  140. Smart way to change the jacket 😀 hope to get her~

  141. love the figure really cute thet unboxing was really nice 😉

  142. This Futaba Sakura figure looks very nice 😀

  143. Gonna wife her next P5 playthrough.

  144. Awesome figure for an awesome character and a really fun unboxing too!

  145. Oh wow I am the 146th, looks like I am little bit late….duh it giveaway afterall………..It got me thinking.

  146. Persona is so stylish!

  147. I’ve never played Persona before in my life.

  148. I played the past Vita game. Wasn’t aware of a new one.

  149. Love persona 5, but didn’t finish it. Too long.

  150. pretty cool etc.

  151. All the loooooove! <3

  152. I guess in Japan literally anybody is fashionable!

  153. Never played the game but this figure looks awesome!

  154. Good game and nice figure!

  155. Maybe i’ll get around to playing persona 5 someday. For now this figure looks pretty cool

  156. Futaba is smol & adorable OwO

  157. The review on the Futaba Sakura is awesome

  158. Not usually into the statue variety of figures, but I’m always down for persona merch

  159. Please give me my sweet wife I love her cute face so much q_q

  160. she’s pretty with that big glasses. lol

  161. I have had my eye on this Futaba for a while. Come to me.

  162. Nice episode!

  163. Ive been a big fan of the persona series generally putting in about 200+ hours in the games and in persona 5 futaba is one of favorites characters and i hope to add her to my persona collection

  164. I’ve played all Persona games since Persona 2. Haven’t played Persona 5 yet, but definitely planning to at some point! This figure would be an awesome reminder to do so! 😀

  165. The character looks very stylish and even with all those parts assebly, it looks very sturdy.

    I like do like the headphones, glasses and the cat. : )

  166. Shadow Sae figure would be cool

  167. Persona 5 is definitely great. Looking forward to seeing what Atlus does with the cast in spinoffs.

  168. I’ve really got to play Persona 5. To much gunpla to build!!!! ARRRGGHHHH!

  169. Hello,
    Of course she can be a stylish Hikikomori…
    I always watch and like unboxing videos dressed as if it was for the red carpet 😉

  170. What a beautiful figure!

    But I bet she’s not as much of a shut-in as I am

  171. Gimme Gimme Gimme (9+_+)9

  172. If only I could get this

  173. Cool video and figurine 🙂 Enjoyed the whole thing

  174. Very detail figure.

  175. I love futaba — Definitly one of the cutest persona characters.

  176. I love futaba — Definitely one of the cutest persona characters.

  177. That glasses frame is so impressive…
    Great Ep!

  178. Lovely figure, and I can relate to how nervous bending such a small piece makes you. XD

  179. Lovely figure, I want it

  180. I love Futaba! I hope I get this 😀

  181. Futaba was the main reason I got Persona 5. She’s just too darn cute!

  182. I feel like I need some Futaba Sakura in my life 🙂
    Great show just found out about it on Twitter!! Keep it up!

  183. I’m a huge fan of the Persona Franchise, I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics and stories of all the games. I was able to get the Joker Figma, but haven’t being able to get the scale version, hopefully I can get him and Futaba someday.

  184. Chance for free stuff? Yes please.

  185. Persona 5 free figure? Count me in!

  186. Futaba is my wifu of Persona 5! Please, please, choose me! *-*~

  187. That Futaba Sakura figure looks pretty big!

  188. Everything about Persona just oozes with style and this figure is no exception. Thank you very much for the comprehensive review.

  189. This figure is great, really want to get one.

  190. I’m usually not big on figures, but it is such a nice looking Futaba… I would like one.

  191. Don’t make me start collecting Persona stuff too oh my god my wallet can’t take it.

  192. Persona 5 was a very good and well made game.
    Futaba figure is very well made.

  193. Have yet to play any games from the series. I’ve bought the latest and it’ll be my introduction to the series.

  194. Congratulations on reaching the milestone mark of 50 episodes for the Toy Tengoku show!

  195. Nice figure, I love the details on the glasses!

  196. Cute kitty and a nice sculpt overall. Futaba looks adorable.

  197. Definitely one of the best girls in Persona 5. I’m quite partial to the Niijima sisters (=u=), and Tae is quite hot but Sakura has a lot of charm in her =P. She’s quite hilarious too, the Phantom Thieves’ chatroom has been a source of entertainment once she joined the group.

  198. I almost didn’t catch her tiny little tongue X3

  199. Oh man, for the longest time I thought that was just her lips done weird. Lookin very nice.

  200. Futaba Sakura best girl hands down! Veery Naice Heh Hee *double thumbs up*

  201. Yes!

  202. I really love how the figure looks. Futaba is the best girl in P5 for me 🙂

  203. Wow, so beautiful! I really like Sakura, and her tongue is so cute in the figure is so cute!

  204. Futaba Sakura is so cute

  205. I’m a very big fan of Futaba. She’s the best character in the game. I would love to have a figure of her.

  206. Huge Persona fan! joined hobbylink for gunpla but anime figures and merch are great too! Hopefully I can add Futaba to that collection ^^

  207. She looks great!

  208. Futaba looks so stylish, even as a figure… also, Morgana isn’t scary! Though, I’m sure he’s scary if you stay up past your bedtime, that is.

  209. Congrats on breaking 60k subscribers! David you should definitely play the game when you get the chance. The Persona series is amazing.

  210. Love that figure.

  211. Great game and great looking figure. Lets be real though, she probably smells because her hygiene is probably terrible.

  212. I Love Futaba!! I have been a fans of persona since beginning. Especially the latest Persona 5!! Great review, and hope to see more of them. Oh! And can you take a pic of the box and also the figure in the plastic box too next time. Thank you 😆😆

  213. So cute!

  214. Wish I had more time playing the gaaaame ahuuuu

  215. Futaba! The cutest nerd ever. Love her support abilities and character, and would definitely love to own this figure. I hunger!

  216. woo beautyful

  217. Wow, she’s actually really cute.

  218. I’m absolutely in love with the persona series and Futaba is my #1 waifu! I really wish to win that figurine! (Also I wish I had a cat like Morgana :p) Love these reviews, keep ’em up you guys!

  219. Futaba is my fave character from Person 5, Played through this game like 2 times trying to do EVERYTHING. would be awesome to get lucky in this give away!!!

  220. Planning to get her, but let’s see if luck is on my side!

    • kinda wish i had this last anime weekend atlanta. the english voice actress was there and i got her to sign a keychain and my autograph book but this would have been better.

  221. That figure looks amazing. Glasses girls are the best

  222. Been absolutely dying to get this futaba sakura figure, she is definitely best girl in persona 5. Hopefully I’m not to late for the giveaway cuz I can’t wait to do an unboxing on my channel.

  223. A very beautiful figure with multiple poses and accessories, it’s also the first Persona game i played too, loved the series so much!

  224. Keep on doing this videos, it’s very fun to watch. Thankz

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