Mar 26

This week we have part 1 of our 2 part look at the brand new MG Deep Striker! The kit looks to be shaping up quite nicely and Todd takes us through his deep thoughts on how the construction, parts, and finish have been so far. Spoiler: this kit is beautiful!

Kits in this episode:
1/100 MG Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel)



  1. Thats a HUGE kit!!

  2. All i have to say.. The pistons dont work that way… So lazy on Bandai part. Still This kit looks gorgeous… Lets hope for a MG Hummingbird next.

  3. The Build Divers animation is coming… what do you guys expect from this serie?

  4. This kit is beautiful I can’t wait to get mine!!!!!

  5. He’s a big boy, that’s for sure! Loving how he looks, such an awesome MG.

  6. Huge kit! Great show as alaways!

  7. Cool video today, if I end up winning it will go towards the new Build divers HG kits that come out next month

  8. I wan’t to win!

  9. Yet another great episode

  10. okey just hopping to get the 2000yen and i can buy the GM sniper custom, really love that kit.

  11. Great show… Love the Deep Striker. Planning on picking one up when I am in Tokyo next month to save on postage and import tax ^_^

    I was wondering if you could provide me some info on the Shizuoka event like is there an entrance fee and if so how much? But also do you know how much it would roughly cost to travel there from Tokyo? Thanks ^_^ Maybe I will run into you guys there at the event.

  12. Please finish the deepstriker, and than put it side by side with a neo zeong and the dendrobium. That will be a sight to behold ^^

  13. That was a good try of reading my nick 😀

  14. Nippers are necessary, so are sand papers and cement.

  15. Look mama! No hands!

  16. The biggest MG that I’ve built is the Providence Gundam, and that used a lot of my shelf space, can’t imagine how I would be able to make room for this humongous contraption, not like I wouldn’t mind to try.

  17. pick me for 2000 yen! i want the deep striker!

  18. Need water decals not stickers.

  19. I want to see a Gundam building some gunpla!

  20. Me: “Wow. It’s big.”

    *Syd and Ryan open the door and stick their heads into the room*

    Syd & Ryan: “That’s what she said.”

  21. What a huge kit!!!

  22. With ¥2000, I could probably buy myself a new RG, MG, or maybe towards a PG. I’m holding off to see what new kits are going to be announced for the rest of 2018.

  23. MG GM Sniper II. MG Freedom 2.0. Megami Device ASRA Archer. Frame Arms Girl Baihu. I need that 2,000 yen!

    Regarding the Jaegers’ scale, according to a wiki Gypsy Danger is 79.2m tall. An average gundam is 18m tall. If an HG gundam is 1/144 for an 18m mecha, then the HG Jaegers would most likely be somewhere around 1/634 in scale. So smaller scale, but not as much as the 1/1000 EX Model kits.

    Speaking of, I’m looking forward to the upcoming HGBC Ptolemaios Arms, which apparently will let us built a version of the Ptolemy from season 1 of ‘Gundam 00.’ I prefer the version from season 2, but a step in the right direction. I like that it’s less expensive than the EX Model kits.

  24. Maybe some day I’ll get the mega sized Gundam Unicorn and paint it like Voltron.

  25. I’ve never been into those huge mobile armor type kits, but if one of them is going to break me, its either going to be this or the Neo Zeong.

  26. The mg deep striker is really big so I can’t imagine him with his canon

  27. 2000 Yen here i come.

  28. Could you clarify what the issue is with selling Star Wars kits? I was under the impression that they couldn’t be sold to the US, but I frequently see those kits available from US based shops. I’m a bit confused how Bandai breaks down who can and cannot sell those kits.

  29. Thats a huge kit. A gubdam with a head but bo legs looks kinda weird tho. Lol. Well heres to hoping I win the 2000 yen.

  30. Delightful episode. Thanks, guys.

  31. Designs like these are why I like when they dip into the older side story material. The Gunpla we have only scratch the surface!

  32. I need that 2000 yen! I got nendo pre-orders to pay off!

  33. I normally only stick to kits from series that I’ve watched but the MG Deep Striker sure seems pretty dang neat. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll be on my shelve.

  34. while its not completely, still to see a little progress on the deep striker.

    Also while I’m not too excited for build divers, hopefully it gives out some relatively good models in the future.

  35. i foresee the brick striker

  36. cant wait to see the whole model completed.

    I would love to win so i can buy my first PG model kit.

  37. Nice huge kit, I have all the paints in stock for it.

  38. I’d love to see the Deep Striker panel-lined. I know you guys don’t have the time but it would help break all that white.

  39. Hey Todd, MG Deep striker is good and all, but how story ended with Gojulas the Ogre! ?

  40. This kit without arms looks like a dinosaur

  41. I fail to see how those landing gears are effective given the placement of them and the size ratio to the MS.

  42. This episode was a lot of fun, but I have to admit this kit is not my cup of tea.

  43. Lindsay, build the tank or I’ll make my notification sound be you saying,”oh my god, look at the metal.”

  44. Not building that Akuyaku #1?! Excuses! 😀 😀 😀

  45. here hoping to win the 2000 yen

  46. Who is going to build and do the review of the Akuyaku?

  47. chufty boy. feels good. feels organic

  48. Hehe, almost looks better without arms

  49. Looks pretty over-the-top but spectacular so far. I think Todd is going to need a bigger apartment.

  50. There are a lot of unused parts from the 2002 Master Grade S Gundam.

  51. I’ve never done a scale kit, is it hard? Do I need special tools, paint or a particular type of glue?

  52. Love the hobby show episodes

    BTW is there anyway to check if an older kit will ever get a reprint/restock?

  53. I’m looking forward to seeing how that Deep Striker’s 54cm cannon looks.

  54. It’s a shame that I’m so tied up with my master thesis right now, because I’d love to work on something as huge as the DS. Anyway thanks for another great video guys!

  55. *Breathing Intensifies* Very Naice hehehe ^-^

  56. I don’t get why this kit is regular release but TR-6 is p-bandai.

  57. So many P Bandai gunpla release

  58. That’s a big MG, even if it was only half done.

  59. Oh man I forgot shizuoka is so close

  60. look forward to the finish product

  61. Can’t wait to see this finished up! I was trying to put off buying this until a later date, but seeing it being built up and reviewed is testing me!

  62. looking forward to the finished Deep Striker

  63. Without the arms the Deepstriker looks like one of those giant spider boss mechs.
    The new Figure-riseLABO has some crazy multicolor injection preshading and they finally dropped the uncanny valley face.

  64. I would love to see a size comparison with other MGs for the Deep Striker.

  65. Wow, I love the S Gundam designs and this model is just awesome! 2000Y would certainly help make this mine, hehe 😉

  66. Happy Easter Guys, take a well deserved rest. we eat lots of chocolate eggs in the U.K. this weekend, do they have them in Japan?

  67. Happy easter. I heard the Deep strikers gun is still too small for its scale. it needs to be about 60% bigger haha

  68. Welcome back Ryan and hello there Todd do you two have any recommendations on what RG kit is easier to build cuz I want to start building RG line but I don’t know which one’s going to be easiest to start with

  69. That’s no moon!

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