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Pokemon Plamo Victini Unboxing

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

Pokemon Plamo #20 is Victini! It’s a generation V Pokemon that’s among the fan favorites because of its super cute look.

This kit is somewhat unique in that Bandai has dedicated and entire kit to one small, not terribly detailed monster with no evolutions. It’s similar to the Pikachu and Eevee standalone kits.

At first glance, you might think this means it’s going to be a really boring kit — and maybe that’s the conclusion you’ll come to. But I’ve personally really enjoyed this one, so I hope you’ll stick around to see how it builds up!

The Box

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

Bandai boasts the “colorfulness” of this kit — and the color separation is pretty good, as we’ll see soon. Also, it apparently fits in the palm of your hand.

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

There aren’t a whole lot of highlights to this kit but Bandai points out:

  • The arms can raise
  • The “butt wings” (honestly, their words) can be moved
  • The shape of the feet are cute (that’s really one of the highlights!)

The Runners

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

A1: Red and yellow

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

A2: Yellow, pink, blue

Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

The manual and stickers.

Pretty good coloration, right? I’m relieved that the eyes aren’t made as just one big sticker, but that we actually get some color molding for those as well as the mouth.

We’ll be building the kit soon, so be sure to check out the next post for the final result!

Get yours here:
Pokemon Plamo Collection Victini

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