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Pokemon Plamo Collection Pikachu N.19 and N.41 (Part 1)

Pokemon Plamo Pikachu N.19 and N.41 are available from HobbyLink Japan

Today we are taking a look at two Pokémon model kits by Bandai: Plamo Pikachu N.19 and N.41. These are simple and very cheap plastic models which require assembly, and they feature various characters. In this case, it’s the famous and iconic Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise.

The two kits I’m talking about are very similar, yet both worth checking out. The first one, number 19, makes us assemble a cute Pikachu model articulated and able to move different parts of its body, while the number 41, the second plastic model by Bandai I’m reviewing today, is a little more complex –but not in terms of assembly, as it gives us the chance to build either a fighting or cute-looking Pikachu model. This one articulated as well.

Both kits come in a simple box with either illustrations of the character featured in the model kit or some Pokémon artwork, or both. The boxes are not sealed with any kind of tape, but the contents are carefully packed in plastic bags. Each kit contains a detailed assembly guide, which is completely understandable even if you can’t read Japanese.

So let’s start from the first kit, the number 19. I will talk about the other one in a second post, which is coming soon, along with a conclusive comparison of the two kits.

Bandai Pokémon Plamo N.19

This is the simpler and older kit of the two I am reviewing today. It comes with two molds for pieces and stickers for details, as well as instructions. The kit is simple to assemble and the process is fun. Each piece comes out of the mold easily so every part looks perfect after assembly.

Parts of the kit are colored differently, in the four main colors of the Pokémon mascot: yellow, red, black, and brown. This covers every part of Pikachu excluding the white of the eyes, the nose, and the inner part of its mouth. I find it very useful to have pre-painted pieces and I appreciate that in this model almost every color needed is in the mold.

What I appreciate a little less is the nose sticker, which is so small one has issues taking it in their hands. I ended up removing the sticker and painting Pikachu’s tiny nose black; the result is way better!

In any case, this kit is fun and so easy to assemble and the result is good, especially for the insanely cheap price, so I can really recommend it!

The assembly process

Although this kit is very, very simple to put together, I made a video of my assembly process, which could also be useful as an additional and more detailed loot at Bandai Pikachu Plamo N.19.

I like this kit because is well done speaking of quality, and I enjoyed assembling it quite a lot. I’m not very happy with the tiny — almost invisible, sticker for the nose, but other than that I’m satisfied with N.19.

The first part dedicated to Pokemon Plamo Collection Pikachu N.19 and N.41 plastic models by Bandai ends here. A detailed review of the second kit follows in the second and last part of this series, along with conclusion and comparison of the two model kits.

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