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A Trio of Pikachu Sweets at Mcdonald’s!

On June 11, 2021, McDonalds’ all over Japan introduced three new Pikachu-themed desserts to really get the Pokemon hype going! Not that Pokemon needed any help with that, of course! Needless to say, our staff at HLJ got our hands on those sweet treats immediately and gave them a go!

Let me introduce you to the electrifying line-up! We’ve got the Yellow Peach McShake, The Chocolate Banana McFlurry, and the sweet Apple Custard Pie – all three limited time items that’ll be gone in an HM Flash! The lucky person writing this article got to have the Yellow Peach McShake and, lemme say, as a peach-lover, I was in heaven! Thank you for this blessing, Pikachu!

What’s a Pokemon collaboration without a weird-yet-adorable commercial to go with it? Watch those Pikachu go!

We also held a poll on Twitter to see which of the three was the winner among our followers! Looks like it was a bit of a close one, but in the end the Chocolate Banana McFlurry took the prize! Dang, HLJ’s customers are a bunch of banana-lovers, huh?!

If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan during this delicious campaign, we recommend giving Pikachu’s dessert a go! They won’t disappoint! However, if you’re not in Japan and still have that sudden Pokemon need, why not check out HLJ’s special Pokemon page? We’ve got tons of Poke-goods – including the latest and greatest in stock and preorder merch!

Take it easy, folks!

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