Feb 27

This week things get real – Real Grade that is! Following up on last year’s release of the wonderfully-detailed and easy-to-transform RG Unicorn, Bandai now gets a bit darker and releases the RG Unicorn Banshee Norn! Lindsay also breaks out her nippers and gets back to work to make one of the great new Dragon Ball Figure-rise kits, Super Saiyan Goku!

Items featured in this episode:
RG Unicorn Gundam
Action Base 5 Clear
Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Goku
Dragon Ball Figure-rise





  1. No sure if 60+ HGBF kits is a good or bad thing… 😀

  2. MOAR!!!

  3. Great episode as always, i didnt know that the goku came with the instantaneous transmission hand, being a fan of both dbz and rg kits, i thought both kits were pretty cool

  4. “I’ll tumble for ya…” Todd, for the win!!

  5. I’d love to see you go over more of the DBZ kits

  6. Goku vs Gundam; Make it happen! by the way, how’s your leg Todd?

  7. i want that banshee

  8. I plan on buying the Unicorn and Sinanju when get my Banshee.

  9. Thanks for reading my comment and amazingly not butchering my username on your second attempt at saying it.

  10. I like the Build Fighters kits that are classic kits with lots of extra parts. I hope they keep it up.

  11. After seeing a Gundam on the Ready Player One movie poster, I’m so excited for this year!

  12. Building the RG Banshee Norn while watching you!

  13. I can’t wait for the new Tales game

  14. What number of milight do I use for RG beamsabers? I saw that there is different numbers.

  15. LMAO Todd. My CES means Charcoal Eater Studio.

  16. If I have to choose between the RG Unicorn or the RG Banshee, I will choose the RG Banshee.

  17. wow never realized how large those DBZ kits were, kinda makes me want it more.

  18. I prefer vanilla unicorn with the DE to Banshee Norn. Is that a crime?

  19. You’re right Todd, this year is blowing by fast, and with each passing day my classes try to consume my life more.

  20. So which will be made into an RG first? Phenix or Full Armour Unicorn? Place your bets now!

    Also, who wants to see Loheng-rinko vs Seravee Scheherazade? Both have capital ship backpacks.

  21. i promised myself i wouldn’t get any kits until the backlog is cleared but so many good things are coming out

  22. i like the banshee norn

  23. I was interested in the DBZ kits but now I see it, I prefer it much smaller.

  24. Ita cool to see a review of the banshee but i already bought it blindly since its one of my favorite suits.
    and everybody loved rg unicorn.

  25. I’m a fan of the Banshee, but come on bandai, it would have been that hard to give us a Bazoka? Even has a leftover, I just really love the design of the Únicorn, but I rather have the more stylish design of the Banshee, extra points for looking good near the RG Amatsu-mina.

  26. I want a banshee with the claw and the railgun….

  27. 2000 yen

  28. Gundam Banshee Norn Moose mode.

  29. “a comment”

  30. I definitely want that RG unicorn banshee!

  31. a fun show as always

  32. That beautiful peacock gundam 😀

  33. I liked the RG banshee norn. might get one

  34. Nice figure I like the DragonBall Goku figure 😀

  35. Banshee is cool

  36. Two of the best RG’s Bandai has made!👍

  37. dat giant shield tho!

  38. Good luck everyone.

  39. I don’t know if the RG Banshee translated well from the MG. I kept looking at the review and saying – it looks too busy. Too many small parts break up the overall design and the color does not help. This maybe one of the kits that justs looks better in person. Shield looks great though.

  40. the new gunpla look great!!! 2000 would go a long way on expanding my collection.

  41. I always wondered, the Unicorn Gundam is based on a unicorn so it makes sense that it’s normal mode is called ‘unicorn mode’. Now the Banshee is based on a lion, so why the heck it’s normal mode is also called ‘unicorn mode’? Shouldn’t it be ‘lion mode’? Hum…

  42. 2000 credits for me gunpla !

  43. Would like to win some models anwyays keep up with the show guys love from Ireland

  44. My preference is the banshee.

  45. Nothing to say this week except good show as always 😉

  46. Wow.. Great kit.. I’ve got to have one of those…

  47. I am hoping for the RG full Armor Unicorn ><

  48. That’s right, bande dessinée is how we call comic books in France.
    It literally translates to comic strip.

  49. now i want buy the rg unicorn and the banshee

  50. I still think that regular RG Gundam Unicorn looks much better than RG Unicorn Banshee Norn. Combination of white and red looks a lot better than dark blue and gold – at least for me 🙂

  51. mee mee mee

  52. I really want that banshee!

  53. The dragon ball model kits are really amazing. I got to mess around with the Cell one and was really impressed.

  54. The Banshee Norn looks great, but I’m hoping they’ll release the version with the armed armor set as a normal release. I prefer that funny looking claw.

  55. keep up with the show guys

  56. Really interested in the Milights now – are they just disposeable LEDs? They don’t look big enough to have a replaceable battery =O How long do they normally last? I’ve got a few ideas for lego models that could do with these to really brighten them up.

  57. Now that they’ve made a banshe norn unicorn, I want to see a phenex rg, the gold version. That would be awesome

  58. Like how you said “Bande Dessinée” with a Japanese accent.

  59. That beam saber is cool!

  60. Another good episode. Really want the RG Banshee Norn and Lindsay has definitely pique my interest in the Goku kit!

  61. this is a BIG DEAL.

  62. That light up beam saber looks cool.

  63. The unicorn brothers are looking good together

  64. I’m probably going to buy every single RG Unicorn variant; all part of Bandai’s plan.

  65. Need to add the RG Banshee to my collection!!

  66. I like to win that 2000 yen store credit.

  67. The articulation of Figure Rise Goku is nice.

  68. Figure-Rise Standard is a great line. Its mostly Dragon Ball but i cant wait for them to expand beyond that.

  69. The new gundam SD line looks good.

  70. The figure-rise DBZ figures are really impressive in person, I saw one on display this weekend and had to take a double take at it just to make sure it wasn’t a SH figuart.

  71. Glad they don’t use Eye stickers for Figure Rise Goku.


  73. The Unicorn Gundam with the shield looks awesome.

  74. Hope you guy’s review the SD Gundam Cross Silhouette release, the wonder festival had so much cool news about upcoming kits and figures I cant wait.

  75. i would buy three to make a full armor unicorn dessinee rg but sadly dont got that much so ill wait for one to come out eventually

  76. Not a bad iteration of the banshee, hype for rg tallgeese

  77. More reviews of DB model/ figures will be great!

  78. Oh, that’s a neat Banshee

  79. Why doesn’t this show get the secondary camera the other has? Bring that other camera over to the really close details and different angles.

  80. That work station is such a good idea, now I know what I’m going to get myself for my birthday!

  81. I really want to get a RG unicorn so bad, but I’ll wait for the right time to get one. (like when they are on sale or the price drops) yeah right. one day though….

  82. I’m glad Bandai made those Figurize kits, otherwise I would never be able to pick up older Figma scaled Dragon Ball figures. Or even some of the more expensive Figma scale figures (coughs) Broly and Cell.

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