Feb 5

Another week another new kit to look at! Gundam Build Fighters seems to be here to stay and this week strikes back with the new Striker GN-X! Watch as Todd takes an in-depth look at the kit, and for those wondering, yes, Todd realized shortly after that he had the gun upside down! Strike 1!

Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HGBF Striker GN-X
1/24 HEXA GEAR Hyde Storm



  1. Mario Renato piloted in Gundam Build Fighters the:
    RGM-79K9 GM Sniper K9
    RGM-89GM Ghost Jegan M
    TMF/T BuCUE Tank

    So I guess that the HG GNX-611T/G Striker GN-X is the only way you can get an HG GNX-604T Advanced GN-X?

  2. What are the chances of Todd looking at the upcoming 1/72 VF-4 by Wave? (Or maybe even have one of the scale model guys look at it on the show if they have the time.)

    Or some of the Macross stuff from Hasegawa would be great, too. Anyway, always fun stuff. Keep it up.

  3. big time want that hidestorm, cant wait to see it built

  4. Dirty jokes abound in this one and of I did win I would take the first suggestion and get the striker gnx

  5. 2000 yen!

  6. seeing my comment get read made me realize just how old and crappy my username is. I made it when I first signed up at hobbylink.tv when I was 14. dayum time flies. gotta change my username though.

  7. ah the good old end of month gunpla drought followed by the surge of new kits being announced for not build fighters season 3 now it’s SAO

  8. Another great episode.. great review.. Striker GN-X looks fun to build.. gotta get one..

  9. Leo love can’t wait till those little guys come out I will get so many I have been waiting since Gundam wing came out in the USA on Toonami way back in the day. keep up the good work you two and keep thoses awesome narratives coming.

  10. Leo love can’t wait till those little guys come out I will get so many I have been waiting since Gundam wing came out in the USA on Toonami way back in the day. keep up the good work you two and keep thoses awesome narratives coming.!!

  11. Poor Todd, hope you’ll get well soon! Great show as always!

  12. I’m waiting for some news about 1/144 HGBD Gundam 00 Diver 🙂

  13. It’s going to be interesting to see the differences between Aoshima’s, Kotobukiya’s and Bandai’s Full Metal Panic kits, especially with Bandai and Kotobukiya since both kits are in the same scale and also as my friend pointed out, it’s very rare for Kotobukiya and Bandai to go head to head making the same unit. All I can say is… “Let them fight!” lol…. And on that note, it would be great if you guys would do a comparison between the kits in one of your future episodes ^_^

  14. Wonder if we will have an HG Aries?

  15. That GN is Hot!

  16. I would like to see Bandai come out with more RG gundams from some of the other Gundam lines. Like Turn A Gundam, 0080, 0083, 8th MS Team and from Gundam Fighters

  17. I need RG 00 Kit’s nowwwww.

  18. ravioli ravioli give me the prizeioli

    the striker gnx is such a good boy. I need it in my life

  19. Oh the double entendres…

  20. Gundam build divers!

  21. that is a long thick dangerous gun also include a beam saber for penetrating enemy MS defenses 😀

  22. Couldn’t Todd just build another leg out of plamo and put it over his broken leg like an exoskeleton?

  23. Give me the 2k yen rngseus so i can get the GN or something

  24. I need that credit to buy something for my GF, she really wants to get into gunpla but stuff is expensive here.

  25. The world needs more MG kits…

  26. Will we also see HGAC’s of the other Gundams?

  27. What are your thoughts on the new Gundam series?

  28. That is one thing about build fighter kits, they come with a lot of extra stuff.

  29. Striker GN-X looks fun to build

  30. Your “show of shows”! GN-X looks good. Really like the colors. Is Lindsay building anything? Heal up soon, Todd!

  31. That GN-X keeps getting better every time I look at it, Thanks for the review todd!

  32. REcently built my first Real Grade, the RG Gold Frame Amatsu Mina. Looks great.

  33. It would be super kool if I won 🤗

  34. Hope I win 😄

  35. the Striker GN X is so bulky and cool.. more of them i want 🙂

  36. Please let me win RNG!

  37. Poor Lynsey subjected to Todd’s inappropriate jokes. Although, if it wasn’t for her reaction, I wouldn’t have started to pay more attention.

  38. Let’s go RNG! That kotobukiya Rapid Raider would go nicely with my Asura Ninja, or maybe I’d just preorder Bandai’s Arbalest 😍

  39. Build Divers finally gets the rights to show AGE and Reconguista kits meaning that there’s the potential for a new G-Self custom or even a Gaeon custom with the giant hands for a backpack!!!

  40. I want to win to buy more model kits.

  41. Striker GN-X is a really nice one. The base GN-X kit is a bit dated, but the new parts like the extra armor, weaponry, and other nicks and doodles make this one really nice. Love the color separation on the new parts, and it’s nice we can finally kitbash an Advanced GN-X with this thing.

    Hyde Storm has me hyped, it looks like such a cool beast of a kit, I always take interest in Hexa Gear, but this one has me especially excited.

  42. Gn-x was as fantastic as I would have thought! Awesome time!

  43. Always excited to see new Kotobukiya kits. Hope that Hydestorm is worth all those Transformations.

  44. Todd may be a gifted gunpla builder, but it seems he could ‘stand’ to put a little more thought into his wordsmithery.

    So what do you guys think of ‘Divers?’ I like seeing custom kits, but I wish we could at least see Sei take on Sekai. ‘Try’ got a lot of hate, but I liked it.

  45. There is a new GM coming, thanks to Gunpla Build Divers. So… wish granted.

  46. It has been 12 years since the last Full Metal Panic(FMP)season and roughly 20 years for Gundam Wing in North America. During that time, I have grown and learned new skills, thus evolving into the man I am now. It was my love of Gundam which propelled me to become an Engineer and the accurate portray of military structure in FMP which led me into the Navy. Maybe in the future, I will design and/or pilot these mechs, but until then I can keep on dreaming.

  47. Waiting for next RG!

  48. I am hyped for RG Gundam Banshee Norn this month.
    Todd what is your top 5 RG recently that you have built?

  49. I still want the other gn-x’s not to be p bandai, the striker is all right but not really a win in my book. They look more bad ass.

  50. I have a feeling that the RNG never picks a high number, and that it is always between 1 and 29.

  51. pick me, pick me ……

  52. Recorded before the big news, now I have to wait a week to hear what they have to say about Gundam Build Divers.

  53. the dirty jokes HAHAHA lol. And the reactions, THE REACTIONS!! good close look on the striker gnx! when lindsay said “code geass” outta nowhere im like: “girl, you a code geass fan?!!?” Hoping for new Code Geass Model Kits and I’m leaning more on the Robot Spirits/Damashii/Tamashiis. Hope you are recovering well Todd!!

  54. I really love the posters you guys have! Where’d you get those? :O

  55. good review, cant wait for the hexa gear-bulkarm alpha review.

  56. the striker looks cool, great show guys!! I know what te get for the 2000

  57. Looking foward to the New R/E Guncannon Review! Hope i win this time:)

  58. Hey, that’s pretty good.

  59. The stickers on the arms I think add a cool color to the kit. I agree, the don’t stick out too much, *cough* IBO kits *cough*

  60. Plus the shoulder cannon, shield, and the purple on the head look super cool. Great looking kit overall.

  61. I am so far behind on my next custom, here to the new year

  62. Striker GN-X looks great and a fun build. Gotta get one soon.

  63. I guess next episodes will be about all those new diver pre orders.

  64. I prefer the look of the GM Striker over the Striker GN-X.

  65. Can’t wait to get the Leo.

  66. Anyone here who has any thoughts on the “new” Build Divers(that and its not an new actual gundam series)

  67. I really like the Striker Gn-X. Are you guys going to review the A-Z Gundam?

  68. I am looking forward to your review of the HGAC Leo!

  69. Todd, can ya do a series of tutorial of gunpla building from start to finish?

  70. Good episode, keep up the good work.

  71. Excited to have a multi-colored Leo sentai squad!

  72. Have you seen the new Gundam Build Divers kits? They’re making a modern Kapool kit, and another GM. I’m curious to see what other kits bandai’s going to produce, as the ones that are already shown are very interesting.

  73. Any new BB, SD’s ?

  74. Build Divers reminded me that we still haven’t gotten an updated HG Kapool yet

  75. Just like the Build Fighters ones, most of the Build Divers kits shown so far have no appeal to me with the exception of the Grimoire

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