Dec 12

Syd and Ryan get a little help during the busy holidays building up some new BB and SD kits. We’re also taking a look at a couple of new kits that just came in — of course, the PG Unicorn is among them. Did we mention the LED kit? Syd’s unboxing it, here!


Kits featured in this video:

1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
LED Unit for PG Unicorn Gundam
BB #396 Build Burning Gundam
SDBF Winning Gundam
1/144 HGBF Build Burning Gundam
1/144 HG Optional Unit Space for Gundam G Self
1/144 HGBF R-Gyagya Gundam


  1. First ! First ! First ! 🙂

    Yeah for shorter, more regular episodes 🙂

  2. Pretty excited to get my SD Winning and r-Gyagya after MegaShiki comes out. Cool to seem how easy it come apart and transforms. Short episode, but still a great episode!

  3. Guys, you never looked lovelier!

  4. Following the previous Star Wars episode I half expected the surprise to be that Ryan had finished his Millennium Falcon…

  5. SD Build burning looked so sad with its head not connected correctly..

  6. Cool Episode, loved how you guys brought in staff that never built any gunpla. Very nice way to open the door to more people into gunpla. I try very hard to expand a small Build group I have started in my Local hobby shop. Found Gunpla helps me over come my Social Anxiety and other types of Anxiety.

  7. Hey Syd and Ryan, see that you’ve both done something new with your hairs.

  8. Hmmm…. Paid for my Unicorn and the LED.

    Lets hope it will come SOON~!… so excited

  9. and here i thought GunplaTV can’t get anymore awesome-er!
    Happy holidays guys! see you when we see you!

  10. cant wait to build my uncorn next week, reckon we’ll get a quicklook at the led kit in action?

  11. Syd and Ryan became so pretty all of a sudden 😛

  12. Now I want to build the BB gundams too!

  13. So now we have to start with: Dear ladies and gentlemen. LOL

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,

    Love this short episode. Nice to place a face with the builders of the both SD’s.
    A suggestion, maybe you’ve found the new hosts for the Toy Tengoku…?
    Only watched one or two episodes of that show, but I’m sure there will be a lot of fans begging for new episodes. I know I will watch them in the new format, interested in a few new figures coming out soon….

    To all of the staff at HLJ, happy holidays and all the best wishes for 2015. And thanks for getting the PG Unicorn in to stock as quickly as you did!

  14. the winning knuckles are kind of disappointing and it’s kind of a downer that it doesn’t have the winning launcher. Oh and the R-Gyagya looks awesome.

    so excited for the LED setup. can’t wait for the next ep.

    • Not to worry — the winning launcher can be made, too! We just weren’t able to show all the transformations on this episode.

  15. Syd get some rest! You look very tired. Nice to see new faces on GunplaTV.

  16. I cool to see new faces and can’t wait to see the different LED modes for the PG unicorn

  17. the need to relax they sound nervously formal xD
    but its a nice diference

  18. winning knuckles a bit dissapointing

  19. Nice!!! lucky person for winning the Bling2x and I like those two lovely ladies.

  20. Nice change in pace, was goos of the ladies to perform a bridge, for you guys.

    Only shame is that they didn’t get a name check!!!!!

    I propose that in the new year, you have a Girls vs Boys build off.

  21. I thought Syd and Ryan went Ranma 1/2 and turned from Otakus into Waifus.
    I love how she said “I love big kits…”

  22. Looks like I’m adding yet another kit to my “to get” list.

  23. Always cool to see others in the office working on Gunpla (and other scale models)! Hope to see you all soon!

  24. Two Gunpla TV’s in one week! Looks like Christmas came a bit early this year

  25. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that Golden baby phenex NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Cool! Chicks ang plamos… i can die already!

  27. those are some great looking Gunpla ladies, i’m sure the ladies “hated” doing this, can’t wait to see led Unicorn

  28. nice to see new faces on gunpla tv. not really impressed with the winning gundam transformations, but the Mega Shiki will more than make up for it when it comes out

  29. awesome

  30. Just shipped my Private Warehouse. Now I just need the free time to build everything…

  31. my gundam cant possibly be this cute.

  32. nice short episode, good one.

  33. can’t wait for the LED assembly!

  34. I think I might have to get the three set of the try fighters 🙂

  35. Daaamn, Ryan is lookin’ good…oh wait, sorry… Some new faces on the show! Nice job ladies! The core fighter mode for the Winning Gundam is actually pretty cool.
    I forgot how big that PG box is. Can’t wait!
    I can imagine you are pretty busy over there right now. Thanks for taking the time to post an episode. RG Wing live stream would be awesome if you’re up to it.
    Thanks again!

  36. I kinda wish they would have stayed with the Powered Cardigan in Build Fighters TRY, I’m just not a huge fan of the Winning Gundam. What is your opinion on that? Also I really like how well made the LED kit seems. Thanks keep up the good work guys/girls!

  37. different LED modes?

  38. Nice short episode 🙂

  39. awesome! really appreciate that you guys still released this episode despite the really busy season. you guys and gals rock!

  40. Nice episode. Burning Gundam’s really looking good.

  41. How the heck are you guys wearing so little!? Shouldn’t it be freezing?

  42. Starting to have a need for that unicorn…

  43. I am not familiar with the ladies, took me by surprise lol. I think Syd should be halfway done with LEDs right now, perfect for the coming red christmas(hate “bloody”).

  44. Can’t wait to see the LED installation ! 🙂 Have fun with that! hehe

  45. Wow they’re really cute…
    Syd and Rye, sorry but my conscience tells me to choose them over you hehe…
    But by the way, great episode guys…
    PS, Syd say hello for your yellow sinanju for okay…

  46. Sweet little video guys and I’m looking forward to almost all of the upcoming releases

  47. Have to admit that knuckle looks kind of lame.

  48. Wow. Didn’t expect you to show of the Winning Gundam. Anyways, great episode besides the fact that the audio wasn’t working for me.

  49. Great episode! Your replacements did a great job. It is nice to get a new builders perspective on building gunpla. The new PG looks awesome. However, I think that I need to get at least one MG under my belt first.

  50. Those LED’s are freaking sweet!

  51. I want to watch the LED Detail videos, but like the PG Unicorn videos I’m trying not to spoil the mystery and surprise; however, it is so tempting…
    also looking forward to the next live stream. OPERATION GUNPLA METEOR…

  52. I thought Sid and Ryan “TRANSFORMED!”… 😀

    Sid and Ryan, you know I love you guys, but Gunpla TV just got a little brighter and lovelier this time around…. Im so happy… 😀

  53. Erupting Burning Finger!!


  55. Dragon Blasterss

  56. Great new vid i will deffent be picking Build Burning and winning Gundam at some point but im in the middle of packing and move to my new home so it will be some time sadly till can order them.

  57. Holy shit! Its really surprising that girls are doing the first part of the video :O

  58. Aww man. I can’t wait to see the unicorn the the LEDs.

  59. I still can’t stomach the fact that the LED unit costs close to $100!

  60. Nice Price for SD Winnning Gundam

  61. Winnning Road

  62. Great to see new people on the show

  63. Love the girls on the show!! keep it up gals!!

  64. Finally I catch up to the latest episode, was quite surprised Syd and Ryan had transformed LOL

    Loving the SD Winning Gundam, can’t wait to get it for my Build Burning Gundam.

    Keep up the good work guys, looking forward for the next episode

  65. Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  66. God damn it so sexy

  67. Hi Syd and Ryan! Big fan of the show! I just finished watching all episodes, it took a while. Anyway I just wanted tosay how much I enjoy the show. Keep up the good work. Please do some more plaplate tutorials.

  68. I recently got into Gunpla and you guys are always the first place I go if I want to check out a new kit. Happy New Years!

  69. Alas, I have finally caught up. I started watching about 2 weeks ago from episode 1. I was supposed to be revising for university exams and through my procrastination I found you guys. I’m very new to plastic model kits, but now I am hooked. My first kit was a V gundam from 2003,and built it on xmas day. And now I have about 6 Gunpla kits in the post. Thank you guys, you da bess. Also its nice to see some new faces on the show. I am all for brining new people in everynow and then.

  70. I hope to see more of those two, its nice to see some new faces.

  71. mygundamguy

  72. How many people are working in the company and where you all come from?

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