Mar 5

We are back to have a special look at what arcades are like in Japan. Lindsay and David find out that it’s all about the luck, which they seem to sorely lack! Also stick around for some special figure reviews and the winner of the Son Goku & Bulma figure!



  1. I just LOVE Toy Tengoku show! keep it up!

  2. Those arcades are worse than a casino.

  3. Tim said on March 5, 2018

    I’m really enjoying the new format of Toy Tengoku. It was a long hiatus, but great to have you back!

  4. Back in the 80’s when my brother lived in New Hampshire, the state had very active regulation of claw games. He said they would have inspectors play the games to determine if the machine was “fair” and a true skill rather than chance game. He got very good at winning at the claw games there and had bags of toys. Most state regulations currently focus more on limiting the value of the prizes rather than the verifying fair play of the machine.
    FYI – in 2017, the American Amusement Machine Association introduced a Fair Play Pledge, “a contract that every AAMA member must sign to guarantee that any game they sell or operate in the United States will give the player a fair chance of winning” as a move towards self regulation of their industry in response to state regulation proposals and the 2015 viral report on the rigging of claw games (UFO Catchers in Japan). Full enforcement is to take effect sometime this year.

  5. GAHH THERE AT :20 MEGUMIN! But I can’t order her off of HLJ! GAHHHH!

    But man, those crane games. I remember one time there was a spiderman plush just hanging right on the edge. So I just kept dropping the crane on him until he fell in.

  6. Bee said on March 6, 2018

    Great episode. I love UFO catcher in Japan, I find that the prizes are cooler and actually winnable once you have the technique down unlike here in the UK where you will only win the prize if it is time for the machine to pay out. But yes, you do have to be careful not to cross the point of no return, which makes it impossible to walk away lol.

  7. It’s more economically sound just to buy them. Which I did. Also they are rigged.

    • Fortunately, there are laws against rigging these things in Japan so it doesn’t happen often! Lindsay and I both have a long history of catcher prizes to attest to that 🙂 I agree, though — it can be better just to buy them, but if you’re playing for fun instead of playing to necessarily win, it’s worth it to hit the arcade sometimes!

  8. Now do gashapon!

  9. Ok that was harder then I though . Luckily you guys got that Qposket, that was really cute

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