Feb 22

This week we’re bringing you a close-up look at Good Smile Company’s figure of Rem from “Re:ZERO”! Not only is this figure beautifully detailed and cute as can be, it also comes with optional parts to show off Rem’s slightly unhinged demon form. And to top it off, we’ve brought out a MILIGHT 316 so you can see her horn light up!

Remember to stick around until the end of this video for information on how you can enter to win this Rem for yourself!

Items in this video:
1/7 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-: Rem PVC



  1. how does it feel to win?

  2. My friend has recommended Re:Zero but I’ve never got around to watching it, maaaaybe RNGesus can give me a reason?

  3. About to start re-zero. Looking forward to it.

  4. Nice, they went all out. It’s cool they straight up recommended a fishing LED and drilled even a hole for it, rather than a model company selling it for like 3x more. Keep up the good work guys!

  5. Who’s Rem.

  6. oh my that looks amazing

  7. Wow.. Really nice version of Rem.. when can I get my hands on that figure.. Also very accurate review.. More power to you guys…

  8. Omg she is SO gorgeous. I have a dear friends wedding coming up, and this would make the perfect wedding goft for her, as she is a massive fan, and cosplays her to perfection.

  9. Didn’t expect the light t to be a fishing light. Looks awesome though.

  10. This is Beautiful.. been a fan of that anime Re:Zero.. that might be a must have Rem Figure.. it would be awesome to have that as my collection..

  11. I’m more of an action figure collector but hella detailed statues are cool to get once in a while.

  12. I am the unlucky number!

  13. Subaru may only have eyes for Emilia, but Rem is easily my favorite character from Re:ZERO… And this figure/statue is absolutely amazing! I’ve yet to land myself a figure of her, and this would be an incredible way to fill that slot on my shelf. Good luck to everyone!

  14. Man, I didn’t even know this figure was compatible with LEDs. GSC really went above and beyond for this.

  15. I would definetly keep her in cute option 😀

  16. Public service anouncment:
    Please do not use your maids as fishing bait.

    Thank you for your attention!

  17. well never had the chance to ever win online prize yet, so im gonna leave a comment here

  18. Rem!

  19. Love the LED, but maybe i would prefer in different color.
    That weapon is awesome if we can display it on action.

  20. Rem is the best!!

  21. GSC + Rem = Tengoku

  22. Wow! This is really a nice figure. Always been into them but never bought one. Hopefully Lady Luck is on my side and help me win this figure. Who knows, maybe it will be the start of a new hobby.

  23. I want it Pls.

  24. That Rem figure looks so great. The sculpt and details are spot on. I love the interchangeable parts and possible light up features. I want to win that figure. But still, Felis is still best girl

  25. Hello! I hope that I would win this lol. I’m quite a fan of the Re:Zero franchise.

  26. when lindsay switching the head,all i can remember is a certain scene when subaru kidnaped by beattlejuice and rem comes and get swivel 🙂

  27. I love Emilia !
    and Filix is best Niko !

  28. When you want to look cute while swinging your big spike ball around.

  29. Rem best girl 2016, i wanted to pick this figure but i´m saving for my trip to Japan, would love to win it 😛

  30. I need this in my life!

  31. I wish more figures had this much fun extra goodies

  32. Good episode.

  33. This Rem figure looks awesome, specially with the glowing horn.
    I read some portion of the light novel and most of the available manga but haven’t watched the anime, it’s still in my ‘to watch’ list with tons of other anime. So many series, not enough time >.<

  34. Really nice figure, hoping to get it one day.

  35. I wish is my Real Life Girlfriend…she’s cute and even protect me when i’m in danger .XDDDD

  36. I wish REM is my Real Life Girlfriend…she’s cute and even protect me when i’m in danger .XDDDD

  37. I’ve never seen Re:Zero but this very well made figure sure lit up my curiosity.

  38. I love this Rem figure, so beautiful! It’s nice to have the choice between two possibilities : the cute and the dangerous Rem ahah x)

  39. The figure looks great !

  40. Hope I can win her!

  41. #TeamRem

    Speaking of which, I have figma Rem already. So it would be nice if I have that 1/7 scale Rem. tsk tsk

  42. Rem is waifu for laifu

  43. REM? Random Eye Movement?

  44. i’ve never really considered collecting anime memorabilia, but they look cool


  46. OMG! I need her! I love Rem I hope I win the give away!

  47. Rem is so dedicated, she is Best Girl. Not sorry, Emilia.

  48. Nearly died on the inside seeing how she was treated in the show. Hopefully she gets treated better later down the line.

  49. 𝐑 est in peace
    𝐄 milia’s
    𝐌 aid

    lol idk

  50. I actually have a little bit of a story with this figure, having pre-ordered it way back when, only for my bank to cancel my credit card just before the figure was released, 1 year of waiting to cancel a pre-order. But I guess here’s my chance at it again.

  51. I’ve always wanted to try collecting figures. It would be a nice change from always using model kits. I’ve always been aware of this website, but I’ve not been able to use it since I don’t have a job yet. Once I do though, I’ll be sure to make use of your services!

    PS: Rem best girl

  52. Omg i love this figure! Had planned on buying her, already own the nendoroid, a few prize figures, several wall scrolls, a dakimakura of her and Ram and have the 1/4 B style preordered. I NEED THIS FIGURE!!!

    For those wondering RE:ZERO IS AMAZING! In my opinion the best anime of 2016 and i have yet to see an anime since that made me so excited! The main character can be a little annoying but its his growth that makes him so endearing. I recommend this show to anyo e and everyone!

  53. An Otaku can’t live on Gunpla alone! I want to add her to my collection!

  54. Oh yes the panties, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you

  55. I’d love to win her! Good luck everybody 🙂

  56. Perfect anniversy gift hope I can win.

  57. Never watched the show, but winning this would be a good incentive to do so :3

  58. Emilia is best girl

  59. I’m actually more interested on those fishing leds, never knew they were a thing, I have quite a few ideas for them with my gunplas.

  60. My 1/7 Saber Alter Dress Version also have the option to remove a skirt.Does anyone even use that feature?

  61. I wonder what are the chances?

  62. I dont have anything from Re:Zero, so Rem would be ideal! Looks so nice.

  63. What a beautiful figure! I love all of the shots of this one, and I agree, the light in the horn is a wonderful touch by goodsmile company!

  64. This figure is gorgeous I just started watching this anime and I am in love.

  65. Light it up!

  66. Perfect model of REM

  67. I think the lights are a great touch to the figure and it kinda reminds me of the stuff that can happen on the Gundam Unicorn kits. Hope to see how this sweepstakes goes. Let’s see who wins!

  68. Love the anime and if I could get a chance to win the figure it would be awesome!

  69. If I win this will be my first REM. So exited XD

  70. Piece of cake :3

  71. lol I want it please 😛

  72. This is such a beautiful figure and such a great giveaway. Good luck too everyone!

  73. パンティー 見えますwww

  74. If we I don’t win it can I Re:Live the RNG moment to have a another chance?

  75. Ram is cutest but Rem will have to do for now.

  76. I hope I win this Rem for my waifu. I wanna surprise her❤️

  77. Whoa that’s really cool of good smile to recommend a nonproprietary LED solution for the figure. Cuts down on price! AND they made a cavity for the thing, too. Love it!

  78. Hmm rem. i want one.

  79. Need this.

  80. would make a good start to a figure collection 😛

  81. Rem best girl!

  82. Omg i so need this

  83. I am comment number 84. I won’t win this. FeelsBadMan

  84. OMOMOMO I NEED THAT REM IN MY LIFE LOL! You guys are awesome!

  85. Keep it up guys. I want it so badly. Ahaha!! That rem is so Gorgeous!

  86. Rem is Best Girl.

  87. Thanks for the recommendation on the show. I’ll have to check it out sometime.

  88. Have you tried combining both sets in to unique combination, something like – here is your tee, and if you don’t like it you will taste my morning star (with happy face).

  89. Thats Rem does look Cute

  90. Never watched RE:Zero, but I know someone who won’t shut up about it. If I somehow get that figure, I’ll give it to him….. only if he would shut up about how much he likes the show. If that doesn’t work, duct tape, super glue and concrete will do.

  91. Would love to win it, too broke to buy

  92. That’s a nice price for this weeks show 😀
    hope I win it

  93. Great show guy’s as always looking forward to the next review. keep up the good work and I hope the random number generator god’s smile on me and let me win this lovely figure.

  94. My waifu….please let me win, please please.plssssss……

  95. Very nice! I want one! 🙂

  96. This is a great figure. Good Smile makes some great products.

  97. The light/horn is amazing.

  98. I will never forget her smile in episode 18. Rem Maji Tenshi!!! \RMT/\RMT/\RMT/!!!

  99. Give me give me!

  100. Me: We all know that Rem is the best girl.

    Friend: Who is Rem?

    Me: :'(

  101. I am enjoying all these new episodes of Toy Tengoku. Good to see Ardith again in the Pepsi episode.

    Rem is a great figure – especially to win; and Yes, Lindsay this series came out in 2016. Keep up the good shows guys.

  102. I absolutely love Rem, Rezero was one of my favorite shows in 2016. I hope who ever wins loves her always. <3

  103. I start watching the series I got about halfway through it I just couldn’t stand the subtitle anymore waiting for them to do dub hope so. I enjoyed your video on the figurine the young lady was right it is a very beautiful figuring I do watch some of them in sub. I might go back and watch it again the whole thing.

  104. Re-Zero was the best anime series about the time issue.. And I remember that emotional conversation between Rem and Subaru it !! And I want this figüre too ! I loved the second pose with the chains , love her craziness 😀 !!

  105. Not only is the figure amazing, she’s also huge. Would love to see both the Rem and Ram figure next to each other.

  106. Loving the show, that Rem figure looks amazing. Can’t wait to see next episode 😊

  107. Great episode, now I have LED ideas for gunpla. Oh and the figure is nice too.

  108. Ayeee gl people.

  109. I want to win that Rem!

  110. What a nice figure, it has 2 distinctive poses, gotta win it!!

  111. REM!!! Please come to mee..
    I really need someone..ngg somethin’.. to brighten up my room.. >.<

  112. WANT!! I participate!

  113. Hope I’m lucky enough to win. Bless me lucky number, bless me Rem!

  114. I WANT TO WIN!!! 🙂

  115. I really enjoyed your video on the figurine. I start watching the series it was too much subtitle I’m playing on going back to finish watch. And tell the young lady she done a great job I would like to win it.

  116. I hope I get the figure! Re:Zero is amazing and so is Rem!

  117. Nice figure. I hope I can win it. Best of luck to everyone!

  118. It is such a well made model, so beautiful. Would be great to have it in display at my workshop, or as a gift for my friend who is like a super fan of Re:zero.

  119. Nice figure. I really like the light feature.

  120. I wish I get lucky. Good luck everyone!

  121. Amazing anime!
    Nice idea with the led, beautiful figure <3

  122. Im always confused to choose which rem should I get. >.<

  123. The figure was beautifully designed by goodsmile and the light up feature was cool. I haven’t watched the show but the character looked good and the demon form was surprisingly nice. I like the weapon too. I’ve always liked the cutesy but badass characters.

  124. I wonder if I get it or not. Congrats to whoever does though.

  125. Rem, the best waifu! 💙

  126. REM is one of the besets character in Re Zero. She is sweet, caring and one of the best overall characters in the series. Just make sure to be on her good side or she will beat you with her Morningstar…just ask Subaru who had the chance to see it and feel it first hand. XD

  127. Best Hibachi!

  128. Am I destined with Rem-san?

  129. Good luck everyone!

  130. I love every part of Re:Zero, it really became my favorite anime after all that experience watching it and what can I say about Rem? its best waifu ever, its such a beautiful character and I couldnt be any happier with all the amazing Rem figures coming out! I was looking forward to buy one but couldnt decide which one, they’re all so beautiful but thanks to you guys and if I get lucky enough to win this giveaway, I can have this one. And its a really gorgeous figure of Rem, they really put so much effort and detail into it, they totally got Rem’s amazing personality in it!

    Great video guys, keep making them cause I really enjoy watching them.
    May the best anime waifu come my way! Please! >.<

  131. Chou kawaii! I just got the swimsuit ver. of Rem last week from HLJ. I am in the process of moving ATM, so I haven’t displayed her. I love how adorable she is, though.

  132. Choose me please!
    I really love this PVC figure!

  133. i want it

  134. Id really like this figure. I think Rem is kinda misunderstood by Subaru though…

  135. Fave character in the show

  136. Very cool

  137. I didn’t know hobby tv does a figure show! very nice indeed.
    a great figure, totally want.

  138. Can i get some luck onto it

  139. The Rem figure looks pretty good overall, in its base state its not something i would put on my shelf but the bloodied insane look is pretty awesome and the glowing horn is the cherry on the cake. Looks great but im not enough of a fan of the show to throw that much money at a character i know very little about (not to mention i just spent a ton of money for both the Transformers MP Black Convoy and Figma Guts from Berserk xD )

  140. I hope i get it!

  141. This Rem figure is nicely done.

  142. My favourite anime and my favourite character, simply fantastic

  143. Wow, she does look great.

  144. I still have to watch this anime but this Rem is really cute (and I’m talking of the demon version of course) 😉

  145. She’s one kawaii demon that’s for sure!

  146. Give rem here

  147. I want, to win.

  148. Come on random number generator it’s been awhile!

  149. Best and true Heroine in Re:Zero
    RMT!! = Rem Maji Tensii

  150. Am just crazy inlove with this figure

  151. That figure looks awesome!

  152. Great review.. This is one of my wish list.. I hope I win…

  153. it looks really nice 7w7

  154. Love that LED horn feature. Would be fun to pose all mixed up with berserker and normal Rem features. XD

  155. I would love to have a chance at getting a Rem figure ^.^

  156. Good Smile Company always make good quality figures.

  157. Haven’t watch Re:Zero yet, now suddenly have the urge to watch it.

  158. that rem is an awesome model pretty accurate to series, i think i will add it to my collection!

  159. Really nice Rem figure.

  160. Oh, man! She is sooo Beautiful! I’m love since her announcement *-*

  161. Wow, I love the fact you can place an led for her horn to light up and that good smile thought of this while creating her.

    I’d love to see more figures with these kinds of features, it adds that extra WOW factor and makes for an impressive unique piece in a collection!

  162. Rem! lol Soooo cool

  163. Rem my queen!!! She deserves all of the love <33

  164. Very cute figure of Rem. I hope I’m lucky.

  165. I think Rem loves Subaru way more than Emilia. She`s so lovely and tended to hide her gentle nature in the beginning, but in the end we can make sure that she is really the girl who is worth dying for.

  166. Ahh I NEED THIS….and the season two..but the light novel ending are soo sad………heard they making alternate ending for the light novel, where REM got to be with Subaru still no further news about it….

  167. I can add those mini LEDs to my Gundam models.

  168. That looks really nice! I’d probably change it every other day or so to keep it interesting, though the “badass” one looks a little better because of the LED.

  169. The light up feature is pretty cool

  170. Rin said on March 3, 2018

    Senpai notice me

  171. She is really nice.

    Great video ^_^

  172. Nice figure, i want to have it! 🙂 Rem is so cute just like her birthday figure.

  173. This is literally what I wanted to gift one of my closest friends…we watched re:zero together and he loves rem …

  174. I gotta get this thing

  175. Would love to win a Rem figure

  176. REM

  177. I would pat her if I win.

  178. Choose me pls. What a nice figure!!!

  179. hey.. did someone win this already..?
    if not, i want to enter!

  180. The fishing industry is going to take a hit now that we’ve learned that these leds exist. Hopefully the company that makes them can compensate.

  181. she is very well designed. I always appreciate teh effort good smile puts in their products, so shiny!

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