Dec 12

Perfect Grade Exia time! With the ability to light up like a Christmas tree, the brand new Perfect Grade Exia from Bandai comes during the perfect month! Join us as we take a glowing look at the kit that everyone has been waiting for, and even shed some light on how it compares to the older 1/60 no-grade Exia!

Kits in this episode:
1/60 PG Gundam Exia (Lighting Model)
1/60 PG Gundam Exia
1/60 Gundam Exia
1/32 Suzuki Hustler (Phoenix Red Pearl)
1/32 Toyota Prius (Emotional Red)



  1. the light piping is neat tech. I hope they use it in future kits

  2. definitely a overhaul of the original 1/60 exia.

  3. Dang come on RNG please get me that Setsuna F. Seiei. I got the MG 00 Raiser, MG 00 Qan[T], and the MG Exia. It would look perfect on my shelf.

  4. I can’t wait to get the PG Exia. Hopefully the lighting version will still be available by the time I can afford it.

  5. I’m getting a RG 00 Raiser for Christmas, so that Setsuna would look pretty cool at his side.

  6. Nice show, that Exia looks amazing with his lights on but it is to big for me. I really like to hear your thoughts about the Megami Device and more Hexa Gear.

  7. Have you guys seen the trailer for the movie Ready Player One? There’s a quick shot of the Grand Daddy Rx 78-2 and I can’t wait to see it in action!

  8. Hi guys, What do you think of the Appearance of Rx78-2 on the new movie Ready Player One?

  9. Exia chopsticks!

    I’m getting some things from the Winter Sale, but I was hoping for a wider gunpla selection.

    Will you cover the FA Girl White Tiger and the Megami Device ASRA duo when they come out?

  10. That Exia is nice looking and can’t wait until I can build one. Love watching your videos and can’t wait to see the next one

  11. Give me that setsuna bust.

  12. Thank you Todd for all your hard work on building and reviewing the PG Exia! My brother just recently brought the PG Exia [Lighting Mode]and he got so hyped after seeing this episode. He is literally counting down the days when his kit will arrive in the mail. Now if he got that Setsuna Bust, it would be the best x-mas ever, jk. Merry X-mas and keep up the good work!

  13. Hold on while I go and find something to sacrifice for the RNG god so I can win that Reginlaze Julia.

  14. Great Episode as always, the detail difference on the PG Exia is insane!

  15. Holy carp! That’s one sick PG! The more I look at ir the more I am like :0

  16. *it

  17. not ir

    I cant spell very good

  18. Rip all the Prius fans out there!

  19. Looking forward to the review of the Exia Repair Todd! I mean when it comes out.haha 😉

  20. PG Exia = The Perfect christmas tree.

  21. Yas!

  22. I want to get a PG Exia but I know i’ll not be able to control myself and end up getting, two, the Lighting version and repair expansion

  23. what a beautiful kit..
    and that stand is actually really handy, now i don’t have to pull out the box if i want to change the gear set..

  24. great show guys keep up the awesome

  25. Way to light up X’mas night with Exia there. I wonder if papabandai would retrofit the new LED in PG Unicorn…

  26. Rng gods give me strength

  27. awesome new exia

  28. Hope I’ll win this time. Great show as always!

  29. I am definatly revommending Exia to my friendthat loves his led watercooling builds.

  30. That Exia looks so cool when he lights up.

  31. I wonder if they’ll make a P-Bandai PG Astrea since it’ll be a simple parts swap from the Exia. Also rly hoping to get that Reginlaze Julia, that’s the only graze-type IBO kit I don’t have

  32. Yeay,more frame arms kit.

  33. PGs always look great. Too bad they’re a bit above my price range.

  34. Cool PG exia. Now that I heard the RG Unicorn can light up as well, maybe the RG Exia can also do that.

    And for non-Gundam models, do you guys know of any airport model kit? I want to buy my cousin those but I only see train stations.

  35. PG Exia! shame the waterslides are sold in the p-bandai repair pack…

  36. PG exia looks interesting, hope I win free kits. RG banshee norn is going to look epic.

  37. One of the best of model

  38. If I win that Setsuna bust, I’m gonna put his head on the Exia so he can finally fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming Gundam.

  39. Roses are red
    My name is Dave
    This poem makes no sense

  40. I wonder how sharp a 1/1 scale Exia would be?

  41. More Gunpla TV is more happiness!

    PG Exia looks like a really nice kit. Frame detail isn’t as much as I would’ve liked, and proportions while lineart accurate look weird IMO, but it still is a marvel. I love the LED gimmick, it’s so impressive, but at the same time I can’t say I’m willing to pay double price for it…oh well, at least there’s always the normal one to go for!

  42. I’m a big OO gundam fan and the Exia is my first in the line, and I recently build the MG Exia and ignition mode, just can’t wait to have a PG… More power guys

  43. Great show! I’ve got 5 mono-eyes on the bench right now, Todd, so you are the man! Also, Suzuki did export the 3 cylinder sedan. GM re-badged it for their GEO line. Waterslides for the Exia being sold as P-Bandai limited domestic is a crime. I’m with Lindsay, the old Prius did look lovely. Just my 2. Cheers!

  44. I love the NG 1/60th Exia, it was my first and only 1/60th kit, but dang the PG looks so detailed.

  45. Since it’s too early to say Merry Christmas, I’ll just say Happy Hanukkah for now.

  46. Perfect Grade Exia looks bomb!

  47. The Perfect Grade Exia looks good, but how about a 1/1 scale Exia next. (Hint hint Bandai)

  48. The Reginlaze Julia was a pleasure to build. The design and size of the kit really helps it stand out as a High Grade, and the inner frame gives you a lot to work with if you’re modifying it.

  49. That is one sexy kit. Rated PG of course.

  50. Lindsy: “I made a pun NOOOOOO I cought the Tod “XD

  51. Holy crap! PG Exia giveaway next episode!? PogChamp

  52. Man, that PG Exia really does look nice with the lighting.

  53. Great show, looking forward to next episode ^_^

    Since Christmas is just around the corner, I was wondering what is on your Christmas wish list? For me, I have decided to expand my horizon to try building a Five Star Stories kit and I am eagerly waiting for the 1/24 Sugo Asurada G.S.X from Aoshima to be in stock before I send my private warehouse stuff ^_^

    Lindsay… I was also wondering when the next episode of Toy Tengoku will be? Will this become a regular staple like Gunpla TV?

  54. setsuna: I am gundam!

  55. Thanks for the show. PG looks really good.

  56. the PG exia looks awesome!

  57. Here’s trying for that Reginlaze. Can’t believe I missed out on it when it first came out.

  58. Box under my tree looking big enough for a megasize

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