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Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam by Bandai (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam by Bandai (available as a Tamashii Webshop Exclusive)


Following the unboxing, here is our review for the Tamashii Webshop Exclusive Robot Damashii Full Armor ZZ Gundam from the anime series Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam. For a Robot Damashii toy, this is really quite remarkable in terms of the finish, detailing and sculpt.

Most Robot Damashii toys tend to look bland in terms of the final finish. Much of this is down to the reduced price point compared to that of Sentinel excellent RIOBOT line. Well, in the case of this toy things are somewhat different.

For one the price point is a fair bit higher than most other figures in the Robot Damashii line. Normally this price point increase denotes an increased size or complex set of gimmicks. In this case it is simply down to a level of quality.

In terms of size, the figure isn’t that big (it’s smaller than the Robot Damashii Sazabi in fact). It also doesn’t have that many gimmicks nor does it transform.

All that aside, the increased price feels totally fair and this is a supremely nice action figure of a classic design.

It’s worth noting at this point that whilst you get a Tamashii Stage dongle to attach the figure to, the stand is sold separately.














The overall sculpt of the design is pretty much faultless. The detailing is also incredibly well done and of a very high standard for a toy of this type. The finish in terms of the plastic used is also of a higher quality than normal, too. Due to the bulky parts of the design, posing the figure is a bit difficult. The articulation is handled very well though.

The only minor downside to the figure is that in order to attach the beam rifle to the right arm there is a permanently exposed ball joint. The beam rifle also comes with an additional handle so the figure can hold it in the more traditional way.

Following that all the missile pods across the mobile suit open to reveal the signature red missiles. These are all detailed nicely, too.

The big party piece is the Hyper Mega Cannon. This attaches at the rear by removing one of the missile pods from the backpack. There is also a separate energy cable that affixes to the rear skirt armor. The detailing and sculpt of the Hyper Mega Cannon is also handled very nicely.

The surprising aspect to this figure is how many of the delicate features have been retained on a toy of this scale — from the vernier thrusters dotted around the mobile suit, to the various pipes and other details. Considering how delicate these aspects are, it’s nice that you can still play with the toy without worrying too much about them.

The main thing we’re just blown away by is just the level of quality to the overall finish and it bodes well for future releases. In any case, we’re just glad Judau’s pimped-out mobile suit finally got the toy it truly deserved.

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  1. Nice robot but will be better if you using a Gundam marker to draw the detail, check my not finished Gundam Epyon in my gallery.

    • This is not a plamodel, so I don’t tend to add extra detailing.


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