Oct 19

The gang returns from the All Japan Model and Hobby show in Tokyo and gets back into the swing of things. While we were out a couple of cool new kits came into stock including the sharp looking High Resolution Wing Gundam Zero EW, the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior and best of all the new Winning Fumina! Todd also takes a look at the all new Master Grade Ver.Ka ZZ Gundam and shows that even though he can build intricately detailed ship models he can be all thumbs when it comes to Gunpla transformations!

Items featured in this episode:
1/24 BMW M6 GT3 2016 Spa 24H Race Winner
1/100 High Resolution Model Wing Gundam Zero EW
1/144 HGBF Winning Fumina
1/144 HGBF Gundam Lightning Black Warrior
1/100 MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka w/Premium Decal



  1. Welcome back!

    After seeing ‘Winning Fumina,’ which other characters from the franchise do you guys think should be made into Gunpla Girls? Lots of people seem to want a Shia Qan[t] Gunpla Girl, but let’s not forget there’s more than just ‘Build Fighters’ to the ‘Gundam’ franchise.

    Also, if Bandai was to make model/figure hybrids to compete with Kotobukiya, which of their departments do you think would be best-suited to take on the project?

    • Shia really lends herself to a build (esp with the cat-ear hoodie and similar shape on the [Q]ANT’s head), which it’s a real shame Bandai are not taking up on (although maybe given how young she looks, I could see why they wouldn’t bite). The general issue is that the number of official female Gundam pilots is kinda low.

      If possible though, I’d like a Cagalli kit, maybe based on the Akatsuki (since it was originally made for her, even though she gave it to Mu La Flaga later), OR Marida Cruz (in Kshatria armour, which given the efficiency of the Axis Angel kit [based on the Qubeley, Kshatria’s predecessor] is entirely possible). They would want to fix up the wings though, friction slots are not very good for storage (I found the slots on the Axis Angel could not hold the not-particularly-heavy Caletvwlch Feder rifles, which is a shame, because it looks really cool!).

  2. I would love to have the High Resolution Wing Gundam, but just like the Hi-res Barbatos, while it looks great, I just don’t think it’s worth the asking price. I could buy a Sazabi ver ka and another MG at that price.

  3. ZZ and Wing are great models I wish to have one day! Great job on the show today!

  4. Did you guys hear about and/or watch the robot fighting match between US and Japan? Was it what you expected? LOL

  5. Did Lindsay make mistakes? I’ve already forgotten! Another great show. Todd, you might really enjoy the early Macross anime. The ZZ looks good (even without the decals). ….and thanks for the flash Beemer GT3 review! Cheers.

  6. Glad to see Gunpla TV is back! I have only ever built Bandai kits, but I think I will finally pick up a Frame Arms Girl from Kotobukiya. Just need to decide on which one.

    • Baselard is popular. Innocentia has great articulation, but no weapons on her own.

    • Personally I recommend Baselard or Hresvelgr overall if you know what you’re doing, although Gourai is probably the best beginner kit.

  7. Great show guys! Personally, I always thought the Double Zeta always was a weird design because it felt like the MS couldn’t decide if it was a Gundam or a weird space fighter. However, looks like Bandai sold me on this kit and I might be picking one up. ASIDE: Todd’s Grandma is actually a world champion of Spades. She just doesn’t let him know.

  8. The hobby show episode was pretty great. Kind of want to get some “real world” scale model kits now.

  9. the hi res wing looks cool as

  10. I know I’ve said this a dozen times before but Bandai really should give more love to the monoeyes and more unconventional designs

  11. I am amazed that they did the wing zero as a high resolution model before anything from UC

  12. it’s look really nice.

  13. No one correct them? It’s the AMAZING Red Warrior!! I like it’s weapons and am looking forward to this version’s weapons.

  14. Waiting a long time for this episode

  15. Great show guys!

    I loved this kit thanks to HLJ I got mine very fast. It takes patience to transform this kit to Wave Rider mode. I am just confused the way Todd has transformed the ZZ, it does not even look remotely like the promotional photos. To each his own I guess. Gunpla is FREEDOM! (“,)

  16. I don’t know, the ZZ seems to me to be a little overkill. Just cause it’s a Ver. Ka does not mean it’s great. I’ve noticed that almost every gundam that comes out, everybody has to have it. Sorry, but not all kits are that great.(gundams). I do like the prize given away this episode. Also, the new Fumina looks good too.

  17. I love the mobile worker type but haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. Maybe I’ll win!!!

  18. A gundam Virsago chest break would be a really cool kit to have displayed though i can easily see it having balance issues ,

    I love the ZZ it looks great but it seems to suffer because of the transformation, with swinging buts, loose parts, and areas that are just used to hide the moving bits,from what i saw it seems to have similar problems to the Victory Gundam ver ka. Either way great show as always looking forward to the next episode

  19. Would love an origin kit…

  20. ERH MAH GERD!! Just remembered that you all showed off the displays for the Full Metal Panic! kits from (I believe) Aoshima. Once they are released, please review them please!!

  21. Wow have to pick up a ZZ soon!

  22. I can’t believe that I won, with the number seven no less. With my luck that 1/100 Devil Gundam might become a reality, one can wish.

  23. It’s quite sad when not even a ver Ka can make want to build a kit, I guess the ZZ design just isn’t for me. Oh well, there’s still loads of other stuff I’m looking forward to. Like that Hi res 4K full HD Wing Zero.

  24. So close to 250! I’m glad that Gunpla TV has been going for so long. It’s nice to have something to look forward to (Almost) every week while I build Gunpla.

  25. Hi Todd,

    Just thought I’d let you know, the Gundam Lightning Black Warrior is literally the Gundam Amazing Red Warrior with a new paint job and different weapons loadout. Annoyingly the Dryon III seen alongside this figure in the 2nd Build Fighters Battalogue episode is a P-Bandai exclusive.

    …tbh, the Lightning Black Warrior is a waste since Yuuma Kousaka is supposed to be an extremely talented builder and his works are normally based on the Zeta.

  26. That ZZ gundam is a beast!

  27. Hello!

    I’ve heard Hi-Res Wing Zero EW isn’t super sturdy and has loose parts, which is disappointing for a Hi-Res kit. Still, this design is awesome and the kit looks the part as well. The bird mode looks awesome, and overall I really want to have it in my hands one day.

    Winning Fumina is probably my least favorite in terms of design, but kit-wise and engineering wise it’s pretty much the best. I’ll probably pick it up anyways.

    ZZ Ver. Ka truly is just an amazing kit from beginning to end. Good poseability for it’s bulk, a well engineered and solid transformation, detailed silver coated parts, and overall it’s just awesome, truly a masterpiece by Bandai yet again.

  28. Awesome Zzgundam 👊👊👊

  29. Hope to win that kit. Just to bad for the stickers. Why can’t Bandai give decals in every kit?

  30. The original release of the Lightning Black Warrior is the Amazing Red Warrior (And it’s have a SD version who remember the Zero of Rockman X series)

    And… wow. I want a MG version of Tryon 3

  31. Another awesome episode guys. Now i need to get my hands on that Ver.ka.

  32. you two have become comfortable with each other. May you always build Gunpla TV!

  33. I finished my ZZ Gundam days ago. Mine is the old Mg. Honestly. They both look great! The Ver.ka treatment this time is subtle. The new one is more tall, it has more details but not so much, it has a better hook to hold the backpack (and I really like the new solution because the old one has just a simple weird piece of plastic very ugly).
    Except for that they are almost identical.

  34. Todd: What is your opinion on P-Bandai kits, and do you think they should just turn them into proper releases instead of limiting them?

  35. you guys look good together !

  36. Great show guys

  37. Have you guys played Gundam Versus yet?

  38. Great show ^_^ I was tempted to buy the ZZ ver Ka but holding out for a Full Armor ZZ ver ka one day. Looking forward to seeing your review on the High Rez Wing but could you do a comparison to the MG if possible.

  39. Awesome Ver Ka kit. Hope to win 🙂

  40. dang, that ZZ ver Ka…

  41. I’ll be happy to see more anime stuff, go for it

  42. I only have a two kit backlog, I call that winning.

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