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1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs Unboxing

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

The HGUC Narrative Gundam (with its A-Packs configuration) was originally released in November 2018. The B-Packs version — released as an upgrade to the original kit rather than a standalone — came just a month later as a Premium Bandai release. That makes this C-Packs version of the Narrative Gundam the second standard release, though it has more to offer over the original release beyond the C-Packs. It’s plain to see what that extra offering is: the clear red Psycho-Frame, making it look an awful lot like the Unicorn Gundam.

Aside from neat new clear parts, the C-Packs version includes a shield, beam rifle, two beam sabers, and optional red eyes (as stickers).

The Box

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

Here are the highlights from Bandai:

  • The full body Psycho-Frame has been recreated with clear parts.
  • A wide range of motion and various gimmicks allow the reproduction of powerful actions.
  • The Beam Rifle can be mounted on the waist and shield can be mounted on the backpack.
  • The shoulders’ joints have a wide range of motion.
  • The sliding mechanism in the groin allows for the articulation of the legs to expand.
  • The stomach and legs have adopted an articulation gimmick that can move accordingly to the form of the MS.

The kit is shown in various configurations here, of course, including posed on an Action Base 5. The base isn’t included in the kit, so you’ll have to pick one up separately if you want to nail some of the more dynamic poses!

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

“The C-Packs was the third optional equipment for the RX-9 Narrative Gundam. It was a form which attached the Psycho-Frame collected by Luio & Co. as armor and was also called the “Psycho Package.” It is said to be an equipment plan which was not included in the Narrative Gundam’s original plans, and it was hastily attached to the MS before being shipped off of the Damascus. Its arsenal consisted of basic armaments including a Beam Rifle and shield with Psycho-Frame armor. Although there was no plan for the MS to be utilized in the operation, it joined the battle between the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex and the NZ-999 II Neo Zeong at the Helium-3 storage base. During this incident, the MS was seen glowing in a blue hue after receiving Psycho Waves from the Phenex.”

The Runners

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

Two A runners here, both molded in white. At a glance, you can pick out skirt pieces and head parts.

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

In a similar fashion, you get a large and small B runner, both in light grey. There are a lot of mechanical parts here, including some duplicated parts for the arms and/or legs.

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

The D runner comes in a shale-grey and is made of of foot and backpack parts.

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

The main event: the clear-red E runner. This one is actually quite a big runner for clear parts — though if you compare it to another Psycho-Frame kit, it might not be as impressive. Still, this shiny is my personal favorite part, as it’s going to add a really good look to the model. (And maybe allow for some custom LED rigging?)

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

More white parts for the G runner — we’ve got more foot and limb parts here, and the big shield pieces.

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

The standout parts on the light grey H runner are the Beam Rifle pieces, and the inner leg parts.

1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

And, the miscellany: a whole bunch of polycaps, a single blue piece for the center of the chest, and a limited number of foil stickers with a choice of green or red. Though the eye stickers will probably be useful, those of us who aren’t too keen on stickers will be relieved to find that a fine-tipped brush and some green paint will work just fine as a substitute for the other three stickers in here. And of course, you can always panel line and detail to your heart’s content!

Get your own Narrative Gundam C-Packs kit here!:
– 1/144 HGUC Narrative Gundam C-Packs

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  1. I hope BANDAI release Narrative Gundam line up in MG soon.

  2. Part separation and plastic quality are on point as always, Bandai does no disappoint there. Not a big fan of the design itself though. I know the intent is to give it an improvised Unicorn look in and out of universe but the psychoframe parts line up a little too neatly with the existing unarmoured sections of the suit for my taste. Details and otherwise though, it’s still impressive at how good Gunpla has gotten. You’ll rarely be disappointed in a Bandai kit when it comes to raw quality of materials.


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