Mar 30

There are some great kits in this episode of Gunpla TV and Syd and Ryan are so excited they are beside each other (pun intended). No, really. There is so much great stuff here!



Kits featured in this video:

– 1/12 Star Wars R2-D2 & R5-D4
1/144 HG Gundam AGE-3 Normal
1/144 HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo

Gunpla TV


  1. Woo hoo

  2. Making Gundam watching watching Gunpla TV. Doesn’t get better than that ^^

  3. What was the hardest modal you guys have ever built and how long did it take to build?

  4. dat r2d2 😀

  5. Kit bash between the honoo and rg wing zero custom could be sweet

  6. Looking forward to the DX!

  7. Glad you got to see a game Syd! And don’t worry I too hate the Kings. Looking forward to the next episode guys!

  8. can’t wait for my honoo to come in ^_^

  9. I can’t wait for my hono to come in… might order two and use the backpack for my try burning

  10. Wow, fist time my comment is one of the firsts. Still hoping that I will win one of those kits. I Tried to buy an RG using Visa Travel Money, bit it didnt work, hlj rejected it… So sad…

  11. I wonder if they will make a larger scale R2-D2 because it be awesome.

  12. gunpla for the win

  13. great episode as usual guys!

  14. Just wild beat communication

    • 雨に打たれながら
      色あせない熱い想い 身体中で伝えたいよ TONIGHT!

      Like that? =D

  15. It is crazy how its better for me to buy from hlj than a seller near me. Love you guys.

    • It’s not that crazy considering that (for example) the dollar value is higher than the yen value these days. So obviously if you import (for example) from Japan to the US, you’re going to be getting a better deal.

      Also, if you buy (for example) from a US based shop, they’re always going to mark up (even a little bit) the price to offset any expenses they deal with from having a distributor import from Japan.

  16. rolling


  18. Good episode. I’m kinda excited about robotech, but if I win I rather have that wing gundam zero custom poster behind you guys.

  19. Quick question. How did you guys get a job in Japan? Did you apply before you got there or while you were there? Love the show! And the thunderbolt was a great kit!

    • Good luck. Getting a job in Japan for an outsider is near impossible unless you want to teach English. Even that is really hard cause everyone wants to be in Japan.

  20. I NEED THAT R2-D2!!!!!! Great episode guys!!! <3

  21. Great episode as always and the wing hono looks awsame I’m going to order one on payday and can’t wait till the next episode.

  22. 😀

  23. I love wing zero an his pilot herro loved when he says “Ill Kill You”

  24. Great episode as always and the wing hono looks awsame I’m going to order one on payday and can’t wait till the next episode. I also can’t wait till the end gundam comes out .


    Okay say this out loud.


  26. i love the shows guys and am glad you guys did the Honoo, gotta build mine with the magazine items once my other items get in and i can send them to the states so i can build them. love the show guys keep it up

  27. Nice video! The kits this week look awesome.

  28. SoliiiiD WiiiiiiiiiiN…..!!!

  29. im gonna win this time (cross-fingers)

  30. Great episode guys! You guys hear about the MG Fenice Rinascita release?

    • I’m sure they’ve heard/read about the MG Fenice Rinascita coming. Though this leads me to suspect that we’re going to get the Wing Fenice in MG as as P-Bandai.


  31. Dear ladies and gentlemen

    So, who will be your favorite director for the RoboTech movies?
    Talked about it way back when, in the older episodes of Gunpla TV.
    Only remember NOT Michael Bay and George Lucas. LOL

    But serious, I’m on the fence for the new Hyaku Shiki 2.0.
    Do you know if it will be the mechie gold plating?
    Can’t find a clear answer online, maybe you could shine a light on the subject.

    Tanks for the show and keep up the great work!

  32. That’s really near and creative how you guys did the “flip book animation with R2D2 and the R4D5. Is it true that there are shops in japan or in malls where you can buy gunpla and build it there or have some help from people, Kind of like Gunpla build fighter and build fighters try, Cool episode and nice R2D2 sounds, I was not sure whether my hearing was going crazy. Keep up the awesome work!!

  33. HI Guys
    I look forward to your new episode every week.
    Being relatively new to Gundam.
    I have read that PG grade will soon be replaced by MG as the new PG?
    Is this true? I see quite a few PG grade in Vancouver but they are several years old.
    None the less they are very cool!
    George AKA ST Spike

    • You know, I honestly wouldn’t be too surprised if Bandai decides to cut off the PG line completely…eventually.

      At least though, I’d like to see a PG for Exia and 00 Qan[t] since I’m a big fan of Gundam 00 and I recently got my first PG… The 00 Raiser. I haven’t had time to start building it, but from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty damn awesome.

      But going back on topic, GunPla engineering by Bandai is drastically improving every year. MGs lately are actually very very close to what was reserved for PGs. And the fact that PGs probably cost Bandai a lot of money to develop, engineer, and manufacture; not to mention PGs coming out every so often and also not many people buying them…

      I can totally see Bandai ditching the PG line soon. It’s antiquated and overly costly.

      And to be quite honest, if I had to choose between PG and MG (even assuming that both lines have the same number of kits, etc), I would probably go with MG because the 1/100 scale is plenty big enough, the quality & parts separation in MG is amazing as it is and gets better every year, etc.

      I hope that helped?

      • Don’t be absurd. PG will never go away. It’s easy money for Bandai. Waiting 1 to 2 years for a PG is well worth it.

  34. I’m curious to see that MG XX built.

  35. oh my that DX gundam i want to touch it’s wing effect!!

  36. i recently just started hobby link tv in the middle of march and totally love it. all i wanna do is buy gunpla. My first and only models i have are Mg Aile Strike Gundam ver Rem and RE/100 Gundam Mk 3

    • “My first and only models i have are Mg Aile Strike Gundam ver Rem and RE/100 Gundam Mk 3”

      That statement would suggest that you own 1 model kit. =P
      You should be saying like:

      The only models that I currently own are the MG Aile Strike RM Ver and RE 1/100 Gundam MK3.

      But anyway, welcome to the hobby. It’s going to be a long, expensive, and fun road for you. Try not to get overly excited with buying kits since it’ll end up turning into a messy & expensive backlog.

      I think it’s good that so far, you’re sticking with the 1/100 line (MG and Reborn 1/100). I think that you should basically stick with MG only if you don’t want to get too involved with the hobby. Besides, most/all of the popular ones are out in MG or will come out soon.

  37. Just came back from 2 day gaming convention Super!BitCon here in Oklahoma and I look on Youtube to find this! The weekend just keeps getting better. And my wallet more empty. Great video as always guys, keep it up.

  38. all i want to do is build gunpla. But gunpla battle is a really cool concept that one day i would like to see.

  39. The Honoo looks pretty rad. Great looking transformation with little part swapping is the best.

  40. you know, the honoo really reminds me of the time mom accidentally got high as hell on weed gummy bears.

  41. SD WING!!

  42. love the thunderbolt designs !!! hope they will release more in the future!!!

    Imagine a mg Psycho Zaku!!

  43. Really like the design of the Honoo! Also really looking forward to building Double X when I ship everything out.

  44. hey guys I love the Honoo I am just not a huge fan of all that red, maybe paint it like a flame with blues and yellows to break it all up. love the droids hoping for the falcon to be released. ill take the thunderbolt kit NOW. lol

  45. Hey Syd and Ryan was wondering what Star Wars kits you guys are anticipating the most and what do you guys wanna see Bandai make?

  46. hey guys I love the Honoo I am just not a huge fan of all that red, maybe paint it like a flame with blues and yellows to break it all up. love the droids hoping for the falcon to be released. ill take the thunderbolt kit NOW.

  47. I was hoping they’ll do a “MacrossTV” for April fools… > <;

  48. Thunderbolt is a great manga, I read from volume 1 to 3, going to order the vol. 4 as soon as I can. Keep up the awesome show, guys! ^_^

  49. I would love to hear what you think of sony buying the rights to Macross “robotech” series, I love the idea of a live action movie as long as it is based off of the orginal season one robotech or Macross Frontier other then those I wouldn’t watch it.

  50. I’ve just started watching last week because I wanna learn more about gunplas?/gundams. hahaha. There are only few youtubers that post quality-updated videos about the upcoming gundams and/or their features :O! and you’re one of them :). Well just keep up the good work! :3. I wanna learn more about gundams especially gunplas because I want to buy one but unfortunately we don’t have THAT budget :(. Well, as well as I want to buy one I cant hahaha. But even I just watch videos or look at the pictures of gunplas, it will already satisfy me hahaha.
    *Thank you for doing this for us! (who loves gundam hahaha) 🙂

  51. I always enjoy your guy’s show. I’m mostly around other girls who don’t appreciate Gunpla (they suck). Thanks guys, you help me love this hobby even more. :3

  52. Happy Easter guys here comes Peter cottontail hopping down the Bandai trail hippity hoppity Easters on its way “I am bored cant u tell”

  53. just picked up a hg gp01, my next day off will be enjoyed :3

  54. still waiting for mg/rg exia avalanche here haha

    • That’s all?
      Gundam 00…It’s by far my favorite series and I’m still waiting for:

      — Perfect Grade —
      GN-001 Gundam Exia
      GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]

      — Master Grade —
      GN-001 Gundam Exia (Roll Out)
      CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam
      CBNGN-003 Union Flag Celestial Being Version
      GN-000 0 Gundam (Roll Out)
      GN-000 0 Gundam (Type ACD)
      GN-001/hs-A01D Gundam Avalanche Dash Exia
      GN-001REIII Gundam Exia Repair III
      GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron
      GNT-0000 00 Qan[t] TRANS AM VER.
      GNY-001 Gundam Astraea (Type A)
      GNY-001 Gundam Astraea (Type B)
      GNY-001F Gundam Astraea Type F
      GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type F2

      — Real Grade —
      CBNGN-003 Union Flag Celestial Being Version
      GN-000 0 Gundam (Roll Out)
      GN-000 0 Gundam (Type ACD)
      GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser (Trans Am)
      GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G
      GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G (Inspection Colors)
      GN-0000RE+GNR-010 00 Raiser GN Condenser Type
      GN-001/hs-A01D Gundam Avalanche Dash Exia
      GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II
      GN-001REIII Gundam Exia Repair III
      GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]
      GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] (ELS Ver)
      GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] (Trans Am)
      GNT-0000/FS 00 Qan[T] Full Saber


  55. thunderrrrrrrrrrrbolttttttttttttttttt awesomeness

  56. I began breathing heavily when I saw the runners for the Double X.

    • I know right?! =D
      I have that guy on preorder and hopefully I should be receiving it in the mail soon.

      Now we just MGs for X Divider, X Maoh, G-Falcon, and GX Bits.

  57. That double X looks amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Do want.

  58. Awesome show as always guys! I look forward to picking up a double x soon.

  59. Working on an MG Aile Strike while tuning in to Gunpla TV is great! Thanks guys! 😀

  60. Again, another awesome episode!

    Anyways, all the time that Syd was showing the honoo, I was imagining it in burst mode. Like fires coming out from its orange parts. 😀

  61. double x looks amazing

  62. Espero Ganar!!!

    I have a zoids kit and like 5 HG gundams coming my way right now, all from you.

  63. Maybe this time

  64. Follow me on instagram ^same name

  65. Great show as always guys. Looking forword to building that wing zero honoo


  67. Really impressed with the droid kits. Vader was a little too clunky, but they look nice. Bandai is winning on price too, the barely articulated Hasbro figures on the US are smaller and rising in price. Can’t wait for 2.0 Hyaku Shiki..

  68. Small or big wing gundam ftw!

  69. Thunderbolt Rick Dom when?

  70. meat pies at tims?

  71. Would love to get my hands on one of those kits. ^.^

  72. We need more glasses girls!~de arimasu

  73. The hoono really look awesome!

  74. wing gundams are best gundams

  75. RG 00 Raiser will prbly be the best RG to date, but I am sad that the 7Sword/G version will be P-Bandai, which I can`t get.
    And Syd totally agree – Zaku I TB is the best of the TB kits 😛

    • Hm?
      Has it been confirmed that we’re going to be getting a P-Bandai for the 7 Sword/G? What about any other variations? I don’t recall ever reading about that.

      Oh ho~

  76. R2-D2 and R5-D4 are looking very cool. And I want that SD Wing!

  77. when are the other hg honos coming out

  78. that is so Hotz!!!

  79. Rage on gunpla

  80. Do i need to top coat firts before I panel wash or panel wash first then top coat.

  81. Hey Syd and Ryan great show as always. That potential RG 00 Gundam live Stream sounds fun!

    I could put that TB Zaku 1 next to my HGUC V2 Gundam and have a nice Early UC vs Late UC comparison.

  82. All dat Gunpla goodness

  83. It’s a Gundam..opp with is a mini gundam

  84. I literally LOL’ed on Ryan’s droid responses on the first parts of the episode xD

  85. 2 Gundams,1 Box. Now that you said it, someone will Rule 34 it.

  86. i love the new gundam dx guys. it may well be my next goal for this year.!!

  87. Have you guys play sd gundam before?

  88. great video guys cant wait to get my wing zero honoo Tuesday ^_^

  89. Good day guys,nice reviews..informative..most of the time funny..keep it up Seed and Ryan.

  90. That SD Wing looks adorable!

  91. That SD Wing Zero! I would totally put that in my car as decoration. Instead of fuzzy dice, I’ll have a Wing Zero :^)

  92. My birthday is on friday! would be awesome to get a gift haha

  93. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! the MG DX is sold out

  94. I hate you mr random number generator!!!! I wanted that armored core kit, and no, I don’t want any of those kits your giving away this week, I just wanted you to know that I hate you random number thingy.
    oh and on the robotech movie thing, if that happens, it’s the worst thing that could happen to macross, harmony gold has blocked all macross stuff for a while now , it is a complex and legal problem but in the event of a movie happening that movie wont reach japan and, bandai wont be able to do kits or toys from that movie, what sony has, are the rights to do live action movies from Robotech, not the rights over the merchandise harmony gold owns those.
    Harmony Gold is close to bankruptcy and that is why they decide to sell the rights for the movies, as long as harmony gold exists macross will be blocked outside japan, that is why all macross fans should be hoping for harmony gold to go bankrupt.

    • You and me both friend. I wanted to win that Armored Core really badly as well. But fair is fair I guess. Will I ever win anything that they offer? I highly doubt it.

  95. I need to get those R2s for my son. Great little kits and good to have seen a decent view.

  96. Beep beep beep boop

  97. Burning buuuuuurrrrrrrrsstttt

  98. Are there any more variations of Wing zeros? Like fenice rinascita, and honoo?
    If we can get two more in yellow and pink, I can have a power ranger like set of wing zeros.

  99. Burning buuuuuurrrrrrrrsstttt!!!

  100. Beep beep beep boop

  101. I NEED THAT SD WING just got my SD build burning gundam and I love the hell out of it! And even if I don’t win….at least read my comment on the show.

  102. Hey guys another great episode! I can’t wait to see that DX built.

  103. swiggity swooty 🙂

  104. Gundam Double X Looking Awesome!!!

  105. Gundam Double X Looking Awesome!!! Satellite Cannon!


  107. Thunderbolt is a great manga, I read from volume 1 to 3, going to order the vol. 4 as soon as I can. Keep up the awesome show, guys! ^_^

  108. I am a brand new builder. I saw some finished kits, and some youtube videos and became immediately hooked. I have 4 kits and 1 more on the way(Hono). I bought the Hono from HLJ. I would love to buy more from you guys, but it seems everything I want is on backorder. I read what it means to be on backorder, and being in the states, I can’t wait that long to get my gundam fix. Even though I haven’t built a kit yet. I go a little overboard when I see something I would like to do. And I just jump in feet first. Now I’m doing some research on how to make my kits better. Did I move too fast? I have 2 MG’s and now 3 HG’s. Should I start with something a little more simple? I guess I should have asked these questions first, huh! Oh well, I’m in now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, are you guys going to be getting any of the backordered stuff in anytime soon? Or, if I order it, how long would it take to get a backordered kit? Thanks.

  109. Ryuseiiiii rasennnnn kennnnn!!!!

  110. I have never built an SD before

  111. mannn i want the armored core kit.

  112. i like the new modded wing… looks nice 🙂 great episode 😀

  113. it’s been a while seeing SD. looking forward the DX next time. keep it up guys

  114. I’m in love with the HONOO

  115. Last week a friend of mine got a Bandai stormtrooper and it was amazing. Do you guys think Bandai will make an SD(or BB?) version of that?

  116. Honoo you didn’t! *snaps fingers

  117. nananananana Batman!

    Batman demands you to let me win something

  118. I absolutely love the Thunderbolt series. Bandai really needs to pump more out.

  119. great episode there guys!

  120. Syd! Can I get the add ons like the wing zero honoo sword kit without getting the hobbyjapan magazine? cuz i’m a korean living in malaysia so the shipping is a bit pricey………… PLZ ANSWER!!! Oh and GREAT EPISODE as always

  121. Can u build the portent and portent flyer?

  122. I am still waiting to go home from college to build the SD I bought. Great episode the Honoo looks great!

  123. yes

  124. great episode guys!

  125. Just my opinion but the thunderbolt zaku 2 looks the best to me with the gold and then dry brush it can’t beat it. Also great episode as always!!

  126. Onii-chan

  127. You’re not gonna get those live action Valkyries because Harmony Gold doesn’t have any rights to use mecha or character designs from Macross in new animation or film.

  128. still hoping for an MG zaku tank

  129. I should start collecting some SDs instead only buying MGs…. I stay away from HGs like the plague @.@”

  130. [R2-D2 NOISES]

  131. Yup i am here, and I’m offering my GFF MC Banshee Unicorn Norn for next episode on Gunpla TV.


  133. Finished my Wing Zero Honoo before this episode aired.
    Loved the kit. One of the easiest kits I assembled!
    So don’t mind me saying: FLAME ON!

    Also he might not get full grown gundam wing brothers.
    But a smaller SD one would be nice too!

  134. The new wing gundam looks amazing, hopefully they do the same for the other four gundams of the series.

  135. Yay, Double X is out. Looking forward to next week episode like always.

  136. I really hope they continue with Thunderbolt. The Gouf from the more recent one is beautiful. I’d do anything for a full anime or OVA though. I guess their hands are tied with Origin & silly G reco though :/.

  137. Gundam Build Fighter Try is about to end, and with Honoo released, I assume we won’t see too many new kits from that series in awhile?

  138. Great episode guys!

  139. I’d really, really like to win that Zaku! Great show again guys!

  140. A bounty of gundam kits from Bandai!!

  141. I love that zaku 1! Also, the droid picture “movie” is really cool!

  142. Honoo looks great, looking forward to a RG or MG if they make one.
    Also I will be in Japan late April for a few weeks. Looking forward to it.
    (from Australia).

  143. Ah ah I love the little movie You did with R2d2 and its buddy! Ah ah….showing the third foot is considered a very offensive gesture in the world of droids! Poor R2d2!
    Still waiting for C3po….HLJ says April…someone knows the exact date yet?

  144. Hello Friends! How’s your Gunpla?

  145. “This is your first time doing it on camera?” Sounds like something from a porno. Star wars: droid orgy.

  146. Awesome episode! love the star wars kits 🙂

  147. i like wing gundam

  148. I have to order the Honoo now!

    • I would probably wait.
      We’re probably going to see a P-Bandai release in MG for the Wing Honoo using the Proto Zero EW as its base.

      • Not everyone would be willing to cough up a $100+ + shipping for, the most part, a toy. If you’re a serious builder, close to that sum would go to paints, custom parts etc. So I guess paying a ~$10 for a HG is much, much better investment imho for an average casual builder.

  149. I’d love to improve that ZakuI. Great episode Syd and Ryan

  150. hi syd and ryan! just a question, do i need to be a member to to win the giveaways or there’s no need to do so? thanks..

  151. hope star wars kits would be available in my country

  152. OMG,can’t wait to see the new rg 00 raiser.
    Its going to be awesome!!! xP

  153. Another great show guys would love to see Robotech on the big screen it was my first anime that got me into big robots plus it would be nice to see some Robotech plamo kits from Ban Dai.

  154. dayumm i’m excited to get my hands on the Honoo… looks so awhsum!!

  155. A live stream build of RG 00 Raiser sounds tasty.


  156. yeah, macross…wait, robotech.

  157. s said on March 30, 2015

    Wing Zero Honoo is one of those designs that really break gunpla for me

  158. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for another great episode!
    Please do a live stream build of the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 when you guys get it in stock.
    If possible, please do a comparison with the ballute version if you any of your staff has that model build.
    Love your episodes!!!
    – Kelvin

  159. Thunder bolt! So cool, hope to win it!!!

  160. Another wing for the collection.

  161. Nice kits! Nice show!!

  162. I got to agree, that SD Wing is probably one of the sweetest SD s ever made together with its gimmicks

  163. I’m Totally in love with the Honoo designs, I REALLY hope we get all of the Honoo’s in kit release form, my only disappointment with the Wing Honoo is the fact that the extra parts are included in the Magazine rather than the kit, Not that it takes away from it.

  164. Dat old zaku is awesome. Classics are the best

  165. Nice Kits

  166. awesome

  167. Sieg R2-D2! Sieg R2-D2!

  168. my fiancee loves sd gundams so winning that sd wing would be great. i might even be able to get her to watch gundam wing with me. she is really enjoying build fighters, so it might not be that hard.

  169. wing gundam zero honoo: flame on ~!

  170. Oh man… That R2 is really cheap. Now I want to buy it.

  171. well i guess a sd version of the wing gundam is fine too

  172. Somehow I wholly forgot about double X making its way to the MG roster, I didn’t remember to keep a bit of extra money on hand to order it! D:

  173. good show as always.
    i am planing on putting led into a gunpla for the first time i will post pics soon

  174. Praise the emperor!

  175. Hopefully going to get the SD version of the Sinanju and Kshatriya to go with my HG versions. Love the star wars stuff but I’m too focused on Gunpla for the time being to get any. Keep up the good work guys!

  176. My favorite Thunderbolt kit is also the Zaku I!

  177. Love the thunderbolt kits!

  178. Ryan don’t get excited about the Macross licence, it will be chewed and formatted by hollywood, in one word –> disappointing

  179. Great episode
    I especially loved the mg double X, probably one of my favorite gunpla by far. I also really liked the honoo, the changes the build fighter series makes to the origional are always awesome

  180. hello guys. I started building gunpla a year agin and have built 6 kits so far: 1 hg, 3 rg, and 2 mg. I’ve been wanting a wing gundam kit, but there are so many to choose from. What do you guys recommend? P.s. My girlfriend wants that sd wing gundam

  181. Hey awesome episode.
    What kits would you guys like to see made into an RG
    I would personally love to see the Qan [T] and the nu as well as the sinanju

  182. mmm honoooo!!!

  183. man! so excited for the Double X

  184. Speaking of Wings, MG Fenice Rinascita hype!

  185. sony just make sure you keep michael bay away from any potential live action robotech movies. he done a terrible job of the transformer movies

  186. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  187. Good show nice droids and the model kits are nice too. Hopin to see the girls building some girls sometime soon. Later players

  188. I really wanna see a lot of armored core kits so i’ll search for it on your past episodes. Nice episode again by the way.

  189. Great episode guys! Great to hear Sony bought the Robotech rights.

    And those droids look great just like all the other Star Wars kits so far… Damn you Bandai for making my wallet hurt!

  190. P1CK M3!!! Thanks for reviewing the HONOO

  191. I HOPE I WIN! =) the honoo looks so cool! XD

  192. honooooooooooooooooo

  193. Nice episode!
    My first kit from HLJ just arrived today! Yay!
    Btw why is there 1/144 HG Gundam AGE-3 Normal in the featured kits list?

  194. With so many versions of the Wing Gundam now, I really want to see a kit bash from each one!

  195. I WANT ME AN SD! (hey that rhymed, huh) well anyways I was waiting for an HG or SD to be a prize since I saw the last episode and id love me some free Gundam kits! your gunplay how-to’s have also been super helpful, thnx guys and hope I win!

  196. Did I just won?

  197. I won!

  198. I’m building the MG Zeta 2.0 while watching and watering over such an easy transformation on the Honoo.

  199. I want to build the Honoo, but I don’t want to deal with finding the Honoo a place to live in my home.

  200. My favourite thunderbolt has to be the big gun.

  201. Zaku Zaku!

  202. Plz lemme win. I crie evritiem ;-;

  203. A Bandai Ironman I would buy in a second. Also, wanted to know, where do you guys get all the posters hanging behind you?

  204. SD Wing Ver. EW!!! Thunderbolt Zaku!!! I need em. I NEEEEEED em!!!!

  205. I got a hold of the Mineshima God Hand Ultimate Nippers ( the other day, and after reading the manual online, realized I should probably get a set of Nipper Maintenance Oils ( if I want it to last. However, I’m running into a problem I recall Syd mentioning in an earlier episode about shipping chemicals out of Japan. He mentioned that HLJ sometimes has problems with shipping certain items, and when they do, they have to provide the post office with a Material Safety Data Sheet for the shipment to be completed.

    A friend of mine is trying to ship an oil set to me in the US from Japan, and the post office returned the package to him the next day. I did some research on the issue, and the only solution I could find was to try to get the MSDS from Mineshima and have my friend print it out and take it and the package to FedEx to ship it to me. Is there any other way you guys know of to get chemicals (specifically this oil set!) out of the country?

  206. Good job Ryan on that great review on R2-D2 and R5-D4. Keep it up!

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    • There is a shop in Narita Airport that sells Gundam. I saw it when I was waiting to board my flight to Canada a couple of weeks ago.

  214. Sony has the rights to Robotech!? Would be better if it was the rights to Macross, so that we don’t have the bad story alterations, and unrelated anime forced into it.

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    I’m also really looking forward to the new RE/100 Gp04 Gerbera, hot damn that thing looks so beautiful. Do either of you plan on building it?

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  222. Did my last comment get deleted? Weird, maybe the post didn’t go through. I don’t think I was breaking any rules.

    Anyway, I asked for some tips on shipping Nipper Maintenance Oil (NM-285, which you guys have listed on HLJ) from Japan to the US. Syd mentioned dealing with shipping this sort of material and having to sometimes supply a Material Safety Data Sheet, so I was hoping for some guidance.

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    Looking forward to seeing it built.
    Oh and thanks for not visiting Syd when you came to Canada. Haha. I was waiting all week. J/k.
    Does anyone know what Syds wife looks like? Just curious.

    • I forgot to add. I bet she is very beautiful Syd. Nothing creepy just always wanted to know what your family looks like. But I know you keep your family life private which is good. Good for you!
      Happy Easter to you both.

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    speaking of valkyries, i couldn’t help but notice that bandai’s new dx chogokin vf-19 may be available on hlj when it releases later next month (‘if supplies are sufficient’). would it be possible for you guys to bring one on the show when they come in (like when the robot damashii kshatriya was released)?

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  260. rap said on April 1, 2015

    zaku or sd wing? woah!!!! the best!

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  297. Will Ryan’s Falcon be completed before Episode 7? Robotech and Sony? Interesting the future seems…

  298. Hmm sd wing ew looks pretty cool! it’ll be awesome to do some customization and turn it into a wing zero custom

  299. ram said on April 5, 2015

    Hope I win!!!!!

  300. hi Sid and Ryan if you are interested i have recently build a HG amazing exia but that’s not the amazing thing. the amazing thing is i have drawn on an A3 sketch book the amazing exia and it is extremely accurate and i am not even kidding it really is. so if you would like did you want me to send it a photo of the kit that has being build and the drawing as well. please me send a way of doing this my regards Joseph.

  301. Hey guys my Honoo just arrived. When Im looking trough the promotion material it is advertised a 2 sword metalic wing and another head to this gunpla. I WANT IT SO BAD. But i cant find it anywhere. Are you guys going to sell it?

    • Hey there! This might be what you have in mind —
      These were bonus items included with the May 2015 issue of Hobby Japan, but the magazine is unfortunately discontinued now.
      If you meant something else, you might want to try asking around in the Groups here on! (We don’t always manage to take a look at all the comments on Gunpla TV, sorry!)

  302. Nice, Double X is up next.

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