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1/100 Frame Arms NSG-Z0/K Durga II by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/100 Frame Arms NSG-Z0/K Durga II – Available from Hobbylink Japan

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (6)
The powered knight Durga II is all put together! Let’s see how he looks, especially with angry red sword in hand…

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (2)
As usual, all you need is a pair of good plastic nippers.  The build wasn’t very difficult.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (14)
Straight to the height comparison. Not that different from Master Grade Gundam 2.0.  But a lot of that is plumage on the head.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (3)
Front, side and back shots.  Good use of clear parts.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (4)

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (5)
There are a lot of clear parts and details around head and chest.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (7)
The elbows can bend more than 90°.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (8)
The knees can’t quite bend as much, but since there’s no skirt armor interfering, they can be raised rather high.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (9)
But here the fun is definitely in the huge weapons, along with some optionals hands to swap in.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (10)
He’s bringing it here!  The sword is unsupported, so I’m curious to see if that will last.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (11)
Resting it on the ground in anticipation is always a safe posing bet.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (12)
But of course you will really want to raise it high, ready to pierce the heavens.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (13)
There is a mech and a cool lance hidden behind the huge shield.  Silver Chariot!!!

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (15)
Some final thoughts. If the powered samurai was a little bit over-armed and thus hard to stay together and pose, this one is instead a perfect balance between sculpture and mobility. Compared with the samurai, Durga II doesn’t have that much extra armor, which means it can pull off most of the cool poses you’d want without him falling apart. With 3 big and fun weapons, the options are all there, so I think you’ll enjoy this kit on your shelf!  Thanks for reading everyone.

Rrobbert184-Durgai-II-Review (16)
Battle start!

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  1. very nice. i miss your youtube video sir. 🙂

  2. Space Themed Durga lol

    just a question, is rrobert184 the same rrobert184 on youtube?

  3. That look like another good UV neon paint project. I am imagining the Shiny fluorescent Yellow glow in the dark…


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