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Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel (Part 3: Final)

Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


After the unboxing and review of the Metamor Force Black Wing by Sentinel, we’re now moving onto the real reason why you need this toy; it allows you to build the awesome Final Dancouga. Naturally, you also need the Metamor Force Dancouga in order for this to work.

As I explained in the unboxing, Final Dancouga originated in Super Robot Wars and is something of a fan-based spinoff: as the Black Wing was destroyed in the series prior to its combination with Dancouga, this deviates from the story as seen in the original series.

As you’d expect from the name, this is the final version of Dancouga and is arguably its most potent form. For me, I adored this design since I first saw it in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (shown below) and then did backflips of joy when it was included in the Super Robot Wars Z 2 games (though I was heartbroken when it didn’t make it into the third entry).

The big advantage Final Dancouga has over its prior versions is that the Black Wing at the rear is equipped with arguably one of the most powerful energy cannons in the series. In fighter mode, the head splits open to reveal the cannon and it is this that ends up saving Dancouga’s skin more than a few times in the anime.

In the context of Final Dancouga though, this results in two additional and incredibly powerful attacks. The first is Final Dancouhou and this is just a full on beam attack of devastating power. The second is Final Dankukougaken and this replaces the need for the Gundor battleship to energize Dancouga’s sword, as in this case the the beam cannon from the Black Wing supplies the power instead.

Due to this final combination, the Dancouga ends up being one of the most powerful mecha in the Super Robot Wars games and I am more than a little elated that I can now actually have a proper toy of it.








In order to affix the Black Wing at the rear, you need to attack the separate docking part and spread the legs from underneath out to the side. Once attached the connection is a solid one and looks rather magnificent.

That said, the Black Wing uses a lot of diecast and as such is heavier than the booster used with the standard Metamor Force Dancouga. This is not an issue, as the joints on the Dancouga are strong enough to take the weight but you need to be aware of this when posing.

Bar that, this is as good as the respective figures that are used to make it. Especially as the design is very faithful to the anime and not to the more stylised rendition as depicted by the Gigabrain figure (shown above for comparison).

This means the Black Wing at the rear is correctly proportioned and has the blue coloured wings from the anime, rather than the grey ones from the Super Robot Wars games.

The only downside here is that in order to make Final Dancouga, you need both toys and that is indeed expensive. However, this is the first time anyone has done this and will likely be the only attempt for a very long time, if ever again. As such, if you are a fan of Dancouga or Super Robot Wars then you absolutely need these toys in your life. This truly is the ultimate form of Dancouga and to see it done justice finally is genuinely wondrous.

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