Nov 9

Syd is excited to talk about the HG Mobile Worker (Mash Custom), a machine that isn’t a giant fighting robot but is giant and can do damage if used for fighting. Ryan and Syd again talk Star Wars Force Awakens after seeing the latest trailer, with the assistance of a couple of little helpers.


Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG MS Option Set 2 & CGS Mobile Worker (Space Type)
1/144 HG Graze Custom
1/144 HGBF Super Fumina
Nendoroid Darth Vader
Nendoroid Stormtrooper
1/144 HG Mobile Worker MW-01 Type 01 Late Type (Mash Custom)
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Gunpla TV


  1. long time no see guys

  2. That Ingram box is full of awesomeness

  3. Interesting design for the mobile worker. I’m always a fan of unique Gunpla

  4. A Thunderbolt anime will be cool, but I’d like to see Bandai animate the Advance of Zeta series so we can see more gunpla from that series.


    Will we finally see updated Gelgoog kits??? What kit are you guys looking forward to from the Thunderbolt series?

  6. cool episode

  7. Cool!! # 7

  8. Those mobile worker’s design is cool. By the way initially I thought you guys are giving away the ingram, but i still like those full armour gundam.

  9. Cool episode!

    The mobile worker looks great, it should be nice with some weathering.

    Looking forward next episode for Super Fumina 🙂

  10. i just bought RG Red Frame while watching this.. awesome vid guys

  11. Great show guys! Always a good thing to talk Star Wars.

    The worker looks better then I expected, very nice. Did you guys see the second episode of the Origin yet? Wondering what you think of it.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  12. Want!

  13. I was originally going to get the Super Fumina for a custom build, but after seeing just how big it will become once it’s built I might have to use something else.

  14. GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT ANIME??? Wow it is a big new for me!!!! And one more thing that make me exciting is gunpla expo…!!! Waiting to see your video!!!!

  15. the HG Mobile Worker (Mash Custom) looks cool


  17. seinfeld is still great how dare you

  18. I want more origins kits!!! so awesome

  19. <3 this episode. and a new thunderbolt anime?? boarding the hype train!!

  20. That Stormtrooper. Not only he cannot hit things he cannot even stand ^^.

    Also Thunderbolt is a UC fan dream… Still I am bit worried about if the anime wouldnt be make too kid friendly.

  21. Nice Episode!

    Already build the Grimoire and loved it, was my second kit!

  22. SUPER FUMINA! <3

  23. Man I am excited to see the return of the 1/100 NGs – such an underappreciated line. I don’t even like Barbatos’s design but I may get get the 1/100 kit one day just because NGs ARE BACK!

  24. Really hoping for a RE100 Gaia, and hope to win something!

  25. love RG. I want to collect them all

  26. Interesting to see that the Super Fumina uses the same polycaps as the Star Wars models. If possible you guys should compare the build of it to something like the Storm Trooper model.

    Also Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker! Calling it now!

  27. May I has one of those kits? Please? 😉

  28. never knew you can mix and match parts with those prototype kits, sweet!


  30. man i wish i got that ingram but i love thunderbolt!!!!

  31. Yep, there will be a Thunderbolt anime. And speaking of Gundam anime – I`m in love with IBO, after the MEGA letdown that was Reco in G, IBO is just unbe-freaking-leavably cool 😀

  32. all these theories about the new star wars movies are silly. also, the over hype is pretty silly. people were hyped about episode 1, and look what we got. just wait until the movie premieres to “theorize” about stuff and just enjoy the movie

  33. Great episode guys!

  34. Great episode! Can’t wait to see Super Fumina!

  35. Full Armor! Gimmeh!!!!

  36. Hope We could Fuse the Super Fumina with the Frame Arms Girls series

  37. Though some of my favorite suits are the strange and obscure, the Mobile Worker just doesn’t do it for me.
    Oh well, nothing a little modding can’t fix.

  38. News of a Gundam Thunderbolt adaptation is welcome news. But there was also a new trailer for Macross Delta! Animation looks fantastic, definitely going watch this gorgeous anime when it comes out.

  39. yeah \m/ 😀

  40. hey guys lovin show keep up the videos

  41. love the features the gouf and the mobile worker have!! dayum never was lucky with the lucky draw giveaway thingy… would really like that FAGundam

  42. nice mobile worker its nice to see some new machine, but hope to win that thunderbolt full armor.. more power guys.

  43. great ep guys. wasnt too sure about the mobile work but i think i might pick one up. from
    hlj of thinking the graze custom too.
    P.S. would love to win any of the 3

  44. Can’t wait for the Thunderbolt animation!

  45. My Super Fumina is in the way!! Can’t wait to start making her!

  46. Orange is a very nice color on a model kit

  47. About Star Wars: I will not buy anything from the next movie till I see it!
    I don’t want to buy some super cool figures and scale models and discover they are very stupid after seeing the movie.
    For example…Captain Phasma looks great…what if we discover that it’s stupid like Jarjar? 😛

  48. I’m really lovin these new u.c. kits! Can’t wait to get the mobile worker and gouf.

  49. bring on the thunder!

  50. Great episode guys!!

  51. I saw the Superfumina from some reviewers and that thing is huge. thats awesome.

  52. I also like the new Star Wars trailer and The Thunderbolt anime . . . I also like to have that kit from thunderbolt.

  53. Love all the Star Wars talk and I’m super interested to see the Thunderbolt suits animated.

  54. Thanks for the un-boxing of Super Fumina! have fun building it.

    Just a month away from Star Wars. Just hope it is not a disappointment.

  55. I love the constructor, can’t wait to get one myself, nice work guys keep it up, That thunderbolt sir

    Still, good job!

    would love to get my hands on that F91!!

  57. Love that mobile worker

  58. finally! new episode.

  59. RNG!!! magic!

  60. moble worker looks awesome <3

  61. Ingram kits are awesome!! Wish to see more of them on Gunpla TV!!!

  62. Orange mech claw thing zeon

  63. good job guys as always .

  64. More nice giveaways. Yay!

  65. Syd, once more of the Iron Blooded Orphans kits are out, do you think you could do an episode showcasing some of the parts swapping potential?


    Keep up the good works guys! 😀

  67. Thunderbolt anime should be great! I never win, let’s change that by having you read my name. PS, it’s pronounced TBow so don’t mess it up!

  68. please no more recongista, mobile worker’s cool and ? for you do you think IBO will go into telling us more on the calamity war and the other 71 gundams of that age.

  69. Great to see you guys again.
    Waiting to receive that super fumina (and the RG Red and barbatos) from you guys 🙂

  70. maybe i’ll try Super Fumina

  71. F91!!!!

  72. What about the Japanese Star Wars trailer… wasn’t it AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE??

  73. thats a gunpla boy, thats a gunpla (mobile worker) lol

  74. HLJ, your sales are bad for my wallet…

  75. Great episode guys 😀
    cant wait for the upcoming releases!!!

  76. I hope I win HGUC F91,because I’m probably the only one in the world who liked this movie.
    Great episode!!!

  77. Love that mobile worker. Reminds me of the suit in Aliens used by Ripley.

  78. That mobile worker rocksss!!!!!

  79. It’s a drawf Death Star.

  80. Welcome back guys! I can’t wait too see what new Thunderbolt kits will be made, Zaku and BIGGER gun maybe?

  81. Love the look of the mobile worker, sort of want it, despite not getting HGs

  82. Another 3 kit giveaway?! 😀 All aboard the Hype train!

  83. fantastic as always guys, cant wait for the new starwars


  85. If I win, that means my Jedi powers are working! (~*-*)~

  86. Great episode guys! I really can’t wait to see the MG line for IBO! Keep up the great work with the show!

  87. Syd! Thoughts on Jack Eichel and the Sabres so far this season?

  88. You guys have no idea how happy I am to look at youtube and see that you guys have a new vid! My week is complete!

  89. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for another great episode. Any hints on what to expect for the new year releases?

    What is the best release so far this year for you guys?

    Lastly, what are your personal favorites this year in terms of kit releases (gundam & non-gundam related)?

    Thanks again! Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Cheers from frosty Canada!

  90. great episode guys

  91. Looking forward to the Thunderbolt anime. Also that Thunderbolt Gundam kit will be so helpful with my kitbash if I win! crossfinger

  92. nice a thunderbolt kit

  93. Glad to see you guys again after what seemed like forever lol. Also… Luke Skywalker is not Kylo Ren.

  94. Hyped for the Thunderbolt anime love that style of mobile suit

  95. Really digging this mobile worker but just spent far too much on your (really good) sale !!

  96. I love the mobile worker design. I love the real world feel of it. Looking forward to more kits from origins and IBO. Great show as always dudes!

  97. I never win the give away. love the series as usual, keep up the good work guys. Loving the mobile worker even if it deviates from the gundam and grunt suits.

  98. Best youtube show ever.

  99. HGBF super Fumina looks interesting

  100. I began to think that Super Fuming would be the final Build Fighters kit, but quickly remembered the Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try OVAs that were announced.

    I wasn’t that excited about the new Star Wars trailer (I’d prefer Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire) but Gundam Thunderbolt had me squealing with excitement. Will there be an MG of the Full Armour FA-78 and will it be met with complaints about it being another version of the RX-78?

    But what I’d really like to know is whether the RX-78-02 (as it is now known) will includ the Core Fighter. Despite the updated artwork being added to the listing on Hlj, there is no photo of a Core Fighter.

  101. I want the F91 O_O

    Side note: Both F91 and Reconguista suffered from the same problem. Bandai screwed Tomino over and forced him to change 50 episodes into something much smaller. In F91’s case, 50 episodes into a movie. Reconguista, 50 episodes into 26, but he was told to do so while the show was already airing and a dozen episodes in.

  102. GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT!!!! I love those over the top weaponry like that of the Psycho Zaku! Man I can’t wait to get my hands on MG kits from the Thunderbolt series! I’ll take that HG FA Gundam Thunderbolt while I wait for the MG’s!

  103. NIce to have you back guys back! it feels like forever when your favorite show is not on for a couple of weeks!

  104. That Mobile Worker is interesting. All the swappable parts is super cool! I just hope more of those Origin kits will be able to do that.

  105. Keep up the great work, and I want the kits

  106. Nice show again Guys!

  107. thunderbolt!

  108. “Moaaaarrr!” I love all of those kits and excited for the kshatriya RE1/100. But where can I get some promo posters for the RG’s ’cause theyre fabulous.

    • Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Bandai and other plamo companies have done this before: They show off concept art or what-have-you, and sometimes even get a 3D-printed prototype made, and then scrap the project. They’ll have to balance the popularity of the Kshatriya against the price and size. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came in a PG/Dendrobium/Neo Zeong-sized box.

  109. The mobile worker looks like it’d be lots of fun to customize, or even scratchbuild full cloth. Hope I can get me some of that Grimoire.

    Question: I’ve got the 1/100 Barbatos and Super VF-25 on preorder, and the Frame Arms Versus Set in Private Warehouse. If I offered them for demo purposes, could you take a look at one/two/all of the three on the show?


  110. So hard to find those Thunderbolt kits these days!!

  111. Yes please on the Thunderbolt Full Armor, my favorite variant of the RX78!

  112. I want

  113. GUNDAMMMMM!!!!!

  114. wololo!

  115. Hey Syd and Ryan

    You’ve seen the fan theory that Luke is the bad guy in the new star wars(which I think wasn’t a very well thought out theory), but have you seen the super detailed theory that Jar Jar bink’s isn’t the bumbling idiot we all thought he was, and that he was actually a powerful force user, and possibly the true lord of the sith?

  116. Aesthetic

  117. Looking forward to the iron-blooded Orphans 1/100 scale kits.

  118. come the thunderbolt~ excited

  119. Sup guys great show, was wondering if you guys think the RG line would ever come out more frequently instead of having to wait for another variant!!! I’m looking forward to the rest of the endless waltz maybe Epyon or tallgeese

  120. Good day gents!

    to Ryan,

    when are you going to build you’re next “big kit”?


  121. Another awesome video ! keep up the good work <3 <3

  122. Want, i just want it all!!!

  123. Great episode guys, here’s hoping to win an awesome kit.

  124. I feel that this is the time i finally win a prize.

  125. I don’t normally like SD stuff, but I have to say that Nendroid Vader looks very cool!

  126. Finally thunderbolt anime 🙂

    now give me gunpla!

  127. My birthday is on the 14th! I hope I get some Gunpla for my birthday! Also Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up soon, so even if I don’t get any Gunpla for my birthday, I can still buy some if it’s on sale.

  128. Ooo, I want that F91.

  129. That mobile worker is huge for 1/144

  130. Fumina is a really charming character, but the plamo didn’t do her justice, cause the face looks horrible 🙁

  131. would love to have that ingram…

  132. the Nindroid storm trooper is so adorable, i must have it!

  133. that full armor gundam @.@ been wanting to get that kit for so long!!!

  134. That mobile worker reminds me of the Tieren from Gundam 00; I like it.

    But where are the new MG kits? Really looking forward to some new 1/100 models

  135. Star wars!!! anyways, considering ive have yet to win anything maybe you guys should give away MORE stuff per episode, and it doesn’t even have to be Gundams any plastic model kits are welcome. IBO FTW.

  136. hey guys! f91 or full armor please. i cant wait.
    I’m loving IBO so far, even managed to get my brother back into gundam with it

  137. Cool

  138. Never really understood the whole Star Wars Star Trek schism… They are both great sci-fi titles that I have enjoyed watching and couldn’t really say that I prefer one over the other ^_^

  139. I wished you guys would have started the Autumn Sale two days earlier, you would have saved me $20 on the Fumina figure.

  140. Will you be showing the metal build strike freedom coming out next week on your show?

  141. Huh, so that Japanese show is a bit like Neighbors and Home and Away, except they make you depressed just from watching them…

    Also, lol Super Fumina looks great. If only I could bear getting it…

  142. I really like the worker design, it’s interesting to see the early version of mobile suits.

    I am also really hoping for the 1/100 reborn Kashatria!

  143. Great episode as always. Really hope Episode 7 is good. One might say it’s given me a New Hope… I’ll just see myself out.

  144. NICE show!

  145. The F91!!! My favorite mobile. I wish it had a full series.

  146. Nice show as usual! Hoping to see new kits on your Gunpla expo coverage! 🙂

  147. I’d love an MG of that Mobile Worker!

  148. Would love a 1/100 scale of the mobile worker

  149. Only here for giveaways

  150. Grimoire!

  151. Make more room at your house Syd. Just send me all of your old gunpla!

  152. I won I won I won really?

  153. Thanks guys 🙂

    Looking forward to receiving my RG Strike Freedom Gundam.

    Will be putting in an order for the MG IBO kits as i have been really impressed by the HG releases.

    Great show, keep it up 🙂

  154. Freeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooom!!!

  155. Cool episode!

  156. That’s what she said…

  157. cool cool cool

  158. ventura ventura space people! ventura ventura space people!!!

  159. GUNPLA IS FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. i will re-watch all Starwar movies before the next comes out. 🙂

  161. Any kit, ANY!!!!

  162. How is the ‘trading figure’ situation in Japan? I feel like I haven’t gotten a good little robot build with a piece of crappy candy in the same box since I was a youngen’. Do they have a different name when they are gunpla-esque rather than (mostly) whole figures?

  163. Love the show! Keep cranking out the awesomeness!

  164. Thank you for making all the videos!

  165. Keep up the awesome episodes as always.

  166. Gunpla and chill

  167. Me want the gundam

  168. omg space people!! xD

  169. It’s always fun to watch Gunpla TV 😀

  170. I can’t wait for the thunderbolt series

  171. Hi guys awesome show as always been a fan since forever keep up the good work. That Full Armor Gundam looks sweet wish i could win it would leave it as is as it was build by the Master Builder it self lol

  172. Ooo another series…..wallet will bleed forever

  173. Great Show Guys^^

  174. I prefer the grimoire and the full armor

  175. That Mobile Worker looks brutal! 😀

  176. I love the look of the mobile worker, mainly because it’s so unlike any other suit i’ve seen before. And that huge claw is so menacing

  177. Move over Gundam Seed here comes the original back heavy suits of Thunderbolt.

  178. I listen to gunpla TV while I’m building. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

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