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Starscream (D-Style) by Kotobukiya

Starscream (D-Style) by Kotobukiya – Available From HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Starscream (1)

The would-be Decepticon king Starscream is here in Kotobuikya’s D-style line. Let’s see how he looks all put together!

Rrobbert184-Starscream (2)
Cool cover art  with the same style as the previous transformers kits. It’s been a fun collection so far…

Rrobbert184-Starscream (3)
The box is a tad smaller than a regular SD Gundam box, but just a little deeper.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (4)
The side shows the price of 3200 JPY in the corner. But don’t forget you get 20% off at HLJ.com!

Rrobbert184-Starscream (5)
Side panels show off all the optional parts and gimmicks, like the missile pod chest, tiny Starscream jet included, and multiple faces.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (6)
There aren’t many plates in the box when you crack it open.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (7)
Consistent over for the manual.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (8)
It doesn’t seem to be complex at all to put it together.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (9)
Official color guide at the end of the manual, and some typical Starscream / Megatron interactions.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (10)
Plates shown in alphabetical order.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (11)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (12)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (13)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (14)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (15)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (16)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (17)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (18)
2 wings are packed separately.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (19)
And a very simple seal set.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (20)
So now it’s time to go from this…

Rrobbert184-Starscream (21)
With the help of a good pair of plastic nippers…

Rrobbert184-Starscream (22)
To this! Here are the front and back shots.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (24)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (26)
The arms can bend 90°. Nice blasters!

Rrobbert184-Starscream (27)
And the legs, too. Surprisingly, the upper legs can move more than you might expect on a D-Style kit.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (28)
All the optional parts you’re gonna get.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (29)
For a small kit, the option parts help add some attitude.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (30)

Rrobbert184-Starscream (31)
The mini fighter version of Starscream, as these kits don’t transform.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (32)
As for the size, it’s smaller than SD Unicorn Gundam.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (33)
And almost the same as D-style Megatron. Notice he’s unhappy?

Rrobbert184-Starscream (34)
Some final thoughts. After a few tries in this line, Kotobukiya is doing better and better with their the designs. The kit is actually easier to build than Optimus Prime and Megatron, but with better mobility, especially for the legs. The colors seem to be right, and the sculpt looks quite sharp. By now I think we’re used to the idea of these not transforming. Kotobukiya had done quite a few kits that can transform, but not with the Transformers series, but one can hope for bigger and better versions one day? Other than that, Starscream is a great kit to buy!  Thanks for checking this out, everyone.

Rrobbert184-Starscream (35)
“Here’s a hint!”

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