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Introducing 30 Minutes Missions – 1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO Unboxing

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

Bandai’s latest sci-fi model kit line is 30 Minutes Missions (or 30MM for short), and the first round of kits just arrived at our warehouse. The idea behind this series is simple: an original line of kits meant to be buildable in 30 minutes. Quick plamo for busy people. Simple plamo for beginners. Basic plamo for customizers. Whatever your fancy, these kits have something to offer.

Among the first wave of kits is the EEMX-17 ALTO, a humanoid-form mech much like Gundam. The initial release of the ALTO comes in three colors: blue, white, and yellow. We’ll focus on the blue for the bulk of this unboxing, with galleries of yellow and white below.

The Box

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

This is pretty cool – on top of there being very few parts to have to worry about, the runners are specifically separated so that each part of the kit has its parts grouped together. This makes building even faster, because all the pieces you’ll use for any given part of the kit are all coming from the same place. No need to shuffle through runners to build a single limb.

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

Here’s what the ALTO looks like completed, and a rundown of some of the gimmicks. You’ll want to grab an Action Base if you’re interested in getting some dynamic poses, as no base is included in these kits.

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the base kits, Bandai is putting out several separate option kits for additional armor plating and weapons, so you’re only buying parts to build the configuration you want. This offers the potential for a whole lot of customization! (We’ll take a look at the option kits in another post, too.)

The Runners

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

A: Intuitive runner organization, with head and chest parts at the top, followed by the arms, waist, and legs.

B: Joints, hands, mechanical parts, etc.

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

C: The backpack and more.

1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO

Finally, polycaps and stickers. And that’s the kit! Three runners and some polycaps.

Here are the other kits:

If you pick any of these up, be sure to let us know your best time for building!

Get yours here:
1/144 30MM EEMX-17 ALTO (All Colors)

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  1. They look really good. The low price and high customization are also great.

  2. I picked up the AltoWhite and the AltoBlue along with Option Weapon 1. Building all 3 took me just at an hour to do. I’ll definitely be purchasing more as they come available, especially the Option Weapon sets. A big selling point for me is the fact they’re customizable and various 1/144 HG Gundam kits have compatible parts.


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