May 22

We’re back from the Shizuoka Hobby Show and we are excited to talk about it — and we will — but there’s been a lot of great stuff that has arrived as well, so let’s begin a bumper episode of Gunpla TV filled with Star Wars, new HG kits, and more!



Kits featured in this video:

– Star Wars: Revo Boba Fett
– 1/144 HG Dahak
– 1/144 HG Guntank Early Type
– 1/144 HGBF Gundam The End
– 1/144 HGBF Denial Gundam
– 1/144 HGUC V2 Assault Buster Gundam
– 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition
– 1/144 RG GN-0000+GNR-010 OO Raiser

Gunpla TV


  1. Another great episode guys! Might just have to pick up that gun-tank 🙂

  2. So many kits so little time.

  3. John said on May 22, 2015

    Nice kits but that X-wing though, sweet.

  4. I can’t wait for the RG Red Astray



  6. g said on May 22, 2015

    great episode! I really wish Bandai would give us more MG kits.

  7. Can’t wait to see more origin kits. I’m really digging the contemporary-tech look to that gun-tank!

  8. I can’t wait to get my hands on the guntank and do some heavy weathering.
    Thanks for the update!

  9. idar said on May 22, 2015

    GFF always looks cool, especially for the paint applycation and the decal….

  10. Oh man, so excited for the new V2.

    Anyways, a question for you guys:

    Do you think Bandai is getting carried away with the P-Bandai releases? We saw that they announced a ton of Gundam kits for web exclusive, and I just wanted to know what your guys’ take is on that.

    Is it too much? Should some of that (CATHEDRAL GUNDAM COUGH AND GM CANNON COUGH) be normal release?

  11. Damn, that Denial looks amazing, The End is just “meh”… too freakish.
    P.S Give me that SF Full Burst ! 🙂

  12. That’s it. I’m definitely buying the rg 00. It’s so cool!
    Love the episodes, as always.

  13. Another giveaway = Awesome

    That MG strike freedom looks beast with two action base

  14. I hope Bandai makes a Boba model kit soon, as much as i love the character i absolutely hate humanoid revoltech toys (the mecha are fine EVA, ZoE etc)
    give the SW licence to goodsmilecompany and lets see some real great figures already :]
    Also, gimme dat strike freedom ^^ it would look fantastic as the centerpiece of my MG collection ^^

  15. Give me that MG, please 🙂

  16. I’m just going to get straight to the point. I’m in this to win that freedom! I mean, who isn’t? XD

  17. I have a feeling a MG rx-78-2 Origin version will be released this year.

  18. Nice show guys. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other Origin model kits come out.

  19. If I win the MG Strike Freedom, I have some special plans for it… so *thumbs up*

  20. I cant wait to get a rg 00 raiser,it’s gonna be EPIC!!!
    also like the new starwars stuff! 🙂

  21. I can’t wait for the RG Red Astray!

  22. Yes I’d like a free MG Freedom <.< and I'm willing to fight for it.

  23. WOW, its like you guys read my mind, my strike freedom extra finish recently broke and I wanted another strike freedom to replace it!

    And as always thank you for the great show!

  24. They do mention Boba Fett in the original trilogy. It was right before he dies. Han asks Chewie, “Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?” then Hans hits his jet pack.

  25. Holy C*APP!!! Can I please, please, please get that Full Burst MODOOO!!
    It has always been in my wish list but the recent MGs are just too good to miss. Syd, Ryan, you are both very handsome. Just saying…


  27. Nick said on May 22, 2015

    I’m super excited to add the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0 and RE/100 Dijeh to my 1/100 Zeta collection. I wonder if Bandai will make the Amazing Red Warrior’s armour detachable like the Full Armour Gundam.

  28. Great episode as always!! 😀 That strike freedom tho…. it has been on my list since I started gunpla modeling. Anyway, greetings from the Philippnes!

  29. Great episode! Glad you got the RG 00 Raiser all figured out. Hope you both have fun at Anime Expo!

  30. Love your show and I love to win the kit 🙂

  31. Full burst me in the face! Ps rg red frame I needs it now!

  32. Awesome episode as always! Cant wait for that MG Amazing Red Warrior! Seig Zeon~~

  33. I think the BobaFett isn’t far away from the Bandai Star Wars line.

  34. omg guntank is so sick

  35. Awesome episode glad to have you two back from shizuoka and giving us more gunpla tv. When I saw the two bases “all your base belongs go us” popped into my head before syd said it! Keep up the good work

  36. syd and ryan comeback from shizuoka and there are lots of gunpla news like Burst,Burst,Bursstt Gunpla News because its too many ,great review and always amazing syd and ryan

  37. I find real touch markers can be easily rubbed off. > <;

  38. The Dijeh is a kit I’ve been wanting for a long time it’s great to see it coming out as a RE 1/100. I’m getting that and the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0. The Real Grade Astray Red Frame is a must buy along with RG 00 Raiser after I finished an RG Exia.

    I was surprised by the MG Amazing Red Warrior I was expecting the next MG to be the Build Burning/Try Build Burning or something else. Since the Gundam X and Double X got MGs I’m hoping for either the Airmaster, or Leopard, or even the Virsago or Ashtaron to be getting a MG.

  39. Can’t wait for my denial to arrive:-),great episode as always

  40. Full burst!!! Thanks for another great episode guys! 😀

  41. Mark said on May 22, 2015

    strike that strike… 😀 hope to see Altron Gundam soon…

  42. Nice episode guys, not really like the MG Amazing Red Warrior, looks kind of plain, but astray I cant wait to get my hands on it.

  43. I really want to have that, the Denial and The End.
    Thumbs up HobbyLink.

  44. hi guys great show. Honestly im expecting more from the MG line for the build fighters series. Red warrior only appear for maybe 3 episodes and it already have the MG treatment. i was expecting a MG build Burning Or a lightning Gundam. BTW i hope i win something this time.

  45. I have a question for Syd, can you buy the base and the dragoon effect parts that come with the full burst MG Strike Freedom? I have the original MG Strike Freedom and wish I got the full burst mode so I could display the dragoons. Thanks for the help.

  46. cant wait for the next ep just to see what is coming and what i might get!!.

  47. I just built the Strike Freedom RG, and thought it was pretty interesting. The Shizuoka show had a lot of surprises I thought


  49. one word: backlog… no, make that two. MORE BACKLOG!

    anyway, awesome releases. not much of a must-haves for me (coz i just got the recent releases) but i’m happy for everyone else for their definite buys with these 🙂 not to sound like suiton, but where’s my MG Jesta Cannon and MG Exia Repair III lol.

  50. The Guntank looks cool! I hope you’ll build it and show it next episode!
    Also the GFF RX-78-2 is absolutely fantastic~

  51. Hope I win freedom!!!

  52. Kael said on May 22, 2015


  53. vhal said on May 22, 2015

    another great episode hope i win the full burst also the old zoid model kits use to be motorized hope they are bringing that back

  54. Great show! I’m excited for all the new gunpla! I have to say that Strike Freedom would be a dream come true!

  55. It’s my birthday today! please give me the full burst mode!!!

  56. Star Wars FTW!

  57. The MG Red Warrior was a big Shizuoka surprise, everybody including me was expecting a MG G-Self or MG Try/Build Burning Gundam.
    Next week is going to be blingy with the MG Hyaku Shiki, so put on yo sunglasses.
    Ryan, learn to Ignore spoilers you must!
    [Spoiler]There will be a ligtsaber duel in the new movie.[/Spoiler]

  58. X20A!

  59. The metal composit toys looks amazing but I still prefer to build these models my self its makes them a bit more special. souds like you guys have a rather busy time ahead I have never been to any of those kind of events as well the only one close enough in NZ is called Armagedon!? not sure if i spelt it right or not meh. but its not big enough to be intresting.

  60. great episode as usual guys! keep up the good work

  61. im thinking of getting some star wars kit, after see people making zaku troopers. i dont mind winning.

  62. That Color Plated HG Tryon 3 looked absolutely godly at the hobby show. I need it. Also expecting a full burst of comments for this episode.

  63. Eze said on May 22, 2015

    Give me the MG Freedom Full burst!!!!!

  64. Adam said on May 22, 2015

    Really tempted to get one of the X-Wings they look so nice, would also really like the full burst

  65. Sucks being in Australia. Would have been really cool to see you guys at an Expo. I have been loving the new Origin kits. Can’t wait to see HLJ open up the 1/144 Worker for preorders.

  66. I really want that MG SF FB :v

  67. I want that RG Red Astray can’t wait for it to come out and I would love to have that Freedom Full Burst. So now you guys made me want to get something from Gundam Build series.

  68. We all make build mistakes don’t worry.
    Great show and thanks for showing The End gundam.
    As me and my girlfriend preordered it

  69. Oh My Freedom!!
    That RG Astray got me excited. But I was hoping more for the 00 suits..

  70. MG. Me like MG and want MG

  71. The RX-78-2 looks beautiful, was taken by surprise by the MG Amazing Red Warrior, hopefully Bandai has more build fighters kits in the works for MG! Also wanting to see a big kit for the next RE-100 after we get the Dijeh, great video as always guys, keep it up ^_^

  72. Great show as always. It makes me wonder when are they gonna release the MG Build Burning Gundam?. And the mg SF fullburst mode looks awesome I hope to win It.!!

  73. Hi Syd and Ryan! I’m fairly new to gunpla and I was wondering if you could pop my MG cherry full burst mode style ;D 😀

  74. cannot wait for the shinny mg coming out soon

  75. nice show guys… hope ill be chosen to get that MG StrikeFreedom hahaha…

  76. RX-78-(02) is indeed one of the better looking Gundam from the earlier years. Was stoked to get my Ver. Ka a few years ago after having seeing the kit when I was younger, back when I was penniless 🙁

  77. Lets hope my luck is different this time around

  78. The Origin RX78-2 Gundam looks quite nice and it would be nice to see a MG in the near future. That Guntank looks fantastic too. As for shizuoka I was underwhelmed with the MG Red warrior, its not my jam. But the Red frame should be one super poseable kit and the Gundam Leopard was nice to see. but surprised to see no RE announcements though. Anyway that’s my rant XD. I’ll look forward to the next episode.

  79. Omg, it’s Strike Freedom!!!! I’m a huge fan of Strike Freedom! Plz pick me… Also, looking forward to see the new RG!!!

  80. Great episode as usual. Aiming for that sweet Strike Freedom!

  81. Come to Supanova in Australia! We have like two gunpla sellers here, it sucks. Would be great to see you guys there 😉

    And obviously, I’d love to win the Strike Freedom om nom nom nom.

  82. SIEG ZEON.

  83. My face before seeing the freedom -.-
    After seeing the freedom 0.0

  84. My face before seeing the freedom -.-
    After seeing the freedom 0.0

  85. Hi Syd, Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the update on the OO build, useful tip as always!
    HLJ is putting me in a pinch… Star Wars classics. Already more then 200 gundams at home and these came out! hard to not start to hang models all around the place ahahah.
    The new gundams look great… gonna need more shelves around soon 🙂
    On another note: perfect grade RX-0
    This kit definitely did bump the sinanju ver ka from my builder top chart!

    Do you guys have an idea about when we can buy from hlj the led kit?
    I can’t deny that I’m eager to enlighten it.

    Thanks for the show, I’d have missed some kits if you didn’t show them in vid! Some times the pictures don’t give the real interest of some of them!

    Best regards,

  86. The strike freedom is one of the gundams that got me interested in building. I was thinking about getting the PG, but figured I needed to get a little more experience with building first. So I bought the RG Strike Freedom. Would love to have the Burst Mode though.

  87. OMG! I want that MG Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode.

    BTW more power to Gunpla TV

    you guys rock

  88. jeff said on May 22, 2015

    awesome episode guys… i hope someday they make MG wing phx

  89. Fuuuuuuuuuuuulllll buuuuurst

  90. Great episode I’m a little disappointed that the new RG was the red frame as I’m not a big fan of SEED suits but hopefully the next one is the Qan[T] or something else like the unicorn or nu gundam what RG would you guys like to see?

  91. will the red frame have the backpack that can transform into a bow and a big ass sword or is it the other one?????

  92. You guys should do an episode about customizing and Kitbashing. That would be really fun to watch!


  94. haha sweet, if i won that strike freedom full burst i will have no space in my room, might as well hang them on my ceiling 😛 thank ryan and syd love you guys 🙂

  95. Getting closer to 200 episodes!

  96. Not surprised to see an Astray get the RG treatment but at its base variant the Red Frame might be the most inexpensive RG in the line ever just hope we see a conversion kit to make the variants like Kai and Dragon. Also do you think we will see effect parts for Starwars kits because bandai really does seem to be getting good and comfortable doing those. Ps see you guys at anime expo.

  97. Hi Syd and Ryan!

    This is my very first comment but I’ve been following your videos on Youtube. I also watched your old videos and tutorials and I am amazed on how far your program have come.

    Watching your videos also inspired me to build gunplas back in December, 2014 and I’ve been building ever since.

    Thanks and more power to you guys! Cheers!


  98. Great show love watching it every week(when it’s posted lol). Can’t wait for the Amazing Red Warrior!

  99. Sami said on May 22, 2015

    I really like the composite Gundam and I need it. I hope we get more them.

  100. Great episode geting close to 200 keep going i hope that i have space strike freedom it would de awesome

  101. Cant wait for the *bling*.

  102. I’m surprised you did not have the Composite RX78-02 do the facepalm.

  103. la k said on May 22, 2015

    great episode!!!

  104. loving the villian suits for re con G wish they would make mg versions though, i think sid and rayan have the best job ever!! trade places??? :)?

  105. Gate said on May 22, 2015

    RG Astray was a nice surprise
    Might pick up the MG Wing fenice as well 🙂

  106. I’m looking forward to the Hyakushiki Ver.2.0. You guys should come to Otakon in Baltimore… OPPAI!

  107. Mama says hi

  108. Do you think there will be a ver RM for the strike freedom?

  109. Cody said on May 22, 2015

    Really loving the Star Wars kits. Also, I hope that the MG Amazing Red Warrior is going to be worth the buy…I held off on the HG (Now I’m glad that I did) but I really hope the kit comes with extra parts so you can make the normal Red Warrior. I’d be super happy if they did that.

  110. Ben said on May 22, 2015

    Nice. Always wanted freedom.

  111. free freeeeeedom yum!!

  112. I was disappointed in the MG Amazing Red Warrior. I would like to see other BF kits in MG though. Just don’t like that kits look. However, I would love to win the Strike Freedom. FULL BURST!

  113. Bandai please make more MG recolours that aren’t japan only online exclusives.

  114. i love to have another mg sf full brust

  115. mg strike freedom, could it be my first mg?

  116. got rg strike freedom already, now here comes the chance of mg~!

  117. Rob said on May 22, 2015

    I can’t wait for the Red Frame!

  118. I want to win so I can get two bases.

  119. that freedom give away is pretty sweet, looking forward to the red frame rg too.

  120. This give-away looks awesome. I was planing to buy it some day, but if you already giving it… I should try and win it.

    I prefer to build the MGs because of their details and scale. (and because PGs are expensive:)

    The only thing the bothers me and what most of gunpla builders wish for – is: Kshatriya MG! Why Bandai doesn’t want to make us happy? But then I’m thinking… probably they still didn’t manage to solve the weight and joints problems on such kit. Wings/shields would be too heavy for joints I think.

  121. The 1/48 Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition looks awesome!One question, is the strafighter semi build or it’s just like any other bandai kit?

  122. That’s one big box o.O
    great episode guys!
    Any idea when the rg red frame will be up for pre-order?
    Really excited for that one.

  123. I hope to get the Strike Freedom Full Burst, it’s an awesome kit

  124. does anyone if the rg red astray comes with chrome plated swords?

  125. Hi Syd and Ryan! I have a question, how do I apply top coat to a model kit? Is it necessary to spray them piece by piece, each section like whole shoulder unit, leg, etc, or whole assembled kit? And I’m also looking for to actual build of Hyaku Shiki 2.0. Full Buuurssstt!!

    • Jeeg said on May 22, 2015

      I can answer you. You can topcoat each piece separately or sub-assemblies of the kits or the whole kit.
      You choose which way to follow based on how easy is to reach each area of the kit! Maybe top coating an assembled kit make it harder to reach inner areas. Top coating each piece separately you can top coat everything but is slower and it waste more paint. The best way is to build subassenblies and top coat them.

  126. This show makes me want to get that X-Wing Moving Version.

    And I seriously want to win that MG Strike Freedom.

  127. Gundam Seed is one of my favorite series, i dont care what anyone says about Gundam Seed Destiny. So please let me win that awesome MG Strike Freedom!! Love the show and you guys even more, so keep it up!

    Shout out from Virginia, USA.

  128. first time i comment here! i’m really going to buy that rg asap, it looks amazing! i hope it feels sturdy as much as the MKII did. also, i hope to win that strike freedom, but i have a quite long history of not being so lucky. what do you think is going to be the next announced re100?

  129. Jeeg said on May 22, 2015

    I’m different from other modelers because I also see the animes in which those mobile suit are. And so I know that come of them are awesome, some are not so bas, some of them are awful! Like Reconguista!
    I don’t know if the success (or failure) of an anime change the amount of kits from that anime sold! Because….really…I will never buy a kit from reconguista of Gundam Age! Really! that’s impossible after you see the anime. Except if you are a kid or if you never saw the masterpiece of the Gundam universe.


    • You’d be surprised though, as far as I can tell people like us who also watch the anime seem to be the majority (at least with Gunpla).

      By the way, what didn’t you like about G-Reco that made you feel so against the kits? I don’t have many (only the G-Self and the Grimoire), but oh boy, the Grimoire is so good. You’re really missing out by dismissing the kits just because you didn’t like the anime.

    • Jeeg if we follow your logic, sinanju ver ka, musha gundams, crossbone aren’t worth to be in a collection due to the fact they don’t show up in an anime???

      If you got the try burning gundam in your collection, well you own a gunpla which use the same technology and build systems of a G type!
      Reconguista aimed for a younger public that’s probably why you didn’t like it.
      About mecha design: Akira Yasuda in the team, turn A gundam designer.
      Perhaps this will give you a hint about G reco mechas 😉

      But, yeah, sure! we are just builders… not interested in the gumdam world, philosophy and autors.
      Jeeg! You are godly unique! 😉

  130. Awesome show guys!

  131. I was kinda disappointed by the Shizuoka Hobby Show, only because I mainly buy MG kits and there was only one new one shown off (besides the P-Bandai items.)
    With that said, the RE/100 Dijeh definitely lifted my spirits. While it looks to be a rather simple kit, the Dijeh looks very impressive just standing there. Bandai did an excellent job of taking a somewhat goofy 80s design and bringing it up to a modern look without ruining what made the design in the first place.

  132. pick me

  133. Wait, how active are you guys on reddit? I’ve only ever seen you in the posts about Gunpla TV on /r/Gunpla.

  134. Does the Astray Red Frame RG comes with the tactical arms as well? I just ordered the MG version from HLJ, currently building it. Good thing I havent ordered Strike freedom Full burst Mode MG(Always out of stock! :(( Why?!?!?! ) because I’m pretty sure you’re gonna GIVE IT TO ME (Evil laugh). You guys rock by the way 🙂 … especially if you give me that MG prize 😛

  135. great episode. i really enjoy your show guys. keep it up…

  136. Loved The End in the anime. Too bad the kit doesn’t come with the red cape.

  137. what really got me off guard was the 2 reds

    the RG Red Frame was expected but I didn’t knew it would be this year. so that got me very excited.

    the other was the Amazing Red Warrior. its quite odd considering that the Build Burning Gundam is not announced first (as it should be) but hey, its a cool kit to begin with so why not

  138. Awesome episode. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for more gundam reviews.

  139. I’ve been dreaming of getting that gff rx782 for years! I know it’s worth the money but it so expensive!! Someday… someday..

  140. great vid

  141. putting in my vote for the MG! Great episode, looking forward to seeing more Star Wars kits in the future as we get closer to the movie release!

  142. GN said on May 22, 2015

    Thanks for the hobby show news video. It’s great to see these events with your video reports.

  143. I’ve just recently gotten into Gunpla and I’m really glad I found you guys! It’s been a great way for me to learn more about the hobby, as well as make informed decisions on what I should build next (I’m currently thinking about the RX 78-2 3.0). Great show guys! Glad I subscribed!

  144. tbh i dont understand the RE line… as far as i can see it’s just the old 90’s 1/100 HG’s… then i again i mostly build 1/144… (not enough space for them 1/100’s. although for a 1/60 strike freedom…) but i keep hoping Bandai will release the gundam from Gundam Wing in HGAC 1/144 other then the wing gundams… i want a Deathscythe without a derp face, Bandai!

  145. Great episode

  146. I’m kind of disapointed about the MG Red Warrior. I wonder why they chose it ? It received so little air time on the show !
    (Also I’m so jealous of those posters !)

  147. Awesome show you guys, also are they going to make the RG Blue Frame as well.

  148. dang, i want the rg 00 raiser even more now. i’ve only built one rg and really enjoyed it, so i hope i can do another one soon.

  149. it’s been years, but i still have high hopes of winning!

  150. Is it just me or there hasn’t been too many master grades coming out? Or is it i am getting spoiled from years past?

  151. bandai, where is my rg gouf?!!!

  152. great video on all the solution for the wings of the 00 raiser …I am sure that this time I’ll win

  153. Ermaghrd the 1/60th looks so cool.

  154. Sup guys, the Shizuoka Hobby Show this year for me was disappointing because I was hoping for a new MG not a RX-78 2.0 rehash. I was also looking forward to a new RE/100 which there was not. Still hoping this year’s December big kit will be a MG Ver.Ka.

  155. Hail the Emperor!

  156. i LOVE gundam!!!1

  157. I’m a bit let down by Shizuoka Hobby Show. For the last 2 years we’ve had pretty high profile MGs anounced for August, the RX78-2 3.0 and then the Hi-Nu. I was looking forward to finding out what they had for this year, but Amazing Red Warrior is sort of low profile.

    I’m mostly looking forward to the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 as it is my favourite MS design.

    Also, that Strike Freedom looks like sweet eye candy.

  158. The giving this week is insane!!!!

  159. Miks said on May 23, 2015


    The guntank really looks nice. Gonna try building my first guntank too!

  160. What happened to the rest of the RG wing kits?

  161. awesome show as always guys.

    The strike freedom looks great hopping I win it lol

  162. khoo said on May 23, 2015

    cool can’t wait for rg red frame

  163. Great episode guys!

  164. great video as always that the end gundam looks great i might get it next week ^_^

  165. BEST RG EVER falls over from touching it also damn that freedom though

  166. Dang that Denial Gundam is sick! Great episode as always guys!

  167. Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode yes I hope i win Dragoons are the best

  168. That rx-78-2 model makes me want to get an rg or even the revive version. It really shows the coolness of the original gundam.

  169. For Freedom!!!!!

  170. Awesome!
    What do you think will be the next RG after the red frame?

  171. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the RG Red Frame! Seeing as it is a rather bare design, I wonder if they’ll include any extra goodies with it. Anyway, I’d LOVE to get my hands on that Strike Freedom, looks great! 😀

  172. wow! full burst! …that’s what she said. seriously I see custom work ahead if I get that…

  173. This ep is phenomenal! Especially the X-Wing and the GFF RX78 Origin Version. It seem a lot of good kits (or variation) have been made as GFF, do you guys think Bandai’s gonna release gunpla version of those kits?
    BTW I was expecting to see a MG G-self in Shizuoka. Looks like we’ve got to wait.

  174. jayy said on May 23, 2015

    mg figurise chewbaca?

  175. Loving the videos! Long time gundam fan but just recently getting into gunpla. Once I get my model skills improved HGs I plan on building that OO Raiser!

  176. I have been enjoying these videos of months now and I thank you guys at Hobbylink for helping me improve my building of plastic models I know dont just build gundams anymore but the Star Wars sets and new for me building world war 2 model planes. Thank you guys. And I do really want that freedom gundam.

  177. GTU said on May 23, 2015

    Wait for RG Red Frame is gonna kill me.

  178. Great Show, and remember Boba Fett Is watching you.

  179. Woo, perfect grade prize! Hoping it comes my way!
    I’ve been eyeing a number of models that I’m really wanting, but money’s in short supply, so if I get the Strike, it’ll fill that gap!
    Hahah, good luck avoiding spoilers, Ryan XD

  180. Another awesome episode! Great job guys! I love the 1/48 X-Wing and that awesome giveaway.

  181. I can not wait for the RG Red Frame. Red Frame is probably one of my favorite suits I have almost every version. Cant wait to ad the RG.

  182. Can’t wait for August… need that red frame!

  183. OOo Bandai u’ve done it again. did not see the red warrior coming.

  184. Great episode guys! Have you seen the upcoming Boba Fett and Stormtrooper by Play Arts Kai? I think that’s also worth mentioning!

  185. Is it just me or that X-wing sounds strangely familiar to the DeLorean in Back to the future?

  186. Gus said on May 23, 2015

    Those Star Wars kits are looking awesome. Might pick up a few. Keep up the good work guys.

  187. feng said on May 23, 2015

    let me win pls .. really want my first ever kit(mg) pls 🙂

  188. I got my RG 00 Raiser and will build it soon. Thank you for letting us know about the connection, how to fix it and well for me, avoid it. More power and keep up the good work!

  189. Lich said on May 23, 2015

    Good luck everybody!

  190. Great show as always guys, looking forward to the RG Red Frame!

  191. Fantastic n.n program love to see preview of the gunplas and damm i want that fix 🙁

  192. 🙂
    nice GFF! great episode… looking forward to hyaku shiki’s review

  193. RG 00 Raiser looks pretty promising. Great episode. keep it up!


    love your show 😉

  195. Where are all the MGs Bandai? Hyaku Shiki is fine but I need some more lead suits. What happened to Build Fighter Try MGs.
    P.S. I hope I win that full burst strike that’s an awesome kit.

  196. Hi chaps,
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  465. The GFFMC RX-02 looks good! Cant wait for mines to come in. I would like to enter in the raffle for the Strike Freedom. Thanks!

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