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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 13 Part 2 – More Metal Parts Tutorial!

In the second half of our after market parts episode we grab some rivets and minus molds and proceed to modify more sections of the AMS-129 Geara Zulu.  Just a pin-vise and some cement and look what can be achieved!





Gundam models shown in this video :
1/144 HGUC AMS-129 Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper Use

Parts used in this video:
HD Rivet Spike (20pcs) 2.0mm
Metal Minus Mold 4.0mm (20pcs)
Metallic Stickers for the Sensor Eyes Red
HIQ Parts product list
Adlers Nest product list

Tools used :
– Tamiya Instant (CA) Cement – Gel Type

Here’s a shot showing only a sample of the many parts we have!


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  1. Yo, Syd, nice work you have done there,….. very impress, but one thing, that is the last 2 picture, the angelo’s “horn” like this on the head is put the other way around. hahahah.,….

  2. The Custom decal is pretty interesting perhaps i will get some for my kotobukiya kits considering they have no their own custom decals unlike gundam

  3. I think I will try out some after market parts for my HGUC Sazabi,… but,… why does it take so long to arrive?
    Need to take measure in order to order the parts >_<

    btw.: you don't happen to know, if/when you are going to get some restock for HQPAEG and/or HQPAEP ? Recently finished my first conversion kit which included such for the eye, looks much better than just painting the eye ^^

  4. Hi Simon,

    Good call. That piece pops out pretty easily so what most likely happened is that the photographer had it pop out and then put it back incorrectly when he was taking the pictures. He’s always breaking stuff.


    Those two items are listed as discontinued on our site which means we won’t be getting any more. However, HIQ Parts steadily come out with new types of products so we may have something similar in the near future.

  5. Awesome videos Syd! I am a noobie and I was just wondering if the after market parts are applied before or after painting the model? Thanks!

  6. Hi Mark,

    Normally, you would prepare the part of the model for the after market part, such as drilling the holes, etc., then paint it before putting the aftermarket parts on.

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