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Gunpla TV – HGUC Char’s Zaku II

A new take on an old classic: Char’s Zaku II is back yet again! Based on the original “Mobile Suit Gundam” series that started it all, this kit comes with almost completely brand new parts, and a couple of new features!

In this episode
1/144 HGUC Char’s Zaku II

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!

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Level 75 Marketing Mage. Editor, admin, and occasional code monkey. Stand User in her free time. Though she does build kits when time allows, time doesn't allow often. Her favorite lines are Hasegawa's Mechatro WeGo line, Meng's World War Toons Pinky line, and weird miscellany like Platz's bonsai tree kits. In general, if it's a detailed miniature that's too small to be useful for anything other than taking up space, she'll probably love it.


  1. Lovely simple design, a classic tribute to a classic design! Great job for such a small package, you really don’t want to overcomplicate such a classic MS! Truly one of the greats!

  2. Those rubber bits would give me the jitters.

  3. wat were they thinking on the skirt peg

  4. its better than the origin hands down

  5. Just finishing painting a Zaku of my own, the PG Zaku II.

  6. What a weird arm articulation. Never seen it before.


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