Sep 11

Lindsay and Todd aim for the stars in this episode with a review of a couple items from the hit Anime series “Space Battleship Yamato: 2202”! First up is Todd with the incredible Bandai 1/1000 Earth Federation Andromeda Class 2 Ship Aldebaran Movie Effect Version! Then Lindsay takes it away with the new S.H.Figuarts Yuki Mori!

Items featured in this episode:
Latest New Items on the way from Bandai
New MG Ver. Ka special decal releases
1/24 GOVERNOR Armor Type Pawn A1 (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 GOVERNOR Para-Pawn Sentinel (HEXA GEAR)
1/24 HEXA GEAR Rayblade Impulse
1/24 HEXA GEAR Voltrex
S.H.Figuarts Yuki Mori




  1. FIRST!

  2. b0ss..I have a disease…but I wanna get dat lupus b0ss.

  3. Nice review, you two are starting to mesh well together now.
    It’d be coll to see some Macros kits and reviews.

  4. why so cruel to cats? can’t wait for the upcoming pre orders! can I win that lupus? pretty please!

  5. I always pronounce ‘barbatos’ as ‘barbie toss’ in my head

  6. I wonder if we’ll ever see an actual MG Barbatos Lupus down the line or are we stuck with Hi-Resolution Models?

  7. You know,, my cat did the same thing too, sitting in my gunpla box.

  8. Yay the Lupus is back and bigger too! I missed the first one, so I hope I win this time around.

    And I’m excited to see non-gunpla kits on the show. I was always interested in those Yamato ships simply for the size and potential for weathering, but the lighting and sound effects just sealed the deal.
    Can’t wait for the next episode with the frame arms girl, I’ve really been wanting to get the Hresvelgr version.

  9. hello!

  10. Barbatos lupus look really cool

  11. Another great episode guys. My cat seems to alway want to sit on the instruction manual when building, I even caught her with a thruster Bell in her mouth once.

  12. Well that Lupus would look great next to my Lupus Rex(which i have yet to build)
    But those Hexa Gear do look interesting very reminiscent of Zoids with the mecha animals and all. Great show as always looking forward to the next episode.

  13. Hey hup hi.

    A lot of people have been disappointed by the RG Johnny Ridden’s HM Zaku, but i’m ready for it. It’s the best the J-Ridden’s Zaku has ever looked and despite my love for the variant, haven’t actually gotten one, so why not now. Dunno how it’ll be since it’s reusing the old RG Zaku II mold, but i’m still buying it regardless.

    I have been waiting ages, AGES for a modern kit of the GM Sniper Custom, boy am I ecstatic that the MG is retail, and based off the Gundam 2.0, meaning it’s already based off an awesome kit. With it’s awesome loadout and awesome weapon storage, I am buying this kit for sure, it’s the GM Sniper kit i’ve been waiting for.

    AB4 and AB5 are nice updates to the 1 and 2, i’m happy we’re getting these for displays, and they’ll definitely come in useful for the future.

    Hexa Gears seem to be really cool so far, a nice mix of Frame Arms, Zoids, and their own little quirks to make awesome interchangable, fun kits with lots of display and play options, I definitely want to pick up a few, especially the first two.

  14. That space battleship looks interesting.
    also never had a full mechanics gunpla hope I win.

  15. The Lupus might actually wash away the bad after taste that IBO finale left…

  16. More non gunpla kits on the show will be nice!

  17. Can’t wait for the Hexa Gear review. Hope you guys can do a review of figure-rise Vegeta and Trunks soon.

  18. Gregory House: It’s not Lupus.
    It’s a Lupus!

  19. That spaceship looks so good! The shapes, the lines, so sleek and cool!
    And the Lupus is the best Gndam from IBO. The Barbatos is too repetitive (the same shape used voer and over), the Lupus Rex is an weird animal not humanoid animore. I hope I will win it!

  20. Those LEDs on the Aldebaran are looking pretty snazzy.

  21. Those Governors look promising. 🙂

  22. Barbatos Slim!

  23. Great show. The Aldebaran looks amazing but I think I should build my Yamato first ^_^

  24. That Aldebaran looks really cool. Lots of lining and weathering possibilites .

  25. It’d be cool to see more kits that’s not gundam… More power guys, and you two are doing great…

  26. Is this comment commenty enough?

  27. other kits are cool, but I still prefer gunpla

  28. maybe adding some background music would make the show even more exciting

  29. I need a White Base with lights and sound effects too

  30. great episode as always

  31. man i wan something a big bigger…. i wanna see that reviewof the hexa gear pawn cuz the design looks cool. but im kinda on the fence on buying it cuz it’s quite small right?

  32. nice one. but that battleship yamato plamo was WOW. will watch next weeks gunpla tv. frame arms girls. woohoo.

  33. imagine if the yamato had thinner windows and a n option for a light glow under them. would look good for leaving on your shelf over night.

  34. Cats are very demanding creatures ._.

    Also the Yuki figure looks pretty nice.

  35. Can’t wait for the FA girl review! Hoped to actually see the unboxing of the Hexa gears

  36. Can you review some new star wars bandai kits again? Or is that still not allowed?

  37. could this be the time I win a draw??.. Barbetos!

  38. Lindsay, I did order a Bugu after Ep. 244 aired if that helps any. And your review of Yuki Mori was great. Nice to see Yamato get some show time…well deserved. Todd “cat wrangler” Brown aced the Aldebaran build. Great job. Cheers!

  39. Nice ep peeps!!! hope i win the Barbatos

  40. Awesome reviews as always. Hope to win! 🙂

  41. I want that Gundam Lupus!

  42. Nice episode guys.

    Only a few designs appeal to me. I have the EX Model Eternal, which I got on-sale from HLJ, and have reviewed on YT. I also plan on getting the EX Model Albion. I continue to hope Bandai will put out an affordable Ptolemaios II or Ptolemaios II Kai (Gundam 00, season 2 and movie vers).

  44. Hmm, gotta say. The ship isn’t my type of model. Great of you guys to review more than just Gunpla though! ^^

  45. A Kotobukiya episode? It was about damn time if you ask me.

    Literally no one asked…

  46. Man, if I had more money and was a bigger Yamato fan, I’d totally get those ship kits. The built-in lighting and sound effects are just too cool!

  47. Im not really into the ship models but dang that yamato ship looks good.

  48. I’ve got no problem with my cat. She runs away from me all the time. Make me sad, but at least she won’t knock over any of my kits.

  49. Barbatos!

  50. Hoping to see some iron blooded orphans MG gundam model kits in the near future.


  52. Todd, cool to see ships on the show, always wanted to see one of these yamatos reviewed. I want to get one of the EX model ships from gundam, especially those from gundam seed, they look really nice. Hopefully you get to review one of them someday.

  53. I made a life size Vegeta pepakura last year. My cat seems to dislike him, he stared at him every night and 1 night he topple him down splitting him in half and sleeps inside the torso (he’s a tiny kitten then).

    The Vegeta could never stand straight ever again T____T

  54. That was a really enjoyable episode! I hope to win that Full Mechanics Lupus!

  55. BARUBATOSU! May you always build Gunpla TV!

  56. I would love to thank you for my first Barbatos and 1/100 IBO kit….

  57. ‘Not coming over to my house’ XD

  58. Good job !!!

  59. …Not gonna lie, i’m just commenting for the Barbatos…i’m sorry :'(

  60. Looking forward to see some Governors. Should be interesting. Wouldn’t mind seeing a size comparison of them next to other kits, just for reference.

  61. I know i wont win but Lindsay should smile more cause she has a beautiful smile.

  62. Cant wait to see those Kotobukiya kits

  63. Man this was hype!! These videos are always neat to watch!

  64. I was just wondering, what are some key differences between MG and full mechanics gunpla if this is covered by a previous episode please reference it. SideNote, totally going to use the Imperius Curse to win the Barbatos Lupus.


    The Dark Lord

    • Well I do Understand that Full Mechanics is a No Grade, do you guys think they will add Barbatos to the MG line and what would your Patronus be?

      Sincerely once again,

      The Dark Lord

  65. have not been on this site in awhile.. to broke to buy kits 🙁

  66. Wondering why they call it Governor/s??? hmm…It seems something from history perhaps(romans)…

  67. Great episode guys. I really wish bandai would make a 1/100 kimaris vidar.

  68. Will build a couple of model ships again here soon hopefully

  69. Just got my power back so I’m a bit late (hurray for hurricanes am I right?) but I finally finished building my PG Unicorn and setting up the LED’s and it made me wonder why they didn’t do LED’s for the Mega Size.

  70. If Lego can have a show on national TV why cant Gunpla?

  71. I’ve never seen that show but that ship is bomb awesome! First ever comment!

  72. great episode as always, even with the change of hosts the show is enjoyable to watch. you guys are doing a wonderful job keep it up.

    It is also great to start seeing more kits and not just gundams getting built for the show. Hope Lindsy will enjoy building the Frame arms girl Baselard that is a cute and fun kit to build.

    Hope to see the next episode soon let us know how good the new hexagear kits are like Todd!!

  73. The danger of v-fins

  74. Lupus!!! Love the IBO kits!!

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