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Gunpla TV – HG King Go-Saurer

The mighty Gran-Saurer from “Go-Saurer” is now an HG kit from Bandai! This mighty robot is armed with his King Blade (an impressive 30cm long!), Big Lancer, and Tricera Shield!

In this video we also combine him with the HG 1/300 Go-Saurer and HG 1/300 Magna Saurer (both sold separately) to create the King Go-Saurer! Watch this video and order this iconic giant robot for your own collection today!

In this episode:
1/300 HG Go-Saurer
1/300 HG Magnasaurer
1/300 HG Gransaurer

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  1. Really bulky and impressive combined form! I certainly wouldn’t want to separate the pieces after combining them, too much effort haha! Wish he had a better range of movement in combined form, but I guess engineering like that would be pretty expensive, looking at some other kits by independent manufacturers that have pulled it off! So guess this is just right for the price! 😀

  2. That final form is insane.

  3. wonder how much it weighs

  4. das a big king

  5. I don’t usually care about transformations, but Gran Tops Mode looks cool.

  6. The bigger and crazier, the better.


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