Oct 27

Ryan is back after a couple of weeks away and he and Syd catch up a bit while still talking as much as they can about Gunpla (and a Zoid!) and give away the promised PG Unicorn flyers. Thanks to everyone who wrote in giving their thoughts about the announced PG Unicorn and the LED set.

1-144 HG Gundam G-Self by Bandai-29

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGBF Powered GM Cardigan
1/144 HGBF Build Burning Gundam
1/144 HG Grimoire
1/144 HG Gundam G-Self
1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Leon Renewal Ver.
1/100 MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka


Gunpla TV


  1. Great episode as usual keep it up guys and I cannot wait to get that PG unicorn.

  2. Awesome episode guys keep up with the great work, btw what’s your guys opinion on the Tallgease III??

  3. Great to see you more Gunpla TV after the long wait, anyone else stoked for the HG Crossbone X1? I know I am :3

  4. I am pretty stoked to see how the PG unicorn will come out!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing your preview of the MG Blue Frame D kit. I haven’t bought a lot of Gunpla, but this new MG is one I will probably pickup.

  6. I just found out about the Kotobukiya Zoids after loving the motorized toys and the old shows for so long. Would love to see the finished build of the Blade Liger or maybe perhaps a feature on the Liger Zero and its changing armor systems?

  7. Syd, I’m really excited to see the Blade Liger built. I hope you will bring it on the show as the HMM Zoid kits are probably the best that Kotobukiya offer.

    Keep up the good work guys, it’s always good to have this show to watch when I get off work on Sunday nights!

  8. Interested about the zoids- they always looked cool, but I’ve never actually gathered the funds to purchase one. Anyhow, keep up the good work! Side note, I can’t wait for the Unicorn to be lit up in all its glory. Once I see that, I’ll make my choice about those LED’s.

  9. Nice show people are really can’t wait to get there own pg nowaday… But probably ill wait for the rg wing kits i want see how well the new frames are … Good show and keep up the great work more power hlj

  10. Great episode as usual guys! planning on getting more kits from you guys during the holiday season!

  11. WOO. I’m so hyped for the PG Unicorn. Unfortunately i don’t see myself getting the g-self to pass the time. Seems a bit disappointing to me. Great episode as usual mates.

  12. I want those AGE kits so bad! I’d love to win either one.

  13. Nice episode guys, still tossing up on whether to get a pg unicorn, but if I do I’ put all my chips in. Sid GBF Try has been awesome and spectacularly surpassing Gundam RIG

  14. How to start a great day : wake up ,make tea,sit down on the PC and see a new ep of Gunpla TV after a loooooooooong break.
    Been a while since I really wanted a prize kit but that AGE2 D.Bullet…. Gimme Gimme !
    I`m pretty sure if Bandai decides to make a PG Sinanju they would run out of plastic 😀

  15. Nice Episode, but nodoby shares my love for Reconquista in G 😛
    The animation really reminds me of 90s Gundams and CCA. And I really like the G-Self, as it is a real reemagining of the Gundam trope designwise instead of an udpated clone.
    V-Fin need to be used in small dosis 😛

    • G no Reconquista is great~ but i dont see why some people dislike it ~
      Although its not that hot-blooded as gbf try but its still great!

  16. GBF TRY is hot burnung right now! The HOSHINO’S POWERED GM CARDIGAN IS MY FAVOURITE~
    and R-GYAGYA looks gorgeous , do u think so??
    G no recongista anime is very ‘fresh’ the story give me some brain thinking~ i love the montero design!
    AGAIN A GREAT EPISODE for a long wait ~haha

  17. Cool episode, would be awesome to win one of those kits. Why is it that with metallic markers I get a more constant coat than with other paint markers? PG Unicorn will be awesome, hope they make a PG Sinanju and a PG Exia eventually. What I really hope thought is that they make MGs of the Celestial Being team from Gundam 00. Season 1 and 2. Do you guys think any of this will happen?

  18. Hey guys. Great to see you again. That blade liger looks nice never built a zoid but am considering it, maybe after you show it on the show. Looking forward to the PG Unicorn and also the the blue frame D.

  19. I hope Grimoire have MG too.

  20. What do you guys think if bandai decided to release a version of the PG Full Armour Unicorn Gundam in Green Frame?


  22. That Sazabi looks amazing.

  23. Your Sazabi looks great!

  24. Great episode as always guys! The Sazabi looks sick!

  25. This week was a great episode.

  26. If I got the PG unicorn, I would see how the light would fit into it first and then try to wire up my own lighting kit.
    I would assume that all the effect parts are UV reactive. Then I cam make use of my 400 blacklight LEDs that I have from my other projects, and I’m pretty good with micro controllers.

  27. Hey thanks for the updates I really got into gunpla after watching you guys and have my first RG (the Exia) I’m working on

  28. Sid, i live in Vancouver, so u don’t have to worry too much about the address if i do get chosen ^^ and in terms of that mg sazabi, i actually love what u did. It seems that a lot of people have been going more for the 3 different reds but u went a different stream and went for the simple yet striking approach, totally dig it ^^

  29. Your Sazabi looks awesome!
    Also seems like Build Fighters and G con Reconguista will offer some nice kits.

  30. Great show you guys! The Sazabi looks amazing! I’ve been away from gunpla-ing for a little while, just got back to it couple weeks ago. Currently building the RG Strike Freedom, will be posting some pics of it soon.

  31. I’m not a great modeller and my Sazabi ver Ka is just standing next to me…. silently judging me T.T I can hear it in it’s pseudo robot Christian Bale Batman voice saying, “Where are the decals!?”

  32. Hey Syd,

    I can agree with your feelings about the G-Self’s head. It’s kinda odd looking, but then again, so was the Turn A’s head. However, truly the worst feature of the G-Self is the fact that the Pilot Seat doubles as a toilet. Why they decided to do that, and make it known in the show is beyond me, but the “WTF” factor it creates really makes you ignore how off putting the head is.

    • It’s not just the G Self. It’s every mobile suit, from the first Gundam, back in the 1979. To me, they solved the big mystery about what they do when they have to “go”. Honestly, I was pretty satisfied seeing that funny sequence and the mystery finally solved, not to mention that it made me laugh, partly with joy because only Tomino would think of something as silly as that. 🙂 And since he was making Gundam for us from day 1 it only came naturally that he would be the one to show it.

  33. Syd, your Sazabi is pretty sick

  34. To win. Fool male in address!

  35. Really interesting to see the build of 1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Leon Renewal Ver. I would be waiting for the review of PG Unicon before deciding. As i have alot of backlog to clear, i need to clear them first before adding any more kits! Thanks for the awesome show and thanks HLJ for the wonderful service.

  36. I’m really looking forward to the PG unicorn but I’m kinda nervous at the same time as it will be my first PG, Syd I agree with what you said about the base that comes with it, it would be a smart move for bandai to incorporate the batteries into the stand. Do you guys have any tips on building PGs?

  37. Finally Zoids!!! YESSS!! So pumped right now. Lol. Let me thank the guy that handed that zoid to syd. Thank you “guy” 😀

  38. I could afford the PG Unicorn for the next 2 months but then that’s all I could buy until next year. And there’s a bunch of things coming out. Then there’s the P-bandai full-armor add-on. If you plan on owning one, then probably get the P-bandai add-on first since that is in limited quantity in my opinion.

  39. Great episode as aways, guys!
    Keep the good work!

    And of course, hope I win!

  40. Good to hear how Ryans holiday went. I really like the designs of the G-reco mobile suits so far, especially the more bulky ones like the Grimoire and Hecate. They’re like a little throw back to the Dom and Gogg for me.

  41. Hope i win that awesome Darkhound. Great episode as always guys, keep it up!!

  42. Darn, those Age MG kits look fantastic. Would love to get my hands on them. Also, can you guys do a video on the HG Crossbone! Another great vid again. Thanks!

  43. I really LIKE the 1/144 HG Gundam G-Self ,Grimoire and hope to see more in this new product line. Syd, your sazabi looks awesome, plz giveaway next time 😛

  44. I wish I can win this one again.

  45. Hi Syd and Ryan. Please let me win that MG’s 🙂

  46. Great video as always! Syd, will you be showing the PG Unicorn with the LEDs on the show? Because you showing us might change our minds about buying the LEDs.

  47. PG Unicorn is a MONSTER! Sadly dont have enough budget to buy it 🙁

  48. great job on the Sazabi paint work. looks amazing!
    I seem to remember that i once built a Zoid kit when i was a kid on holiday in Singapore. It was about 11 years ago now. I cant really remember what it was, but i think it was a Liger

  49. I can’t wait to get my hands on the GM Cardigan!!!

  50. I’m excited for the unveiling of the Unicorn.. even though I’m not going to get that immediately due to lack of funds.

    and I wan’t any of those AGE-2 cause my Normal is kinda alone 😀

  51. I’ve never wanted to give someone my full mailing address more in my life.

  52. I’ve recently really started getting into the world of gundam and have a few gundams myself. In the stores i go to that sell incredibly overpriced gundams, there are a few in display that are professionally painted. In my ambitious attempts to try and paint a few of my kits i failed horribly and the kits ended up looking like messy piles of badly painted plastic. Still gotta love gundam though.

  53. Hello syd and Ryan! I know you have very many fans who comment and can only put a few comments on the show at a time,but, I will make my voice be heard! I have just finished watching unicorn and I am more hyped than ever to be purchasing a pg unicorn,and possibly the LED set if they aren’t limited stock after holidays, but I am interested in ordering from HLJ my only question is about the currency,I live in the US and I am wondering if there is an extra fee for a currency conversion in the transaction of ordering, stay classy like I know you will!
    Thanks for the wonderful show!

  54. wow new poster i wish i can get 1

  55. Great episode guys! Ryan, glad you’re back and had a great vacation, and Syd, that Sazabi looks awesome! Makes me want to finish (start) painting and dealing mine. As for the Zoids stuff, I have a question for you. What is the pose-ability like on those kits these days? I remember building them back in the day when they had wind up or battery powered motors, and all I ever wanted was Zoids kits with Gundam level articulation. Have they improved since? Thanks guys, always looking forward to the next episode!

  56. Aaah, my gunpla tv fix ! Feels gooood~

  57. Hope the Zoid Highend Master Model kits last. I want the blast of nostalgia seeing them gives me to physically manifest as a line of plastic ligers on my shelf.

  58. Great episode as usual. G Reco is a lot better than I expected it to be. Tomino never disappoints with the animation quality. I really liked the way they did the Grimoire, it’s pretty different from any other monoeye grunt there’s been. Maybe I’ll have to buy one…

  59. Awesome episode! Those new HG’s are really something.. I built the build burning gundam that I got from you guys and it’s awesome!! Skipping on the PG unicorn but I can’t wait to see how it looks like though!! Gunpla expo come sooner!! Oh yeah MG Darkhound please!!!

  60. Gday fellas, keen to see more unicorn for sure next month, also betting bandai will do something funky with that included stand

  61. That Sazabi is a masterpiece! Many thanks for the great episode. really looking forward to see the coming MG and PG.

  62. wow.. i in the free gunpla..MG Dark hound!!!!

  63. Nice can’t wait to see who wins the giveaway.

  64. Already got the dark hound, but whatever right?

  65. Buying PGs is one thing but getting them shipped to you plus custom charges is a killer.

  66. Well. Went a bit into red for the end of year so decided to get a brick over the PG Unicorn. Im sure all of you know what brick im talking about ^^

  67. Welcome back Ryan. Nice to see new episodes of gunpla tv after so long. Can’t wait November to see how the PG Unicorn will be.

  68. another great episode guys. i really hope the G-Self gets a master grade soon. i fell in love with the design when i saw the initial promotional art

  69. That PG is just calling me to buy but I really want to see more. Also does MG look nice not big of AGE, but I still watched it. AGE-2 was pretty much the best one. also thanks for uploading the video at 1 am at night.

  70. Bad thing the pg unicorn is in order stop but it would get more production rounds.

  71. Great episode as always guys. Can’t wait for the Gunpla Expo. Personally I’m more excited for seeing the MK.III Reborn model instead of the PG Unicorn. Here is hoping that we get some more stuff on that here soon.

  72. I’ve got to say that the G-Self is really growing on me, I love it’s unique design. But there is NO WAY I’m watching another episode with that super irritating protagonist. HE REALLY BUGS ME! Anyway, great episode as usual guys, and I can’t wait for the next one! 😀

  73. man that sazabi looks ballin’ 😮

  74. That sazabi is sweet, it’s been on the top of my wish list for sime time now. Have you put any thought to creating a rig for the funnels to fly around it?

  75. Quick question! So do we know which color the LED’s are? Because I would rather have the green awakening color instead of the pity pixie pink.

  76. Man two transforming AGE kits? As one of the seemingly few AGE fans I’d love to get my hands on one of those.

  77. Nice work with the G-Self. Gotta add some paint details to mine, otherwise it just doesn’t look quite “done.” There were some odd design decisions for sure, like the use of a big sticker on the top of the head.

  78. Hey Sid & Ryan, have you guys seen the Avengers Age of Ultron trailer? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

  79. nice giveaway and i can’t wait to see the astray D.

  80. hi guys happy halloween…. 🙂

  81. Awesome show as always guys. Aki Hoshino.. *drools*.

    That Sazabi is something else Sid. You should enter it in a competition or something!!!!

  82. Spread the joy.

  83. I want those MGs!

  84. I wouldn’t mind that double bullet to make a custom with my exia, but great show again guys. Honestly I’m really stoked for the rg wing zero custom.

    • Also something’s really been bugging me and I hope maybe someone could answer. All 4 of celestial beings gundams have blue eyes, but in model form they all have green eyes. I know they can do it, because the Hg blitz and the hg Gaia both have blue eye stickers. Even the mg Exia has green eyes. Why did bandai do that?

  85. Wow Syd great job on the Sazabi it looks amazing.

  86. I wonder if they will ever do another suit like the Dark Hound, it looks really cool to me.

  87. Wow, the Liger Zoid looked pretty cool, BUT PG UNICORN MAN!

  88. Counting down to that PG Unicorn. Everyone’s gettin they’re wallets for some serious plamo building!

  89. Glad you guys are back. Great work on the Sazabi, it looks sexy as hell.

  90. Hey ryan and syd. You two are awesome and this episode has sold me on getting the mg zasabi and pg unicorn. If one thing I can say is that building model kits has helped me get passed hard times. Money is tight now because of my mother being sick and myself being in medical school to become a doctor, but whatever I can do to help her, I’ll do it. Whenever she watches me building a kit, she gets overjoyed because I’m doing anything bad that could ruin my life. Heck she was building a kit with me. That’s how much model kits has brought us closer. But I want to drag on haha. I can’t wait for the next episode and maybe I’ll win one the mg kits. Who knows haha. Thanks guys for everything that you do.

  91. Lots of stuff comming……. Cant wait for december!!!!!!!! What colour of psycho frame that caming with the PG unicorn??? By the way nice job with the sazabi syd!

  92. great ep guys…that Grimoire design looks really good but G-Self looks kind of plain. BTW awesome job on the Sazabi Syd. I hope you’ll be able to show us that Blade Liger when you’re finished with it.

    can’t wait for the next ep..stay awesome guys!

  93. Nice episode! I like it the way Sid custom his Sazabi, just simple but with a lot details. Great job, Sid and waiting for your work in Hi Nu Gundam.

  94. Always a great show! Hope to win those kits 🙁

  95. Tyvm for another great episode. The G-self maybe it doesn’t look so cool but I think that with the right customization it could look amazing. Looking your Sazabi makes me want one more than ever for christmas and with all the kits that are coming I´m gonna need a big wallet.

  96. Love the show, hope RNGesus will smile upon me

  97. sweet episode wish I had the money for a PG unicorn!

  98. That Sazabi looks great after you finished it! I hope we’ll get to see a built G-Arcane next month too!

  99. Great episode! im thinking about getting the G-Self but the amount of stickers are putting me off.

  100. Nice episode as always guys. The 1st pack of the G-Self is kinda boring. been waiting for the other pack to come out. Nice work on the Sazabi though.

  101. I’m still not sold on the G-Self, either. G Reco is a weird series, too, but the Grimoire is an awesome grunt suit. It seems a bit weird that the grunt suits look cooler than the main suits, though, the new antagonist MS they showed in the latest episode, the Elf-Bullock (weird name …) looks pretty sweet.

  102. Sazabi looks great and can’t wait for the PG Unicorn :]

  103. Really excited about the HG Build Burning. If I like the build, I’m going to pick up a second one, and do Evil Ryu colors.

  104. That is one spiffy Sazabi. I’m interested to see what you end up doing with the Hi Nu and the inevitable Unicorn unbox.

  105. Cool ep today, i hope i can win one of those MG Age 2 baby’s this weekend before Halloween ends and please let me win the Age 2 dark hound!!! 🙂

  106. awesome looking sazabi Syd! nice to see some age give-aways. too bad they never got around to releasing the MG’s for age-3 and age-fx.

  107. Love the show. You guys are just too much fun. I love the sneak peak into my hobby that I love. Thank you you guys!!!!!!!

  108. sweet kits, guys.

  109. I will try again to win something. But honestly the space pack for the G-Self looks better. I am curious if there will be two packs for the MG G-Self if Bandai will make it.

  110. Nice, a Zoid on the show and finally one that will be built. My friend is huge into Zoids but has never bothered to make a kit cause he never put together any kits. He likes the kits I have but I have only gundam kits, wonder how the progress of this build will be from you guys.

    Once again, great show and awesome work. Maybe Ill get a chance at one of the AGE kits since I loved both of those designs from the show.
    PS Double Bullet in MS mode is so much better then fight mode lol.

  111. Your Sazabi looks amazing, and i can’t wait to see what your Nu and UNI come out as, keep up the good work guys

  112. That Sazabi! It’s HUGE!! Nice job on all the custom paintwork, and looking forward to seeing what you show off next time!

    I actually kinda like the look of the G-Self, although I prefer the Grimoire personally. I wonder if the Grimoire can use the Self’s backpack?

    I really like the look of the Dark Hound, so fingers crossed I get that one if I win any of them.

  113. Hey guys been watching from the beginning love your show and keep it up and need that MG

  114. Hi Team HLJ,

    One Word BADASS SAZABI!! and definitely excited on the PG unicorn can’t for your review on the GBF try kits. More power and Advance Merry Christmas team HLJ.

  115. Man that sazabi is looking clean! SO SEXY!!!

  116. Wooooooooo. I will wait til Syd release that Kraken-Sazabi and give it away for the Raffle as well 😀

  117. Hi Ryan, do you care share some information about the EBOLA Virus status in the whole Africa? I hope they can solve it fast, I pity those EBOLA victims. They deserve better and descent life. T_T

  118. Wow that Sazabi was looking good with the decals on, and it is really good that you piant ittoo, but I want to ask the amount of spray can how many can that you used on this Sazabi?

  119. Hi Ryan and Syd! It’s my first time here and I’m a really big fan of your show…oh and btw I’ve been endorsing you guys with my FB buddies in some builders fan page. Ohh and welcome back Ryan and to the show! (To Syd) i was really excited when I saw what you’ve done with your Sazabi (my favorite build) and you’ve done a really great job on your color separation! My thoughts on this coming PG Unicorn, I like the way you guys think about where you can control the LED’s on the base instead of switching them one by one because that would a really plain in the behind (but yeah like you guys we’ll never know until we see it this December). And also for the upcoming MG’s this Nov. and Dec. I’m really excited to get my hands on those bad boys (Talgeese III and Blue Frame Astray). Two question, have you guys visited the Philippines?(if not why and if yes how was it) and has any Filipino guy ever won on your giveaways?…hehehe hopefully I’ll be the First (THE ONE!!) hahaha 😀

    I really enjoy watching you guys! And again welcome back after 3 weeks! MORE POWER!!! >;D

  120. Good luck everybody 😀

  121. I’m not a fan of the Gundam age anime but the kits are excellent. Wouldn’t mind having either one of the age 2 kits to go with my custom mg age one! Haha

  122. Really happy to see unicorn getting some love! It was a really great series “OVA” the PG will be epic.

  123. Great episode as always. Hope the Montero and G Arcane comes out soon too.

  124. I’m really excited to see the Zoid kit built. I hope to see it on the show. Great episode as always guys.

  125. whoop whoop

  126. paint job looks great XD

  127. i was really excited to see gunpla tv back! i’m also really sad i didn’t win a unicorn poster. and i’m REALLY sad that i had to pay $300 to get my alternator replaced so now i can’t afford gunpla for a while.

  128. You guys have me all excited for a PG Sinanju now! I really hope they make one, it would sit nicely next to my HG and MG!

  129. can’t wait to see the PG Unicorn next month and awesome show as always

  130. PG unicorn next month wooo hooo! hope you film it and ask if you need to break apart the pg unicorn if you are going to put the led.

  131. Thanks for answering my question Syd! Canucks beat my Caps last night 🙁

  132. hey syd and ryan I was wondering about the new line called NXEDGE STYLE (MS UNIT)it looks pretty cool the description on your website says its like sd and rg and I like both. can you please elaborate on that thank you and hope I win

  133. Just built my first Zoids kit, the Liger-zero, and I’m so satisfied that I think I’ll order the new Blade Liger AB Leon!
    also, the flames on Build Burning Gundam looks really cool. Can’t wait to see a MG build burning

  134. Awesome episode guys. The Aki Hoshino part made me laugh. Fitting that you’d talk about a MODEL on a plastic model show. Anyway, keep up the good work. Those AGE kits look really cool.

  135. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I hope I win something,
    Rhyming is hard.

  136. I’ve been building Gundam Wing kits pretty religiously since getting back into the hobby. I recently branched out and picked up some other MGs to try out some custom paint schemes because I have a hard time painting over the wings schemes :P.
    That being said, seeing the amount of runners and detailed color for the zoid kit gets me interested in grabbing one.

  137. Syd your Sazabi looks awesome! The PG Unicorn + LED Set + Premium Bandai Full Armor Set destroy my Wallet like a Deathstar. Hope you get the Full Armor Partsfor your PG to, Syd!

  138. Can’t wait to see the Blue Frame Astray D. My astray collection only grows.

  139. Syd love the show!

  140. Great video as usual.
    Does Japan celebrate Halloween like Canada does?

    Because I have the most stupidest luck, watch me win the Dark Hound ONLY because I already have it! haha.

    Looking forward to the 1st of Nov.

  141. Please do the reviews of the gundam build fighters try hg kits. I can’t wait to get them!

  142. The Grimoire looks awesome. I really like its colors

  143. cant wait to see the pg unicorn and ALL the leds

  144. I like the g-selfs design

  145. It’s sorta sad/odd that the MG Age 3 and FX have disappeared into a void.

  146. I’ve never built a Zoid but I think I might have to now! Also would love to get that MG Darkhound, Great episode Syd and Ryan!

  147. Great detailed info about Gundam kits as usual. Keep up on good work.

  148. My brother needs a spare leg and lance for his AGE-2 Dark Hound. Winning this giveaway might be helpful!

    The G-Self is looking nice, though I’d like to display it with the space pack instead of the atmospheric pack – I think it looks better.

  149. That Sazabi looks GORGEOUS!



  152. Given the amount it’ll cost for the lights, I’d be willing to hold off until I see them in action though if it works like the star wars kits then I think they’d totally be worth it. Can’t wait to see the PG whenever Bandia decides to show it off. Also really wishing to get one of those kits, been having such a bad month in my search for a job that a free kit would be quite nice. Good job on the show as always guys

  153. Would love to win a MG. Also I know how you feel about being a Buffalo Sabers fan Sid. I’m in the same boat being Winnipeg Jets fan.

  154. sazabi is life

  155. PG SINANJU!!!!

  156. I was wondering why only the strike gundam has so many custom versions and options (aile, launcher, sword) .

  157. The G selfy’s eyes looks really weird, anyways great videos as always and looking forward to the PG Unicorn. Uhh im so jelous at the give away winners i wanna win too! XD


  159. great show, keep up the great work. Hope you guys open up the LED set soon for me to other.

  160. Nice Sazabi Syd! The bugger can be really wobbly tho, especially if you add some third party dual gattling guns to it. the Ka. kits are awesome looking center pieces.
    And the inevitable question is: Ryan, what book did you read while isolated from the intarwebz?

  161. GIMME!!!!

    Seriously that Sazabi looks mean.

  162. PGs look great but my gosh they look like a lot of work. I’ve only done HGs but I have the RG Exia Type F coming in the mail right now!!! Maybe some day I’ll get a MG 😛

  163. Oh how amazing that blade liger looks.

  164. The g-self reminds me alot of the force impulse, but the biggest thing I took away from this is that how far HG has gone, I still remember apply those damn stickers on the force impulse’s wing

  165. I like how when u guys mention the full mailing address u acted like u would be stalking that person lol. Anyways amazing show like always. hopefully I can win one of those mgs. And I also kinda wanna steal that zoid from u syd and build it for u

  166. Awesome episode as always. very interesting to hear other peoples view on whether or not to get the PG Unicorn with or without he LED set. I personally would go for both if I could afford it but since it doesn’t seem to be a limited run on the LED Set then affordability and finances say buy the Kit then the LEDs at a later date. Though it would be interesting to see how easy ( or it is to put them in after painting and assembling the kit itself)

    Anyhoo. Hope I win the Dark Hound. That kit looks killer.

  167. Hey, just had a crazy thought about the PG Unicorn that may get answered with this reveal but I was wondering… what if one of the things they did with this is have it to to where the LEDs can shift from the initial red to the eventual green of the awakened version. It makes sense. Oh and if you send me that AGE-2DB I promise that by the end of this year I’ll order an MG Victory for a kitbash I wish to do. Or I can take both of them off your hands and still buy the Victory…Pretty please, pretty please with waterslides on top?

  168. Great show guys can’t wait for gundam expo hope I win mg

  169. Another awesome custom Sazabi and can’t wait for the PG Unicorn to be release. Hope your guy do a live build event PG Unicorn. Thx

  170. Great show guys, i hope i can win the AGE-2
    Double Bullet

  171. That was a great show guys! My favorite part was when Syd brought on his fully completed Sazabi Ver. Ka. I wish mine looks as good as that when I’m finished… But no worries, that will be another few weeks or so…

  172. Looking forward to watching the new Gundam Reconguista in G anime!

  173. Great to have a new episode, glad Ryan enjoyed his holiday. Sazabi looks great! One of my favorite builds. The grimore looks really nice I hope they make an MG since I don’t build HGs.

    I’ve been getting into other Plamo besides Gunpla… has there been any talk about doing more Boss Builds again?

    Anyway, thanks for the episode.

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    It also shows how much better a model can look like with decals. I’ll have to get to it on my RGs… sooo many decals!

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  194. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    I was in withdrawal not able to watch your show for 2 weeks…
    Tried to ordered the PG Unicorn and LED, but I was 1/2 day late…
    I was hoping you will put up a new live feed on building the Zoid.
    Please give me a Unicorn poster, so that I can dream about it and someday, I can order it….
    I’m still building my PG Zeta. When it’s done, I’ll send you a pic.
    Hope to hear from you guys soon.
    P.S. Love the Build Burning Gundam. Might get one for Christmas.

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  200. Hello World

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  205. Guys, one last but important thing about this optional LED set for PG Unicorn:

    I think the price is not high at all – remember, you get the working set – just follow the manual and everything will “just work”. Bandai made sure (or I better hope they did) that it will be a nice and painless process. You may say that you can do it yourself, but I assure you, that it is not as easy as it looks. If you haven’t done advanced (or even basic) lightning customisation already, then feel free to light up some of your MG and you will see that amount of time to do it *properly* almost equals to amount of money Bandai is asking for the set. It is just too convenient to buy woking product and not to (potentially) destroy your precious PG kit in the process of making your own solution.

    Of course I encourage you to try it anyway but better “practice” on some other kit before starting with PG Unicorn 🙂

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  214. Don’t know about y’all but I’m hoping for a HG/MG Gustav Karl. Once there is an announcement for that, I will save up and buy it from you guys at HLJ. Aiming for that Dark Hound. Nice cool black color scheme.

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  216. Hi guys! Now that you got me more and more into this awesome hobby, it gets pretty exciting everytime I see a new episode is up. Very nice episode this 158th was! Multiple kits and the zoids kit was a nice addition. I really want to see it finished. Ryan, glad to hear you had a nice vacation, that place sounds very relaxing. Syd, man, i’ll have images of your sazabi in my head for a long time (probably till I get one). Master piece. I thought you weren’t going to show us the detailed final work but you did and I’m sure I speak for most of the HLtv viewers (fans), we appreciate it. This is getting too long! Cant wait to see what you’ll have to show from the gundam expo. See ya guys.

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    I really want to be able to build the PG unicorn, ALAS I am restricted by my “ball and chain” from purchasing the monster.

    More power to you guys, as always!!!

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  223. Hi Ryan & Syd,
    Thank you for the latest updates on the PG Unicorn, I ordered one for myself from HLJ. I hope we get to see more early releases and previews of other upcoming kits. Thank you for keeping my interest in hobby kits alive!

  224. Sazabi looks great Syd! Do you airbrush your kits? I’ll be taking the step into airbrushing soon. Been researching compressors before buying. Most of my gunpla time is at night so I need to find one that’s quiet and in my price range.

    That was a long few weeks waiting for a new episode. Glad Ryan is back and you guys are back at it. Thanks for the episode, looking forward to more as usual. Cheers!

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  228. Glad you guys are back, and Ryan had a nice vacation!
    I’m not a huge fan of AGE suit designs, but any customizing fodder is always welcome! I figure I’ve got to win eventually!!

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    lol @ Aki Hoshino part. Shame she’s gone from the TVs now due to the fraud auction that she was getting paid to promote on her blog.
    Anyway, after resisting on preordering PG Unicorn for about 3 weeks, thanks to a marketing call “hobby link TV” I have preordered one. LED units on order stop so I’ll wait and see what happens at the show.
    Keep up the great work guys.

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  250. We love Gunpla TV, although we do have a question. When will you guys get a new opening? Hopefully anime style with singing Japanese people and people running (why always running?) Because the opening has been used since roughly episode 40, and is a bit out of date. Most importantly, it makes us (and probably others) feel like we’re losing some sanity and ear health. Thanks, hope you can answer!

  251. Honestly i think the g self’s head looks quite good

  252. Seeing the Age Gundam giveaways reminds me, do you think the Age 3 will ever get the Master Grades that were supposed to come out a while back? I remember Bandai released the prototypes at a hobby show, but haven’t heard anything since.

  253. Well syd i think the grimoire looks alot like the savage armslave from fullmetal panic. The new build fighters kits have me excited. Especialy since some of the ones on preorder are customized versions of suits that havent had a release yet. I doubt i will ever see a galbaldy beta hg. I still have a list of suits from zeta and ZZ that have yet to get a hg kit. Question for bryan will toy tengoko ever come back.

  254. This holiday season is going to be kind of crazy for gunpla, isn’t it?

    I haven’t seen that new gundam series the models you showed are from, but I think the design of the bad-guy suit is really neat. Now I really want to check it out.

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  258. I’m very interested to see how the MG G-Self will come, if they make one, which they probably will. I also hope that they release the Victory Gundam with Sword Silhouette.

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  269. I never watched AGE–something about the mechanical designs and the art style left a bad taste in my mouth–so I never thought to pick up any kits from it. But I have to admit… That Dark Hound looks pretty spectacular. It reminds me of the F-97 Gundams, which are among my favourite Mobile Suits in the franchise. I probably won’t watch AGE as a result of this or anything, but the kit is DEFINITELY going to be mine when I finish up my backlog.

  270. It has been 9 years since i started this hobby and i am itching to build a PG. i always stayed on HG or MG. Im Looking forward for Unicorn PG most especially the destroy mode, hopefully it will be my first PG. I still need more information about it before i spend my money.

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    Here’s hoping that the PG unicorn comes out in time for my birthday, and that the resulting money from said day of birth lets me afford both the Unicorn and the LED kit! If there’s any stock by that time that is .-.

  278. Awesome Show as Always Dudes!! Will you be attempting the PG Build Live?? Also do you guys think we’ll be getting an MG Kit for Build Fighters Try or Recongista in G before the end of the year? Keep up the great work!!!

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    More power to you Show

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  283. For G Reco kits, G-arcane and the Griomoire piqued my interest more than the G-self.. its just weird in design. But we’ll see when the MG comes out.

    Looking forward to the next episode! Cheers~

  284. never really liked the first Build Fighters. thought it would be the same with Build Fighters Try and expected to like G-Reconguista better. a few episodes later, i’m enjoying the Build Fighters Try more with the fan service and found it hard to continue watching G-Reconguista with the weird character personalities and developments, events and actions that doesn’t make sense, and just the general logic(or lack of it). but this is GunplaTV, so back to gunpla. i do like the gundam designs from both shows and even the g-self is starting to grow on me. the grimoire and montero look awesome and are refreshing deviations. hope to see more and looking forward to the PG Unicorn. great episode as always guys!

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  286. I find it funny that Gundam Build fighters is doing better than the Reconguista. Nice kits from Regonguista but that’s pretty much it.

  287. You Make Register to your website because of that MG 1/100 Dark Hound and Double Bullet , btw i always watching your show in youtube and i subscribed since i heard the show and always like it i wish you can cover more HG 1/144 becuase it was my favorite line in gunpla. and again more power to your show and more gunpla 😀

  288. I would love to win that Dark Hound!! I am picking up the PG Unicorn but will hold off on the LED set for now. I would like to see how it looks first if I decide to get it later.

  289. The G-Self design didn’t look good til it was on screen. Its even better as a model, although I would prefer an MG since that would have more details.

    And thank you for pointing out on the metallic orange paint you used on your Sazabi. At least I know one way of getting that metallic copper finish. One of my LBX Custom marker set came with a metallic orange, now I know what to do with it.

  290. I can’t wait for you to build that blade liger it looks badass.

  291. When Syd voiced his complaints about G-Self’s design, I knew he was going to bring up the head – that thing is just wacky!

    The G-Self itself looks kind of cool but but I’ve heard some unfortunate thing about its hip articulation.

    Anyway great show guys!

  292. Shout out to fellow Canadian kit builders!

    Maybe I am the only one but I find the 1/60 PGs just too big? (and expensive) I like smaller, high detailed kits.

    Also a comment about the LED kits: I don’t really care if kits light up or not so probably will never bother with LEDs.

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  294. WOW! That Sazabi looks perfect! Awesome job!

  295. I really like what Sid has done with the Sazabi Ver.Ka! Many people have painted the armor with a metallic finish as well as the frame parts. But I really prefer a flat coat so that not only will the frame parts shine but also the armor will feel more heavy and realistic. I’m with you Sid!

  296. That Liger is sick! I remember when I was a kid and they used to sell Zoid and G Gundam model kits at Target.

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  298. i already posted on youtube haha. but i kinda wanna get my hands on a free MG. Also i would love for the PG unicorn to be my first PG but i don’t have the money nor the expeince in my book.

  299. Absolutely love the show, you guys do great work. I love this hobby, and you guys help keep my up to date with all of the new things happening with it! Keep it up, I will be a fan 4 life!

  300. Glad to see you guys back.
    I’ve noticed that when you watch gundam build fighters try on youtube, theres a commercial right in the middle. Have you guys ever thought about buying up that commercial slot and advertising hlj? you guys should ask the marketing guy if that’d be cool or not, though its probably somewhat pricy

  301. I hope I win something >0<

  302. YAS you guys are finally back!!!! and the my orders form HlJ just came too

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  305. Wow Syd, great job on the Sazabi. I’d love to see a new episode or livestream of your painting process.

  306. I like the metallic colors on the Sazabi.
    I’d love to win the AGE-2 Dark Hound

  307. Man the Sazabi looks so cool, I’m just afraid I’ll get lazy and not place all the decals

  308. Thanks for the videos. Been trying to get my head round Gundam/Gunpla and starting something new. Going to order one and should fill up any spare time I have putting it together. The GM Cardigan looks nice. The yellow looks quite matte.

  309. the g-self’s kinda cool but as Syd said, the head, it’s one of the reasons I’m not buying a Turn A gunpla although I watched the series, I can’t seem to like the head… the Sazabi is superb, I was having second thoughts in buying it because of the Hi-Nu’s decals are a bit of a disappointment for me but after seeing it in full decals I’m interested to buy it now but I’ll save it for next year because of the PG Unicorn

  310. Great video, as usual. Is great to see you guys again.
    I’ve just ordered a Build Burning, it looks so cool with all those flames!
    Also,Will you rewiev the Gundam Astray Blue Frame D? I’ll love to see that beast!

  311. Gunpla TV just gets better and better.Sure would like to add a model kit built by Syd to my collection,nothing beets Gunpla TV 🙂 Smile

  312. I honestly think that the grimoire looks like something from metal fear also its nice to see Ryan back on the show stay classy guys

  313. Hi guys great show as per normal,

    The Grimoire looks like an interesting kit, although I will admit I am slightly more interested int he Build Fighters Try kits being released, maybe an MG of Yuuka’s Lightning Gundam?

    Give away kits look awesome.

  314. by the time i check this video trying to order the 1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB Leon Renewal Ver. it’s discontinued?? what’s going on? this could be my first zoid liger kit lol, but anyway great show.

  315. I really like master grade kits and to be honest i just did this comment coz i want one of those but i really am a fan so i hope you all will forgive me.

  316. Hi Syd and Ryan, Can you make a review of the 1/100 Morito Tsugumori kit?


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  318. Excellent work on the Sabazi, it inspires me to finish mine.

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  320. Hi guys! Great episode again and inspiring building gunpla. But i would like to request if you guys can features some gunpla modellers in japan or outside to show there works and advises with the world and inspire more to build gunpla.

  321. It would be epic for episode 160 to have a build of either the X-Wing or TIE Advanced, not just an unboxing and end product, like the current usual has become, please make it happen.

  322. Great episode again guys!

    I’m really glad to see zoids getting mentioned again as it was the thing that first started a model building hobby for me #nostalgia

  323. I already love ver ka model kits and the sazabi looks amazing

  324. It’s Halloween in Australia and I went with some friends trick or treating. Sadly there were no gunpla accessories or gunpla lollies. People these days…. Well another great episode and I’ll be on guard for the new PG Unicorn. Also I’m being given a choice to purchase gunpla. Should I get the MG Nu Gundam Ver ka, MG Sazabi Ver Ka, MG RX78- Gundam 3.0, MG Sengoku Astray, MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero, MG Aegis Gundam or two HG gundams? I’m very indecisive so I’m having a hard time choosing.

  325. Very nice detailing on Sazabi! Great episode, as always. Happy Halloween everyone!!

  326. not planning on getting the led kit for the unicorn due to not using it. as much as i like the idea of lighting it, I just don’t see it being very practical.

  327. Nice work on the Sazabi, Syd. I am eager to see what you do with the Hi-nu gundam. Keep up the good work guys. And when did high grade become so advance? My OverFlag is nowhere near part intensive as the GBF Tri models. With the PG, RG Wing, Sazabi, and new Zoids model, my wallet is not going to survive.

  328. great episode guys and im wondering, are you guys planning a live stream for the unicorn? Syd’s amazing work on the Sazabi has re-sparked my drive to finish mine. Looking forward to the announcements from the gunpla expo.

  329. So happy to see some more Zoid kits coming back out, they were pretty much the definition of my childhood

  330. Great Episode. I wish I had such much talent building a gunpla like you guys. I like to see the Syd’s nu gundam. I will buy the PG Unicorn with LED or the Astray Redframe,because I need a challege to become a better builder. I hope bandai bring out more RG from different gundam series. I wish you guys fun at the gunpla expo.

  331. Hi Syd and Rye…
    I just wanted to say that for me, RG Wing Gundam is a dream come true…
    I really can’t wait for it to be released…
    And by the way, your sazabi is really good looking but I totally prefer your yellow sinanju…
    Hope I win the Dark hound…!!!

  332. I would love to see a pg sinanju, but I would settle for an updated g-gundam.

  333. Great episode! Both Gundam Age kits are nice, but I hope to win the Double Bullet!

  334. man, i want a sazabi

  335. Hey Gunpla TV, long time watcher and first time commenter here. Big fan of the show, please keep up the good work.

    When the PG Unicorn is out in December, is Syd planning on doing a live stream event for that? I am hoping yes.

    Not sure if this has been discussed in the recent shows already. But what do the two of you hope would be the next new MG announcement from Bandai?


    • Thank you for the comment! We’ll definitely be doing something with the PG when it comes out; rest assured. 🙂

  336. Syd, your sazabi looks awesome, but I hope to win the Dark hound.

  337. Your Sazabi looks very good~ Hope I get a AGE Kit since I really like Gundam AGE and don’t can understand the bad reputation.

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