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Gundam Stories: Nigel Teh Tian Hong


Since i was a kid, I been wanted to have a gundam model kit for myself but it is too expensive for me to bought even a single 1 gundam model. Just because I could not afford to buy myself a gundam model kit, I get myself a small figure of gundam where I draw from an egg shell toy machine. It is a small figure where you can load a marble on the torse and shoot out from it.

The dream seem to be at the end where i could not get my gundam model kit, but everything started to change on 2010 because this is the time where gundam get into me. On early December, the first ever gundam film that i watched was “Gundam Wing – Endless Walt Movie”. In the movie the Gundam Wing Zero shoot the bunker is the picture that always nail in my mind and later on i watch my second gundam movie “Gundam Seed – Stargazer”.

After watching the movie and i told myself is time to get myself my first ever gundam model kit. To choose my first ever gundam model kit, i was watching a lot of gundam model kit reviews on “youtube”. I can said that all of the gundam model kits are really amazing, i just want to have them all but it is too expensive for me and i only plan to only get one gundam model kit. I was really struggling which gundam model kit should i bought for myself.

It took around a week plus for me to choose because this is my first ever gundam model kit so i want the one that i wanted the most. It was 15th December 2010, the day i first time purchase my first ever gundam model kit, not on local hobby store but online. I get myself HG “Gundam Avalanche Exia(64)” from gundam 00. I am really excited but it would took a week plus to arrived.

The day after on 16th December 2010, i went to my local hobby store and just plan to have a tour for the first time. Bought any gundam model kit on the local hobby store is not in my plan but end up i bought myself gundam model kit. I did not only bought one gundam but three gundam model kit, i get myself SD RX78-2(329) and SD twin set Strike Gundam(246), Force Impulse Gundam(280). I was really happy that I finally afford myself to bought gundam model kit.

Since then i really get into gundam and I started to watch my first ever gundam anime series “Gundam Seed”, “Gundam Seed Destiny” and followed by “Gundam 00 Season One”. It has been a month since i started my first ever gundam model kit and i did not stop on three gundam model kit but i end up with bought 10 gundam model kit. I did not expect myself to bought so much gundam model kit within a month.

The 10 gundam i bought in 1 month
1. SD RX78-2
2. SD Strike Gundam
3. SD Force Impulse
4. SD Dendrobium
5. SD 00 Qan [T]
6. SD Exia Repair II
7. HG Gundam Avalanche Exia
8. RG RX78-2
9. RG MS-06S Zaku II
10. HG Mechanics RX-78 GP03 Dendrobium – not yet completed

It is a very good experience although it just a month but I am looking forward to Gunpla and plan to add more gundam model kit in my collection. Last but not least i would like to take this opportunity to thanks all gundam modelers for did a fantastic job and also HobbyLink Japan for introduce the gundam model kit so well on GunplaTV.

Thanks for reading.

Nigel Teh Tian Hong

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  1. So where did you get all the money for this? I thought you couldn’t afford to buy any.

  2. Hice collection! It’s like a super deformed squad

  3. Hi Vulcan, i couldn’t not afford to buy because i was kid that time . so when i grew older, i go to to work to get extra money. this is why i am afford to bought the gundam but i did not expect to buy so many in 1 month. and now have to save more money to get more gundam ^^ lolz.

    Hi Vasily, hehe thanks for the comment yea i like the super deformed gundam, but my most wanted gundam is not in the collection yet.


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