blue sinanju

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  • at this point, i also want bandai to RE release the Robot Spirits/ Tamashiis/ Damashiis of the Code Geass and Full Metal Panoc! seriesss

  • with the recent release of the Gernsback from Aoshima…. I wanna see Bandai do the Gernsbacks from the anime series: Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid….. but better…

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  • The Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest Entry Submission is officially closed and we’ve got a lot of great stuff to sort through on our way to awarding all these prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this […]

    • Whaaaat??!! Nothing will be,the same.I missed Ryan already, how shall, I live with that? But I would do the same..;-) Wish you the best!!

    • Best of luck Syd on your travels. It has been really fun watching you as host and seeing you talk star wars and gunpla and so on.

    • Thanks again guys for hosting the contest. I like my entry so much that i just placed an order for another model hehe. Nice to see Ryan back! And OMG!!! Syd, the second you said “how to say thsi”, i called it, hoping it wouldnt be the case but unfortunatelly it was. Sad but hey, great to know you’ll be having fun and visiting new places. Godspeed my friend. You encouraged me a lot on this awesome hobby!

    • Syd and what he made gunplaTV is arguably responsible for many modellers (addiction) hobby becoming what it is today, certainly the case for me.

      Appreciate all the hard work and time you put in mate it’ll be sad to see you go but its more then earned and i wish you luck and hope you enjoy your adventures, if you’re in the very bottom of aus ever drop on in.

      hopefully you drop back in from time to time, after all whose spare room full of kits are were going to comment for

    • Wish you the best Syd. It was this show that introduce me to gunpla model.

    • crap….. if we get the sports car will he stay?

    • How will the future gunpla tv look like? Todd alone?

    • Wish you all the best Syd, good luck on your next adventure.

    • Hi Syd. I’m happy for you! Wish you all the best for your holidays!!

    • Gmmm replied 5 years ago

      Syd feels like that crazy uncle you see at family reunions who you really get along with because they are into the same weird hobby as you are. It will be sad not to see him here as often. A big part of why I got back into the hobby after forgetting it even existed for 15 years was because of Gunpla TV.

      Best wishes to you and to your family.

    • Syd, we are sad to see you step down from GUNPlA TV, especially because you and GUNPLA TV were a huge part of why I got into GUNPLA. That being said, as a father of 2 myself I can completely understand. I do however have a few questions about your announcement. Are you still going to be with HLJ? And it kinda sounds like you would still make the occasional appearance, is that possible? As for the future if the show, I am still excited and optimistic for it’s future, Todd has really grown into a comfortable presence as a host. It also sounded like Ryan might return more frequently to the show which would be great. We’ve seen the banter between you and him develop over a long time, and the same between yourself and Todd. I can’t wait to see how it develops​ between​ Todd and Ryan (or whomever). Best wishes bro!

    • “That’s what SHE said…”

      Wil be sad to see the end of an era, Syd IS Gunpla TV, but such things have to be done. Besides, Todd will do just fine I think, and it will be nice to have Ryan back in the show also. Hopefully, with his experience, if there is time we’ll get some in-depth content from Todd with guides on customising and painting gunpla (i.e. he will demonstrate how to add a BALL to a kit, you know it, I called it). Safe travels, have fun, and good luck to Todd and Ryan πŸ™‚

    • Goodbye Syd! Hope your vacation is a good one, and that you get to do everything you want to do (And maybe build some Gunpla on the side)!

    • Danny replied 5 years ago

      Damn! My heart just sank a little bit,best of luck Syd.

    • Damn it Syd. This is seriously depressing…

    • BNuts replied 5 years ago

      So I can expect to review my entry after May 23?

      Well, Syd, I hope you enjoy your travels, and you’re right you should do it while you can. Question, though: will you continue to blog your reviews and such on Gaijin Gunpla?

    • Damn bro. we will miss you man. but yeah family comes 1st

    • Jeeg replied 5 years ago

      I’m following you since episode 1…so…thank you for all. Be happy!

    • First robert184, now Syd, HLJ does have a lot of people that leave me long lasting impressions. Wish you well with whatever you’re doing Syd.

    • Well Ryan best wishes, you will be missed, and Syd Never Leave us

    • Noooooo Syd! Watching this i could tell you had something bad to say, but this is something even i didnt expect. You always seem so happy and excited when the new kits come in and you get to open them up and build them, I never expected you to leave like this, but i suppose we all have to leave a legacy at some point.
      With Ryan and Todd as the new hosts with guest appearances of Anna and Lindsay( I’d assume) I suppose it wont be an incredibly large change but you will very much be missed by model builders everywhere.
      May the Force be with you, and always remember Gunpla…is FREEDOM!

    • Hubyx replied 5 years ago

      Sad to see you leave Syd. I wish you the best of luck!

    • good luck syd and all the best to you and your family.

    • The next episode of HLTV should be “The Best of Syd” showing a bunch of outtakes and funny moments through the show’s history.

      Then at the end Syd takes off his HLJ shirt and leaves it on the table. And as he is walking out of the HLJ warehouse we see that he has a full back tattoo of the RX-78.

      Ok, maybe not the last part but a best of episode would be cool.

    • good luck Syd and to your future endeavors. they said that the happiest persons on earth, are the ones who invest on travels.

      Go travel the world Syd, and collect that 7 dragon balls!!!!….. πŸ™‚

    • have a good time off Syd, hope we’ll see you pop back sometime later!

    • Thank you Syd for showing me the world of Gunpla! Please do an episode with Ryan and Todd before you leave!

    • Jiloo replied 5 years ago

      Thank You for all those years with Gaijin Gunpla, and You will be missed. But I hope show will still exist and will be others to continue what you have started. Good luck with the things You want to do.

      PS. So can we apply for a position in πŸ˜‰

    • I couldn’t even finish watching. Sad news for us but want the very best for Syd, who made Gunpla TV what it is. I like Todd a lot and respect his knowledge, humor and love of the hobby…at least we still have that. Ryan is really not a builder but still a nice guy. Again, all the best to you and your family, Syd, and thanks for making Gundam cool again for me after all these years away from the hobby.

    • Java replied 5 years ago

      Good luck Syd, enjoy yourself and don’t get into too much trouble πŸ˜‰

    • Syd, I waited until today, May 4th, to comment. May the force be with you. Thank you for all the tips and for bringing popularity to gunpla and to plastic modeling in general.
      Promise to come back and do a “The Last Jedi” review special though.

    • I’ve had a blast watching everyone on Gunpla TV since the first episode, but Syd will always be the face of the show (no disrespect to Ryan and Todd). Thank you to everyone who’s built models and given us insight into those builds. This show is always fun to watch, and I’ll never stop.

      Be safe, Syd, and have fun.

    • THANK you Syd!!! May the force be with you!!!

  • Bandai has made April a lean month so we only have the High Grade Vual Gundam to show, but does that mean that next month’s Shizuoka Hobby Show is going to feature a lot of big reveals? Possibly. Be sure to watch […]

    • shika replied 5 years ago

      Yeah, new episode!

    • Been busy with building my gundam for Playing With Plamo competition, glad to finally have the time to catch a new episode.

      Kinda sad I missed the zeta givaway.

      Looking forward to the Shizuoka Hobby Show coverage.

    • Gundam Vual is my favorite design from the IBO line-up!

    • YES! Waterslides!

      So, here’s a question for you two – at some point Bandai have to stop releasing PG Unicorn variants and actually release an all-new PG. If you had to put a bet on it, what would you LIKE to see as a PG release, and what do you think would in reality be more likely as the next new PG release? I would like to see a Sinanju Stein, but I reckon it would be something more mainstream like a GM or a Barbatos.

      Also I am calling it now that Todd says “Ball” ^_^

    • Kamille Bidan is the pilot of the Zeta Gundam, since he was a boy but Kamille is supposedly a girls name he ends up shouting “Kamille is a man’s name!” a couple times during the series.

      Anyways cool Vual, and looking forward to the Evolution Zeta. Great show as always guys.

    • Am I the only one that feels like they should have released a few more kits in April instead of trying to overload March? Anyway I finally got a Freedom 2.0 and I have to say it looks amazing in person just on the runners. I can’t wait till finals are over.

    • I built the previous HG Zeta a while ago but ran into trouble assembling the legs as the lower leg assembly had both sides almost identical which lead me to glue two sides from the left and right legs together, only realising my mistake when I began assembling the second leg. With this in mind, I’d be interested in seeing how the leg construction of the new kit differs with the 2003 version.

    • Ewww a partsformer, how loathsome, well it still looks cool though, if only it transform.

    • Might not an active month but new episodes are always nice.

      I already bought, built, and taken review pictures of the Gunpla Evolution Project Zeta, and it’s a nice kit. It’s definitely the most sturdy, articulate Zeta we have, but the excessive stickers kinda put a hamper on…well…everything, still happy we have it though. I was kinda disappointed on how little “new stuff” was done after all the “Evolution” advertising, the torso was the only new innovation I really saw with the arm joints, and I still feel it could be perfected more, especially since it’s a little finicky and could break under pressure, with the tight tolerances not helping. Still though, it’s a new Zeta, and I think it’s the best Zeta we got so far, so i’m glad to have it.

      The decals are awesome, these will go well with any IBO kit I might pursue in the future, especially the Ryusei-Go ones, I aim to get all 3 and maybe 4 units, so I gotta get there.

      Vual is an awesome design, i’ll still have to pick it up despite the problems i’m hearing because I just can’t resist not getting such a good looking MS. Stickers are annoying but hey, it’s an HGIBO kit, expected them. I just love this design too much, with the repair aesthetic, colorscheme, and design.

    • Finally the waterslides are back!

    • I was already super excited for the new Zeta, but even more so after seeing the runners. That kit can’t arrive fast enough!

    • no one beats the granddaddeh

    • i wanna see the the full city in 1/100

    • For Playing with Plamod, if i used Gundam Marker to replace some sticker, what category should i apply? Thanks!

    • BNuts replied 5 years ago

      Help a guy out! I have another custom HG planned, but I need that Skull Weapon to complete it, and no one has it for under $20.

    • Decals! Thank you Bandai. Vual looks good. Like the darker colors. Thanks Todd and Syd!

    • Gmmm replied 5 years ago

      I think the Zaku 2.0 is perfect as is. The only way they can do a Zaku 3.0 is to include higher detail like more panel lines and more color separation. I would love for them to improve many of the older mobile suits like the older GMs with a better frame and articulation.

    • Reading the dates the kit was released makes me feel old. Its like, wow I remember when that was new.

    • From the tsunami of kits to a dry-spell. I don’t know which one to get sad about(My wallet crying due to it being sucked bone-dry or the crying due to over-spillage)P.S. To the competitors vying for the top prize in the Playing With Plamo Competition, Good luck and may Akihiro’s nippers be with you!(Can’t enter due to study reasons) P.S. Tod actually got my name right its pronounced with the j as in jungle.

    • Hubyx replied 5 years ago

      My Seven Swords is almost ready πŸ˜›

    • I love thew new Gundam Decals! I wish they would make more for RGs especially ones like the Sinanju since it has a glossy finish that makes the stickers show up more.

    • That Vual could probably looks so much better with minimal effort, matt spray it, then some easy dry brushing and decals.

    • Damn, always wanted a zeta 2.0! Then you whip it out and i was like (woah)

    • Someone from my elementary school, who I haven’t seen in years but saw on the bus, told me he has a MG Zeta in his closet, but never built it. So, who knows? If I win this one, and buy off his, I’ll have two MG Zetas.

    • Wish I got me that zeta. The new revive that isn’t called revive now looks really cool though.

    • The box art of the new HG Zeta is so cool!!!

    • That Vual looks great. I’m glad I’ve been a big fan and kept more up to date with the Gundam franchise.

    • Azrel replied 5 years ago

      Can’t wait to get the Vual!

    • Waterslides are the most fun part of building a modelkit to me. Glad the “dry season” is over.

      Ill see myself out.

    • So uhh..this might have been asked before, but BANDAI did tease a ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka. coming sometime this year. Any news on that? πŸ™‚ Great show as always guys!

    • oh my zeta!!!!

    • needs a matte top coat and it would look amazing! Out of the box, black looks a little too plasticy

    • Great show guys can’t wait to see what comes out next

    • Really enjoying the show. I look forward to every episode each week. I can’t wait for your Shizuoka coverage. Keep up the great work gentleman.

    • Great show as always. I love the vual, cant wait for new anouncnents.

    • Can’t wait for Shizuoka!

    • ZETA GUNDAM awesome… Nice show guys so sad because Syd is leaving the show… I’ve been watching this show since episode 1…

    • Wait… Proportional Accuracy and the Greatest Range of Motion in HG History!


      Yup, we be in the quiet before the storm boys. Shall we all chant: Shizuoka, Shizuoka, SHIZUOKA!!!

    • So great that we’re finally getting decal sets again!

    • great show. πŸ™‚

  • We had the MG Providence Gundam last episode and now it’s time for another stellar kit. Actually, a few of them. Is Christmas in April?

    Don’t forget that the Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest is in full-swing. The […]

    • Great show guys keep up the awesome

    • Love the show guys, zeta me up please!!

    • Would love to get that zeta and make it into the white unicorn of amuro

    • My life sucks and I need to win something so gimme that Zeta…

    • HORI SHEET it’s ZETA 2.0!

    • Due to low MG releases… im looking forward to robot damashii figures….

    • I have the HG Gold Frame, im not sure if I will get the RG line of it. But great reaview for the kit. Keep it up and more power.

      Hope someday Bandai make 1/144 RG Unicorn Gundam.

    • i wonder if we would get a MG zeta 3.0

    • I want that zetaaaaaa, also getting tempted by those fuminas, haven’t build one yet

    • ive always wanted the zeta 2.0 hope i get it

    • Zeta!!!!!!!

    • Any upcoming MG release besides the Justice?

    • Too many Fumina….

    • I like the Astray Gold Frame wings and the weapons it has with it. I very like your guys show very much.

    • grant my wishes MG Zeta gundam

    • Great show guys, hope put the hands on this Zeta

    • I could take that zeta and i would enjoy it!

    • Nice show peeps, Would love the Zeta. I am a fan of the transform capabilities.

    • Kind of a shame there’s only 2 kits this month, but I bet the Evolution Zeta will more than make up for that! I’m really looking forward to that.

    • I’m pretty excited about the RG announcement. Not a huge fan of the gold frame, I think the blue and the red don’t really look that good on it

    • Please give me that mg zeta.!!!!!!!!!

    • RD figures giveaway, please…

    • Now we’ve got to continue this trend of chronological gundam giveaway with ZZ gundam next lol, but in all seriousness Zeta will always be that timeless transforming gundam with great design only matched by macross that makes all others feel like a cheap imitation.

    • I love the two tones of black on the Amatsu Mina, I can’t wait to get one. And it just so happens that I’m missing the Zeta Gundam from my collection, here’s hoping I win!

    • that Zeta would be a nice addition to a hobbyist collection

    • I want a zeta, please please please…. Can I have a Zeta😇😇😇😇

    • I will gladly accept that zeta, Thanks Syd!

    • HG ASW-G-47 Gundam Vual looks like they’re finally slowing down which means new announcements at the hobby shows~
      HG Super Fumina Axis Angel ver. is extra busty. =D

      15:37 RG MBF-P01-Re2AMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina
      Pretty cool. The regular Gold Frame is a P-Bandai.
      I “wonder” what the next RG will be.ο»Ώ

    • I name this episode the cute, the shiny, and the bland.

    • Woo, new episode for new kits!

      Vual looks awesome, i’ve heard mixed things on the kit, still the design alone sells me on it, so I gotta pick this HG up. Super Fumina still annoys me and I don’t like it, this one is half interesting though.

      The RG Amatsu Mina is a must buy for me, everything speaks to me. I loved the RG Astray before, and I bet this will be no different due to being so similar yet so different. The accessories look great, the gloss black looks fantastic, color separation is superb, details are A+, and even the lame gold doesn’t look half bad with the multi shades and color choice. This is one of the best Gunpla kits to date and I want it more than a lot.

      I already have FM Bael with the beautiful first edition stand, and it’s pretty nice. It’s simple though and has a few balancing issues and a few loose joints for me, not a ton of accessories either but that’s not the fault of the kit, still i’m satisfied with the way it looks.

    • I think I want the Amatsu MIna. and THAT ZETA 2.0!

    • I can’t wait for HLJ’s next seasonal sale, because there are so many cool gunpla I want to buy!

      Todd, the Fumina Angel ver is modelled after the Qubeley. It even has multiple mounting points under the wings that could be used for funnels.

      What d’you guys think of the first episode of ‘Frame Arms Girls?’ It makes me wish someone would send ME some sample models. Keep wishing, right? Anyway, I’m getting strong ‘Build Fighters’ vibes from it.

    • I’m surprised that you guys did not mention that the Gundam Tristan is using parts from the HGUC 047 Gundam Alex. A lot of people are upset about the use of old, recycled, parts limiting articulation. Also, the P-Bandai Zaku III Custom from Twilight Axis is simply a re-color of the Zaku III Custom (with some Zaku III parts) that came out 20 years ago and this too has angered some Gunpla fans. Is Bandai simply getting lazy? What are your thoughts about this?

    • Believe in the Sign of the Zeta!

    • Zeta here thanks!

    • Oh, neat. I’ve been thinking about getting a Zeta lately.


    • nice ppap pun there

    • Transforming kits are the bane of my existence as I have meaty fingers for the delicate transformations! Also R.I.P. I.B.O.

    • Ugh i wish they stop the fumina line

    • I’ve been thinking about getting the Bael, but I don’t have time to finish my contest entry let alone build another kit.

    • That’s an awesome prize! I hope the next Gundam serie will have lots of transforming robots again!

    • OMG Zeta Gundam 2.0, one of my absolute favorite Gundam designs, and kits! Hope I will be able to win it!

    • Oh man I really hope the next RG is a unicorn. That would be awesome!

    • New Funima version is always appreciated! πŸ˜€

      Oh, now I remembered that there is also that new Fumina figu-rise bust… hmmm, I like it a lot but I still have Makina waiting for her paintjob to be finished. So until then, no new kits for me πŸ˜›

    • crossing my fingers for d Zetta!

    • The Zeta Gundam is honestly one of my favorite gundams, he is extremely good looking in robot mode. His first appearance in the Zeta anime was pretty amazing as well. Her’s hoping I win (fingers crossed)
      In the middle of building my own 1/100 Vidar and hes awesome, still conflicted on whether to buy the Bael though.
      Great show as always guys cant wait to see the Hobby show video.

    • Great show as always guys and Syd the right arm is from the Blitz Gundam. In the manga the gold frame gets it’s arm cut off by the Red frame then escapes. They then salvaged the arm of the Blitz that was cut off by Kira. They did it to replace the arm and give the Gold frame the mirage colloid the Blitz had.

    • gundam bael looks interesting and elegant
      for the zeta i dont think im lucky

    • I’m kind of surprised Bandai hasn’t released that awesome action stand as a stand alone. I would say they’re keeping it only for special releases….but the MG Fenice had it, which was a normal release!

    • I like Zeta!

    • 2.0 Hype!

    • The new zeta HG looks really good.

    • The latest batch of Gundam designs haven’t really interested me that much, sadly. It’s all fine by me, though; that just means more room for stuff like Macross and Frame Arms.

      Here’s hoping for that Zeta.

    • I love Zeta Gundam. Did you know they’re showing HD episodes on youtube?

    • The amatsu mina is sope AF!

    • can i have that zeta pls…

    • I have room on my shelf πŸ˜‰

    • That Zeta would,fit nicely to my FAZZ wich rests in its fortess-form on my shelf.

    • Please! For the love of Gundam, NO MORE FUMINA!!!!

    • that gundam vual looks awesome. definitely going on my “to get list”.

    • Can’t wait to see Hobby Show 2017. Hope to see the anticipate MG Gundam Justice in the show.

    • wow, what’s a busty Fumina… I would like to see more of that

    • Holy crap zeta

    • @Super Fumina Axis Angel Ver., that white plastic is NOT attractive at all… I would rather have the regular white plastic that the previous version used.

    • Wonder if we will ever receive a Zeta 3.0…..

    • Still can’t believe that there isn’t a Zeta 3.0!

    • Looking forward the Shizuoka Hobby Show previews!

    • Heard a G no Reconguista project is in the works… does that mean there’s still hope for an MG G-Self??

    • I like how the frame for the right arm on the RG Gold Frame isn’t an Astray. Talk about attention to detail.

    • Love the design of the Astray gold frame even though it’s a mish mash of the Blitz and Astray. The colour scheme really makes the look different to the blue and red frame.

    • Everyone wants Zeta 3.0, but I’m excited for the ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka!


    • Love the zeta series and mobile suits in the show. For some reason never got a Zeta mg and and hopefully I get lucky and win.

    • I kind of want that Fumina kit, but the face still creeps me out.

    • MG fuunsaiki when bandai?

    • People complain about the Zeta transformation in all Grades, but I love them all

    • waaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrghh!

    • change my opinion on transformable gunpla by giving it to me

    • A RG F91 probably can’t use Wing Zero’s frame, as it’s about 1cm smaller in 1/144 scale. God Gundam could use Zero’s frame perfectly, as far as size goes.

      What bothers me about a Nu or Sazabi RG is that they’ll probably do the same thing they did with the Sinanju. I think they should’ve made a “middle UC” frame to handle all of the larger suits like Nu and Sinanju. Then they could make a “late UC” frame for F91 and Victory.

    • More MG Origin kits!

    • I had an MG Zeta 2.0 before (from HLJ, of course) but I kinda sold it. It was in the time when i was a beginner and still just snap building kits. So i kinda have some issues with it.

      However, now, well, here is to hoping i win that (hehe). With the ZZ in the works. Would be a good addition in the Zeta line.

      Good job as always guys. I was thinking of collecting the RG line before but i kinda quit on that and sold my RG kits. The new RG kits though… Such a tease.

    • yeah? zeta?

    • Praying for the zeta !! lol

    • i want zeta!

    • Zeta me up!

      Great show once again guys πŸ™‚

    • MG zeta is an amazing kit

    • Great show. Wonder what the next RG will be?

    • I think they should fill up the summer spot with more MG Unicorn kits. Given that the MG Sniper was released recently I would love for them to release some of the grunt suits that appear in the 4th OVA that might use the same or a very similar frame. GM-II, GM-III, Aqua GM, Nemo 2.0, Jegan, Guncannon DT, Byarlant Custom and even the Loto.

      The Zeta 2.0 reminds me of something. Wasn’t there a rumor about a Double Zeta MG release based on some poll they made?

    • Hope to win!!! πŸ™‚

    • let me clear the space off ur shelf

    • Here’s hoping that RNG Jesus blesses me with a Zeta 2.0 to go next to my MG MKII 2.0.

    • Hey Syd, do you know what CAD software the bandai guys use by any chance?

    • ZETA!!!!!!!!!! Would love to get that kit!

    • To celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of GunPla, which MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam on its first release in Spring 2017 as the new HG line called HG Accelerate Evolution, it’ll be nice if i also can get that 1/100 zeta as my first zeta, thanks syd & tod, hjl

    • dibs on the zeta!

    • I gotta get that new RG Amatsu Mina to matchup against the RG Red Frame that I got here. Cheers for this new episode.

    • great episode as always.

    • Sid, yer makin’ mah teeth itch! Zeta is best. I need that Zeta!


    • That Astray looks sick!

    • I wish Bandai would release MGs of the more unusual monoeyes, like Zock or Hygogg.ο»Ώ

    • Another great episode. I have customization ideas for that Zeta Gundam. Also looking forward to the new one this month.

    • Zeta! I’m ready for a 3.0 zeta

    • Ohhhh! an oldie as a freebie! me me!
      Nice episode guys. I don’t know much about the gold frame but it looks good! I enjoyed the Bael build, looks solid.

    • I build a zeta C1 a couple of months ago which imo is the best looking transformable gundam suit. I forgot its not a transformer toy and i transformed it a billion times =.=(which was extremely fun) and broke the fin T____T.

      I guess I should glue it back someday.

    • Kamille is not a girl’s name!

    • Loving the Bael. Still wish they would let us have a 1/100 Kimaris Vidar to go with it. The new Gold Frame also looks amazing. Think this means there’s hope for a Gold Frame Amatsu Mina MG?

    • ZETA!!!! almost done with my playing with plamo entry guys

    • Great show. I hope we get a 1/100 Kimaris Vidar since it was my favorite design next to the Barbatos Lupus.

    • OMG, the zeta 2.0!! i have wanted that kit for sooooooo long. It looks amazing!

    • That regular coloured Zeta would look really good next to my custom coloured one

    • Believe in a sign of Zeta!

    • The Amatsu Mina is just too busy and flashy for me.

    • #RGUnicornPlease

    • I didnt know there was 2.0 zeta, i am so late on this

    • This video motivated me to build my 1 100 gold frame.
      Looks terrific andi recommend it to any builder.

      The zeta has my favorite face so this time i really hope i win

    • Been excited for the GOLD Frame since its No-Grade form. RG has outdone itself!

    • If your reading this then congratulations! You are winner!

    • I have a 2.0 Zeta but I broke the leg piece that attaches to the waist when I was transforming him one time, been sitting in it’s box since.

    • Those Fumina kits are something else!I have a question about the RG Amatsu Mina.I was thinking of painting the RG frame for this kit to give it a shinier look. Do you guys think it’ll hinder the movement of the joints? Thank you in advanced!

      • Anytime you paint something, you are adding a new layer of thickness. So yes the joints will be tightes, and yes you should paint it, but not with spray cans. Spray can paint is much thicker than air brushed lacquer paint. Use and an airbrush.

    • Looking forward to whatever Bandai has waiting for us at the show coming, hoping for a 1/100 Flauros from IBO

    • Zeta me up!

    • Awesome zeta

    • Thanks for bringing back into stock in February (for a very short time) the classic HG 1/100s’ of GUNDAMs Airmaster Burst and Leopard Destroy. Made my month.

    • That zeta is a beast! Great show, guys!

    • Can’t waite to order new kits!

    • Give me the power of the mg Zeta 2.0 please

    • Never really understand why the RG zeta didnt come with the particle canon
      I hope for an nomral price RG for the next release

    • Do you guys forsee a Master Grade Gold Frame Amatsu in the future? With the push on the seed kits I feel like it is very possible. It would be huge if the made it a Version Ka. What are your thoughts?

    • Great show. Love to get my hands on that Zeta ^_^

    • Are you guys doing anything special for ep. 250?

    • i need to be luckier!

    • Hope I win

    • Rg unicorn please

    • Mg Zeta, my favorite!

    • It would be nice if the extra right arm of the Gold Frame astray have complete parts and to try it on my Red Frame…

    • I love your shows, very interesting and informative. I also enjoy buying kits from you guys, shipping is fast and items are fresh!

      I have been building and painting kits for quite some timde now, and I would really be appreciative if you would be able to choose me for the Zeta giveaway… and maybe include a signatured picture of you guys in it as well, that would really look nice on my display shelf.

      Good show as always guys, can’t wait for the next one!

      – Ice

    • Excellent episode guys, greetings from Peru

    • An RG Sazabi would be pretty awesome. That 2.0 Zeta is sweet. Don’t have that one.

    • MG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina would be awesome πŸ™‚ , RG is too small for my hands πŸ™‚

    • OMG! Love ZETA!!!

    • Hey Syd and Todd, I have finally caught up in watching every Gunpla Tv episode and footage from various events you have attended. Man what a journey. My friends started into Gunpla around July of 2016 (when I started watching from episode 1) and I got interested so I YouTube searched about Gunpla and one of the top results was a Gunpla tv episode. So I searched for episode 1 and got hooked. Before I go on for to long I have a question for you guys, do you know of any plans from bandai to “revive” the old G Gundam kits like Dragon, Bolt, Rose, Maxter, Devil, and Rising Gundam? G Gundam is my favorite series and I would love solid models to have on display. I am a huge fan of your show and look forward to more episodes in the future keep up the good work.

    • It has been a while since I saw a gunpla tv episode due to my new job. I can finally catch up and see what is going on in the world of Gunpla.

  • In this episode Todd is probably a little too excited talking about the newest Option set while Syd finally finished the MG Providence Gundam and brings everything out for all to see.

    Don’t forget that the […]

  • March has brought a change in weather and a whole lot of great Gunpla releases. In this video we’re going to unbox the newest Real Grade kit, the 1/144 RG Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina!

    • This kit looks sweet and shiny!

    • Hey Syd, I preordered mine back in January but its now on Backorder, will I have to wait till it gets back instock? I have some things in my private warehouse that I wanted to ship with it.

      • We have multiple distributors supplying Gundams and the product doesn’t always arrive from them all on the same day. Likely the remainder are coming today and the orders will be filled. Thanks for your patience!

    • Super Fumina, out the door to do more shopping, apparently. RG Gold Frame is a beautiful kit. Shiny black, like the Bandai _____ _____ kit (rhymes with “Darth Vader”)and red and gold looks so good. I need to build another RG. Thanks guys.

    • Show Fumina unboxing next please haha. Like the black glossy Gold Frame armor. Just the gold frame hoping it will glossy like armor but have to see the end product 1st to consider it as a must buy or not.

    • awesome, this kit looks amazing, with the exception of the pointy aladin feet, I was wondering, if I buy this kit, are there enough parts to build the Normal astray feet?

  • We showed the MG Providence in an unboxing video already so we won’t get into that here — which is good, because Syd and Todd were too busy disagreeing over who would get to present the newest kit from Gundam […]

    • I’m excited for the next RG announcement on April 2017 in gunpla expo Japan

    • hi there,

      Looking to that Atlas Gundam and HGIBO Bael, im really going to get that kit in addition to my 1/144 kit collection.

      More power to the show and happy building to all.

    • Oh, bael. Kinda hate that mcgillis guy

    • Origin is SWEET! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands in that kit. Also I am trying out panel wash but I’ve been having some troubles. Any tips and tricks?

    • The Atlas Gundam is pretty darn cool! It would be pretty awesome if we did get a 1/100 MG ver. KA of it.

    • hello!

    • amazing strike freedom looks good, but the red frame just takes away the appearence i think
      i wonder how long will the world would really have a real local type gundam

    • the strike freedom has the beam sabers on the side skirts (on to of the rail guns, and thank you for the side by side pic πŸ™‚

    • If I cut my hair, Hawaii will sink!

    • Do you think the Atlas gundam belives the earth is flat

    • Hitherehowareyoudoing

      The MG Providence looks really good, although the Freedom waist joint scares me a bit. I personally want the regular one, because while the ZAFT stand looks really good, I don’t think it and the waterslide decals are enough to make me want the special edition more, plus the original has one of my new favorite boxarts. Option Set 9 is gonna be great, tones of kitbash potential, and I really like how you get Landman Rodi legs in color OOB, i’ll have to buy that one day.

      I absolutely love the Amazing Strike Freedom, the shiny red frame looks really unique, and I love how so much of the suit is integrated so uniquely. The bulkiness and the sheer weaponry make me a fan.

      The HG Bael looks good, and it does seem like a pretty neat kit. However i’m holding my breath for the FM version because I want that stand, and I want to display a Bael with my Grimgerde.

      HG Atlas looks awesome, a huge shame the subarms aren’t white though, they really could’ve been done with all that white plastic, ahh well. I really like all the gimmicks and stuff the Atlas is capable of doing, and it’s functions make it look really damn sweet. People are complaining about it’s stickers but it’s not like other HGTB kits didn’t have any, i’m quite satisfied honestly, just wish those subarms were white…

    • Sometimes I fell old!
      I see the Atlas and I think….meh…weird…ugly feet…ugly front skirt, etc.
      I should be happy to see something different but instead I always complain about these new strange designs.

    • I think the new rg kit is going to be the unicorn Gundam I put my money on it and I would really like to build a origin kit and a Pettit guy

    • Amazing Strike Freedom looks more promising than I’d originally thought, but it’s also more expensive than average.

      I may get a Bael, I haven’t decided.

    • rg dynames will be nice