Apr 2

This week an old friend returns with a special announcement so don’t miss it! Also Todd is back with the completed Deep Striker! Tune in for part two of our deep look at the biggest Master Grade of the year!

Kits in this episode:
1/100 MG Deep Striker (Gundam Sentinel)
HG Gipsy Avenger DX Set (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Gipsy Avenger (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Bracer Phoenix (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
HG Obsidian Fury (Pacific Rim: Uprising)
1/100 MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0



  1. First Syd and now Ryan 🙁 Its a sad day for gunpla fans everywhere, i wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again someday, even if its just a quick cameo

  2. We will miss you Ryan.

  3. Aw man. Ryan is leaving HLJ for good? Dang. It’s been a good run. You will be missed. I hope you do well in whatever endeavors you take part in.

  4. mg deep striker is my future kit to be building and also waiting for the mg ksyhatria 😀 also 2000yen

  5. Deep Striker does not look huge like they say. But it is a very striking MG :v

  6. Goodbye Ryan we will all miss you after all those years.

  7. WIN

  8. That’s a huge chunk of…

  9. Gonna miss you Ryan. Take care. Please do drop by from time to time.

  10. Nooooooo Ryan…. We will miss you, hope for the Best. I hope Bandai would make all Jaegers in Pacific Rim Uprising, I really like Guardian Bravo, but I know they will be complete in Robot Damashii line

  11. well there goes my theory that Ryan and Todd are the same person.

  12. Bee said on April 2, 2018

    Sad to see Ryan leaving but at least gunpla tv has been left in the very capable hands of Todd and Lindsay. Thank you Ryan for all the effort that you put into the show and for helping make gunpla tv what it is today. I wish you the all the best in your next adventure.

  13. I wish Ryan would have spoken more about what is going on with him and his life. It was pretty vague. Is he leaving HLJ? Why? What happened to Sid? Will he ever return from his time off? At any rate I know we will all miss the original hosts of this show. I always looked forward to thier return but sadly it will never happen. Thank you Ryan for your years of service on this show. Seeing you every week with your jokes, comments and showing off what you were working on was one of the highlights of our week. Good luck to you on your new adventure wherever life takes you. Cheers mate you will be sorely missed.

  14. The OG Gunpla TV era is truly over now. Kinda sad, but Lindsay and Todd you are improving your dynamic each episode and are good successors.

    Ryan, best of luck!

  15. Good luck Ryan!

  16. deep striker!

  17. Goodbye and good luck, Ryan.

    Aw, my name is so close to last week’s winner’s name.

  18. Wow, Lindsay’s gotten a lot uglier all of a sudden! Just kidding, best of luck to you Ryan. You’ll be missed.

  19. RYAN! finish the falcon before you go!

  20. whatever you decide to do Ryan you have the support of fans!

  21. Goodbye Ryan, been here since 2015. You and Syd did a great job.

  22. nooooo Ryan is gonna go and syd is not here and dayum. Great time watching Ryan and syd making vids together with some cool skits for your video milestones cracking me up. Been watching GunplaTV and many other gunpla youtubers since circa 2013 onwards. GunplaTV was one of the series i continuously watch till now. Now todd and lindsey is great as well. Im sure they will carry on the Ryan and Syd gunplatv legacy very well!

  23. I’ll miss you Ryan. Loved your humor and the kits you built. Good luck with everything.

  24. Love the look of them Pacific Rim kits

  25. it sucks to know that Ryan is leaving, but at least we seen him one last time. it was sorta bittersweet since its been so long since he appeared on gunplatv, still looking forward to more great episodes.

  26. Sad to see Ryan for the last time but Todd is here to keep the gunpla going

  27. Welcome back byan and hello there todd do you have any recommendations on what are RG kit is easier to build I want to start building an RG line of gunpla but I don’t know which kid is easy to build

  28. First Syd now Ryan! good bye !Hope you are happy.
    I need the deep striker!Thanks 2000 credit

  29. Take care Ryan, we will miss you

    Although an MG Kshatriya would be nice, I’d much prefer an MG GP-03 Gundam “Dendrobium”. Now THAT would be a beast of a kit! The HG alone is already gigantic!!!

  30. Best of luck Ryan and thanks for your behind the scenes help and production work on the show. First rate. I really enjoy Lindsay and Todd. They’re just fun to hang out with.

  31. RYAN!! I missed you! :’) Wait, you’re leaving? :,( ……………………………………………..I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    Todd, don’t worry about trying to be the next Syd and/or Ryan. Be the first Todd.

  32. If I would buy and build something this big it wasn’t be Deep Striker – it would be PG Exia (even if price is sooo high)

  33. So long Ryan, thanks for the memories, it has been great watching. Best of luck on your next venture.

  34. painting a build the Full Armour Unicorn. Also, goodbye Ryan!

  35. Well, all good things must come to an end one day. It’s nice to see you again Ryan, and I’m glad you stuck with us as long as you did. I wish you good luck and happiness in future endeavours. 🙂

    Uprising was hit or miss, but the kits look fantastic. Both the Robot Damashii and HG representations are real standouts for their respective lines, and I honestly just want both because of how good they both are.

  36. Big fan of giant robot movie, definitely going to buy that super awesome Pacific Rim kit

    So sad that Ryan is leaving 🙁
    Good luck for your new future!!
    Cheer Up!

  37. Thank you Ryan! may the force be with you ~

  38. Bye Ryan…good luck man

  39. Need no legs if you have big gun. Its Gundam after all.

  40. It was good to see ya while you were here ryan, and best of luck to you in the future!

    This is the part where we should have a 21 gun salute with both feddie and seke grunts.

  41. Man, this made me miss Syd, well, at least he still has Gaijin Gunpla.

  42. Take care Ryan!

  43. Good to see Ryan back, shame its for a last goodbye. I agree with him, Kshatriya hype.

  44. the deep striker seems very cool but I prefer the mg sazabi

  45. We love and we’ll miss you Ryan! Goodbye thanks for everything.

  46. Where can i apply for Ryan’s position? I don’t speak Japanese and…am not in Japan…currently!

  47. I was just hoping you’d be back Ryan!!! But not like this….not like this

  48. Are you going to review any P-Bandai kits?

  49. It’s sad to see Ryan leave, but all the best to him and his future career. Salute.
    Personally, I am still on the fence with these Pacific Rim kits. I really like the amount of detailing, panel lining and weathering opportunities these kits present; however, I still have my backlog of around 14ish new kits. Ah the dilemma of a hobbyist.

  50. First i was, Yayyy its Ryan.
    Then i was , Nooo Ryan.

  51. Hope Bandai creates more Pacific Rim kits.

  52. good luck ryan, and keep up the good work todd and lindsey

  53. Goodbye Ryan and good luck in your future projects!

  54. Great to see Ryan one last time. Seeing him reminds me that I’ve been tuning in to Gunpla TV for over 6 years now.

  55. The pacific rim kits look amazing!

  56. Dear Todd and Lindsay
    I guess you guys have seen Ready Player 1, if not get down to your local IMax 3D cinema asap. (spoiler alert) When the RX78 takes on Mecha Godzilla it was worth the ticket price for that scene alone.
    If i can find similar scale kits on your store i may try to build something.
    And good luck Ryan in the future, your catch phrase will live on.

  57. Sad to see the other half of the dynamic duo that I’ve grown to over years is also leaving. Hope you get to have more opportunities in the future and good luck on your future endeavors.

  58. great show guys!! cant w8 for the pacific rim reviews

  59. Great to see all these new kits!

  60. I wanna win that store credit.

  61. Hi guys,
    Very sad to hear that Ryan is leaving (left already?).
    My best wishes to him and thank him for doing the show in the past.
    Love the Gundam Deep Striker and the Pacific Rim kits.
    Thanks for the show.

  62. Break a leg Ryan, but not like Todd.

  63. Goodbye Ryan.

  64. I can’t wait to see the kits that are being released in the near future, I’ve already ordered some of them

  65. welp time to drop 200 usd for a gunpla

  66. Thanks for all the great shows Ryan.
    PS. Those two PGs you and Syd persuaded me to get… still haven’t started on them.

  67. Sad to see both original hosts of Gunpla TV is not with the show anymore, nevertheless good luck on your next project ryan.

  68. Have a good life Ryan and a great start at whatever you do

  69. Those Pacific Rim Kits look fun. Build Divers started off strong, lots to look forward to.

  70. That deep striker is huge! All the best Ryan!

  71. Cannot wait for RG tallgeese

  72. Goodbye Ryan and good luck in your future projects!

  73. The Deep Striker is Very Massive!!!

  74. Holy crap, the mg deepstriker is huge

  75. Thank you for the review.

  76. All the best Ryan! Hope you’ll be back as a guest from time to time!

  77. i’d like to hear you say gwah lulullululullulul heyyoooooo

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