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Continuing from last week we’re back with another figure review for Episode 45 of Toy Tengoku. Today we’re taking a look at Bandai’s Meisho MOVIE REALIZATION Darth Maul, as envisioned by sculptor Takayuki Takeya. And like last week don’t forget to stick around ’til the end of the video for your chance to win … DARTH MAUL!

Items in this video:
S.H.Figuarts Ryu (Reissue)
Desktop Real McCoy 06: Son Goku & Bulma
Digivolving Spirits 02 MetalGarurumon
MAFEX The Joker Ver.2.0
1/12 Blame! Killy


  1. I want Maul to maul me!

  2. That Darth Maul looks pretty slick (but when does he not?). Personally, I’d like to see the MetalGarurumon figure as I grew up on those first two seasons of Digimon, and I’d love to see how well (or poorly) that transformation gimmick works.

    But cast my vote for the Ryu Figuarts because I have a feeling he won’t be getting many votes and I wanna root for the underdog. 😛

  3. Wow gunpla TV on Mondays and ToyTengoku on Thursdays, I have 2 things to look forward to watching each week now ^_^

    The movie realization Darth Maul looks so cool.

    For the next episode, I would love to see the dragonball Goku & Bulma on the bike. If possible could u compare it to the Mecha Collection Bulma’s Capsule No.9 Motorcycle ^_^

  4. I like to see your review of the Dragon Ball Son Goku & Bulma figures.

  5. I just woke up and this is complete insanity, never in a million years did i expect to win the Red Figma, im so happy my face just wont stop smiling 😀
    Great episode by the way, Darth looks awesome (especially with the mask on and the double sided lightsaber katana) and i might have to seriously think about grabbing him, even thou i thought Jango looked better at first and now im not sure which one i like better xD
    For now i pre-ordered the Meishou MANGA REALIZATION Deadpool (coz its Deadpool, how could i not?).
    As for the next episode i would like to see the Digivolving Garurumon, transforming figures are always fun and i think i had a few transforming digimon figures as a kid so seeing the new one would be a cool nostalgia trip. I would also like to see the Mafex Joker 2.0 but i heard horror stories about the face print on this figure and im not sure i want to see it in close up detail xD

  6. Metalgururumon! Really hoping they do a remastered verson of the angemon.hes the absolute fave. And was not expecting the movie realizations to be a larger scale than figuarts but dang, thats some classy packaging.

  7. Darth Maul is one of the most badass characters that died too soon.

  8. Wow.. Good Review.. I try a lot of time to post a comment but didn’t have luck.. Wish I win this time those Meisho Darth Maul! More power guys..

  9. Darth maul is must have!!! And so is joker 2.0!!!

  10. Next up I would like to see is that Blame Killy figure. Damn I must say Darth Maul is indeed horrifyingly beautiful and I love it!

  11. i would like to see sh figuarts sfV ryu, im a big fan of sreet fighter v, and that darth maul figure wohohoho that is a sick design, would like to win it plzzzz give to me! hahahaha

  12. Delightfully Terrifying. LOL
    I also heard that Star Wars designs were inspired by samurai so I guess it’s no surprise we’re getting these samurai versions of Star Wars characters in figure form.
    Apparently, the Sith (including Darth Maul) are left handed.
    I’d like to see the Desktop Real McCoy 06: Son Goku & Bulma next time.

  13. more toy tengokus… i need moar figure news!

  14. Darth maul looks nice, i really like the face sculpt.

  15. Metal garurumon

  16. I really want to see that metal garurumon, has a kid, I grow up with a digivolving agumon, and I always wanted to get the rest of the team.

  17. This whole line is absolutely amazing! I have almost the whole series so far. Love this version of Maul! Just preordered my S.H. Figuarts Obi Wan, Batman Ninja and Joker.

  18. I only found out the Tengoku videos are out again. I’d like to see the Ryu figure. It looks cool. The Darth Maul figure could be enhanced by making necklaces with beads. But otherwise heard only good things about this figure, the winner will be a lucky guy/girl.

  19. oh boy, that darth maul would look amazing on my shelf
    Please review the figure of the netflix series you mentioned, also do you think Figma would re-release their guyver figures in the furure?

  20. I would really like to see the Blame! Killy figure to be shown off

  21. i would like to see the Dragonball Goku and Bulma set for review

  22. I definitely wanna see the Dragonball one

  23. Ryu please

  24. ‘Love that Joker!’ Which, I know, is a reference to the 1989 Batman, and not The Dark Knight… But, I love both versions of the Clown Prince of Crime, and would love to get a closer look at that new figure version of Ledger’s legendary version of the character!

  25. I would love to See the Goku and Bulma. Great to see something different coming from Dragon Ball franchise.

  26. Goku and Bulma! hope you can rewiew more dragon ball figures or models! I just bought a super saiyan model its was so easy compared with a Gunpla but it was really enjoyable experience

  27. Delightfully terrifying review. Go figure…!

  28. My vote is for S.H. Figuarts Ryu.

  29. Ryu! Ryu! Ryu!

  30. Of course Bulma and Goku – 🙂

  31. That Darth Maul figure looks great!

    I’d like to see Goku & Bulma on next episode and it would be nice to see more than 1 figure on each episode.

  32. Fun Star War joke: Why he was called dark maul because he has a lot of dark mole on his body with hair. I called him “Moley Moley Moley “, quote from Austin Power. People might find this not funny

  33. That Darth Maul figure looks absolutely sick! I’d like to see that Mafex Joker, because I’ve only ever had figuarts and figma, and I’m wondering how they compare. If it’s also possible, I hope you guys unbox the RWBY figure in a future episode! Awesome stuff guys!

  34. Here’s hoping the rng goddess favors me, because that Darth Maul is sick! All those star wars movie realizations are!

    Also, as much a street fighter as I am, I’ve even displayed Ryu, the s.h. figuarts don’t really do it for me so I hope to see the Dragon ball review!

  35. So many nice figures. but if i had to pick one it’d probably be the son gokuu and bulma with the joker being a close second.

  36. the son goku with bulma would look really cool to add to my collection, but the darth maul looks really badass.

  37. That Goku+Bulma set looks really cool

  38. Love the show I hope I win that Darth Maul

  39. I want that Darth Maul is my fav character of Star Wars, and taller about joker one

  40. The Star Wars movie realization figure line has hit their stride with Darth Maul. Bravo!

  41. I would like McCoy Goku and Bulma.

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