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1/144 HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe by Bandai


This was my fourth kit, and biggest challenge yet–the HGBF Hi-Nu Gundam Vrabe! I knew this would be more time consuming than the previous Gunpla I had built, so I got started on it right after its release date.


As always, my partner was here to help me with the build, and she was more anxious than I was to break into those runners!

I’ve quickly found that with any kit, building the core of the model (typically the chest piece) is often the most time consuming since there are so many layers involved. It came together easily enough though, and I set it aside until all of the connecting pieces were complete.

If there’s one thing that makes me nervous about Bandai kits, it’s the stickers! This HGBF head is so small compared to the SD Gundam kit I built last time that it was not easy putting those eyes in place. It’d be great if Bandai included an extra sticker sheet, because one wrong move, and those eyes are stuck lopsided for good.

I handled the legs while my fluffy partner took on the arms, and the Hi-Nu Gundam was quickly taking shape.

Here’s the Hi-Nu before I assembled his backpack parts.


And after removing and assembling nearly every remaining piece from the runners, here he is all together!

The Hi-Nu Gundam’s backpack is definitely what sets him apart from the rest. And as an HGBF kit, I was really impressed with all the detail that went into his design, as well as the number of transformations available for his backpack.


His arsenal is simple but sweet, and the weapon on the far left makes up the body of the bird-shaped Vrabe Booster with a few simple attachments from the Hi-Nu Gundam’s backpack.

Finally, here’s what the Vrabe Booster looks like with (most) of his parts attached. It’s quite a nice piece all on its own, and I look forward to seeing the Amazing Lev parts when we bring them together for Gunpla TV!

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  1. Nice build!
    And great to see your partner in crime. Hahaha
    My little lady loves to help me too when I’m building by jumping right into a pile of parts. Could you help me how to teach her to actually build parts? LOL
    Thanks for sharing, keep up the great work. Happy building!

  2. Do you plan on evolving your skill towards the next level, say, light detail painting and so on?

    Mine’s waiting for shipping in Private Warehouse at HLJ. It’ll be an interesting build though an MG Hi Nu Ver.Ka is also waiting it’s turn for the build. It’ll be interesting to see the design similarities between these two kits.

    Happy modelling and take care!

  3. good job. it doesn’t look very different from the hguc version


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