Sep 4

Big things are happening this week! The Mega Size Unicorn is finished being built and Todd shows it off in all its Mega Size glory! Also speaking of big things, Lindsay reviews the fabulous looking HGBF Gyanko!

Kits featured in this episode:
1/48 Mega Size Model Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
1/144 RG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
1/144 HGBF Hyper – Gyanko
1/1000 Earth Federation Andromeda Class 2 Ship Aldebaran Movie Effect Ver.




  1. hope you guys can review the figure-rise vegeta and trunks soon

  2. The Mega Size Unicorn is a nice looking kit. It’s big and huge and I want one. The Hyper Gyanko also seems really cool, sad the beams are pure yellow plastic instead of clear yellow, but it’s not a dealbreaker, I can see both on my shelves eventually…maybe not the Mega Size at it’s size.

  3. didnt really realize just how big 1:1 size unicorn would big compare to 1:1 size grand daddy gundam. And rg unicorn really look punny ridding on mega size unicorn

  4. BearGUY , hope i CAN win this model.

  5. I kind of wish Bandai would give the less popular monoeyes like Hygogg more love. Gets a bit old hat to have gundam types hog the spotlight

  6. Need that bearguy pretty

  7. Nice episode! Keep up the good work!

  8. Here’s my plan for Hyper Gyanko:
    1) get the R-Gyagya
    2) give its weapons and as much armour as possible to Hyper Gyanko.
    If someone could help me get a Hyper Gyanko, I could do it that much faster.

  9. In time the bearguys will outnumber the zakus lol

  10. qqqqqqqqqq gbf is only cool if they go in the technical aspects of the show more. like the fight between kampfer amazing and gm2 sniper instead of flashing light colliding with one another

  11. The mega size unicorn would be nice for LED mod because there’s plenty of space for the lights and wires. (its just an over-sized HG)

    This week’s prize reminds me of the Beargguy San-Zen that I haven’t started yet <__________>

  12. Thank you for that nice episode guys, Todd can panel line that mega size Unicorn please and show it to us in all his glory 😉

    Keep up the good work guys 😀

  13. ohhhh!! my beargguy-fan GF will be happy with that bearggguy pretty! may you always build gunplaTV!

  14. Must feel nice to not review Exceed Zaku heads and still have them sold out.

  15. P is for Perfect 😉

  16. Come on Lindsay. You are a girl you must have nail buff sticks. They work great at removing noobs on clear parts.

  17. `Man, that mega size Unicorn is nuts. I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I had one!

  18. Yes frame arm girls reviewing and the megami device line!!!!! I have collected almost all of both lines!!! Have not started to build them built 2 framearms girls and they Have some pit falls that gundam kits don’t have like the color missing and it would be cool to get some tips since I don’t have a spray booth!

  19. Using a panel line marker for Gyanko’s eyelashes looks so much better than the stickers. Nice work.

  20. I did a angel petitgguy custom so this kit would be terrific!

  21. Nice to have water slides in this Megasize.
    But Tod forgot say that you must top coat after putting them otherwise you have the risk to scratch them.

  22. so this megasize cannot handle its weight, guess i will stick to hg and rg then

  23. Looking better now …I think the Unicorn PG better than the Mega Size. Nice video o/

  24. That Mega-size Unicorn is huge. Great episode guys. Keep it up! =]

  25. Wow that Unicorn is a lot bigger than I thought it’d be, it makes the RX78-2 look like a 1/60 PG!

    Also, yay my favorite bearguy from all of build fighters! Dear RNG gods, give me luck with this one.

  26. Wow mega sized unicorn looks great!

  27. Oooooooo… Can’t wait to see the Andromeda Class 2 Ship.

  28. Gunpla is freedom!
    Gunpla is life!

  29. Damn thing is huge!

  30. Question to the guy who likes Mega Sizes:Ryan.
    Did you build the Unicorn yet?
    Also yeah… I hope I get to see the complete 1/1 scale Unicorn in person soon.If only they(unicorn and 78-2) have a stand off in front of diver’s city that’d be awesome.
    Also great job with the eyeliner effect,it looks as if she did a Makeup session with the kit.Wait a minute… Humanoid type kit…Markers… people thinking they’re somewhat creepy…Makeup…
    Nahh… A makeup tutorial using the humanoid kits would never succeed…Or will it?

  31. Keep up the good work, guys. Also, tutorials: when are they gonna be shown?

  32. I don’t understand why Bandai can’t use their Figure-Rise Standard technology for their mecha girl figures. Sure, China looks great, but Fumina and Gyanko are horrible in terms of their faces. Why Bandai? Why??

  33. I kinda like that hyper gyanko i may buy that.

    And that unicorn..

  34. I remember the day Sid said that Mega Size Gundams were for little children only and no respectable fan would buy it. I guess he is eating his words now. Lol

  35. Oh god Lindsay seemed so ashamed after say Bugu 3 times,with her head in her hands like that,

    Loved seeing the mega size with the RG on its back, and the gyanko is nice i guess, either way great show as always guys.

  36. “Todd, it’s time for you to go home!” Too funny. You guys look like you’re having a lot of fun. Great review of the Mega Unicorn. And, as pointed out, for the price it’s really an amazing value. Don’t know how Bandai does it. Lindsay’s Gyanko looks so good. Very impressed. Cheers, guys! (Bugu-Bugu-Bugu)

  37. can’t wait to see a non gundam model kit review!

  38. Me Likey

  39. bugu Bugu BUGU!!

  40. Thank you, Lindsay. And I’m a he.

  41. Nice show guys keep it up 🤗

  42. Oh great, when I’m finally able to win kit from you guys I do it with a negative comment. Now I’m ashamed…

  43. bugu bugu bugu bugu bugu bugu

  44. Best way to deal with cats while building gunpla is to leave the box that the gunpla came in on the floor. The cat will lay in it and be happy. Speaking from personal experience.

  45. Glad to see that Gunpla TV is back! Here’s an idea, each one of you builds a Gunpla kit, then trades it to the other host and they try to customize it, lets see some whacky stuff!

  46. Every time I watch the show it reminds me that I am a well over a year without a completed model 🙁 Like 3 or 4 kits are in pieces waiting for a prepwork… need to take a Gunpla vacation 😀

  47. love the size of the unicorn, but don’t think i have a space to display it.

  48. Geez, I’ve just finished building the MG Unicorn (OVA). It would look so tiny compared to that mega size unicorn..

  49. Can you guys do a bit on the different Action Base types? I saw there are Action bases from 1 up to a 5 and am wondering what the differences among them are.

  50. Hope to win 😀

  51. MEGA SIZE from Crunchyroll ships in the UK around the 28th

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