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HGUC ReZEL – Custom Colored


Submitted By: Appasionata

This kit is my first ever airbrushed kit. Took me about a week to complete, spread over a time-span of 2 months! Have got to say, the step up to airbrushing is definitely a good decision, awesome control!

Anyways, about the kit, I decided to go with a totally out there and bold color scheme and I think it really works. Colors used are Tamiya Red, Yellow, Chrome Silver, Gunmetal, Black and Clear Red as well as Plamo UKs Golden Ochre and White. Achieved the panel-lining by washing with Humbrol Enamel Black and did the weathering with Games Workshops Chaos Black and Mithril Silver.

First time posting on Hobbylink.tv, comments would be awesome =)

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  1. Wow, a red ReZEL. Colours work perfectly, It looks brilliant!
    I’m surprised by the amount of content here from the G.E forum.
    Ye guys certainly have alot of good modellers.

    • @ John G they are not our modelers just normal users like yourself submitting content. Why not submit some yourself?

  2. WOW! now that’s some good craftsmanship! thanks for sharing!

  3. That is one cool colour design, and an awesome weather feel to the whole mech itself

  4. @ Luke. This ReZEL, Ramba Ral Zaku, Char’s Ball, Titanium Sinanju, and the PG MK-II all belong to members of the Gundam Eclipse Forum.
    My own kits are scrap compared to what these guys do, but i may submit one of my better kits if i can take some decent pictures.

  5. It looks good! My suggestions are:
    First. Don’t go so heavy with dirt…this is a “space environment” mobil suit. I don’t think that could be so scratched on the edges. This happen more in close combat not so much in outer space fights IMHO.
    Second. You use silver for the drybrushing. I suggest you also to use a different color. So that it seems that the paint got scratched and the underline paint show up. Usually vehicles in real life have another paint under the final finish.

    • @ Gianni i think thats the beauty with modeling, it allows the person creating the model to do whatever they like, be it real life recreations or whatever you can think up in you head.
      Personally i think this model looks perfect how it is, who really knows what one of these things would look like after years of battles and maybe some neglect.

  6. @Appasionata this thing is awesome, i always liked alternative-colored gundams (throuhgt I never did it myself, because of hardness of painting MG)! Would you mind sharing some photos in mobile armor mode? This is the coolest Rezel’s feature IMHO!

  7. Really like this Appa. Im glad you submitted it here. Overall the finish is great and the weathering makes the kit look like it is actually made of metal!

    Awsome awsome work. Look forward to seeing more from you mate

  8. The detail is so well done I actually thought it must have been the 1/100 MG Rezel, I was even more impressed by your work when i realised it was the HG 1/144. Great choice of custom colours too.

  9. thats awesome you know its beast when you think this is metal

  10. Thanks for the compliments everyone, will be posting more work here down the line. Really appreciate all that you’ve written and commented! Gives me inspiration!

    @Gianni I dont think I went for any “dirt” type weathering for this kit at all, maybe the panel line washes were too heavy and makes it look so. Kinda agree with your opinion on weathering in general, however in my mind, this is one old MS and its been ages since its gotten any new sort of armor refit, hence all those scratches, from bumping around when flying, in combat, atmospheric re-entry etc. Thanks for the comments though, will definitely keep it in mind in the future

    @Vasily Sorry, didnt bother painting the MA parts of this kit. Didnt think I would ever want to have it in that mode, dont really like it >.<

  11. This kit is awesome, totally gives the feeling of metal construction and scale being far bigger than 1/144 scale. Really shows what can be achieved with smaller kits. Thank you for posting.


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