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Robot Damashii Overman King Gainer & Gachico Review

Robot Damashii Overman King Gainer & Gachico Review – Available from HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Following the unboxing, here is the review for the excellent Robot Damashii Overman King Gainer and Gachiko from the classic Yoshiyuki Tomino mecha anime, Overman King Gainer.

While this is not the first action figure of Overman King Gainer, as we had a Revoltech figure a while back, this new version is amazingly done. Plus, it includes the Gachico.

So let’s start there…


The Gachico is pretty simple but accurately done in terms of the sculpt and detailing. The figure of Gain Bijou is unpainted though. Articulation is basic but again accurate.

In short, this is a lovely addition to the first Overman set in the Robot Damashii line.

King Gainer

As for the main King Gainer figure, well this gorgeously done and is easily the best action figure of the design to date.

Firstly, the sculpt and detailing is much more accurate than anything before and the proportions are chunkier compared to the earlier Revoltech version.

Secondly, it comes with a lovely set of accessories, including nice photon mat parts and an extra stand to use them, both vertically (as above) and horizontally from King Gainer.

You also have different faces and gun parts for when Gainer likes a bit of close combat.

The articulation is solid but maybe a little stiff. The figure can hold poses well though and looks great with a Tamashii Stand (sold separately).

Overall, this is an amazing toy of a classic and very different type of mecha design. I only hope Bandai Spirits will follow up with mecha from this criminally overlooked series, especially if they decide to do a new Overman Xan.

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