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Marute Griffon


Submitted By: Leandro

This is Marute Griffon. I thought of this color scheme for Gundam Harute a year ago. Then I heard of the BAKUC 2010. So I decided to turn my idea into a model. Originally, all the gold panel lining was going to be grey but I changed it for the competition. I used Tamiya acrylic paints in building this. The violet of this model is a mixture of Red and Blue. The gold came from Gold Leaf and a golden Gundam Marker. The Metallic Green also came from a Gundam Marker. I used Neutral Grey for the grey parts and I didn’t anymore paint the white parts. I used Black  for the darkest parts of the model. I didn’t use any stickers with this. All the red parts were painted Blue. I also painted the eyes red so it would look like Marute.

I got this idea because I liked Teruma Kamioka from Crash B-Daman. Ironically, his voice actor is the same as Tieria Erde’s in the Japanese version of Gundam 00. This model won 1st in the competition. Before the competition, it had no flat coat but I was recommenden that I put Flat Coat so the Gundam would look better. I also added beam sabers in the legs but I removed those because they consumed a lot of space. Overall, this model was a success for me because I was able to express my creativity and improve on my imagination while applying my model making skills.

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