Jun 27

We’ve crammed a lot of stuff into the episode prior to our departure for LA’s Anime Expo 2016. We show some cool Star Wars stuff, show the latest HG kits, and even do a live double build of the new Figure-rise Bust line! This new Figure-rise Bust Line is pretty cool!

Come see us at booth 4609 if you’re at Anime Expo this week!





Kits shown in this episode:

Star Wars Artfx+ R2-D2 & C-3PO with BB-8
1/10 Star Wars Artfx+ Kylo Ren
1/72 Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried (Hayate Immelman)
Figure-rise Bust Kira Yamato
Figure-rise Bust Athrun Zala
1/144 HGUC Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode / Red color Ver.)
1/144 HGCE Force Impulse Gundam

Gunpla TV


  1. “i was made for gunpla baby” 😉 love the artfx but its a bit to spendy for me but i cant wait to see the footage from the expo they are always my favorite episodes to watch

  2. kwm said on June 27, 2016


  3. Never ever ever did I want to win this giveaway so much!! Great episode guys! Hope I get the guncanon or barbatos 🙂

  4. I unfortunately missed the sale and I’m kicking myself for it. I hope I can at least win the giveaway this week.

  5. Nice show, waiting for more gundam kits!!

  6. I want Barbatos and Mace-chan

  7. A friendly reminder to the almighty random number generator. I’ve got a pending order with HLJ. What about adding a guncannon or barbatos and save on shipping 🙂

  8. I really enjoy the models of the pilots.

  9. HG Barbatos for the win

  10. ME WAANT GUN CANON!! Awesome work as always. Impulse Gundam looks so cool, need to get one.

  11. Great show. HG Barbatos is making me excited for season 2. Any idea when Iron Blooded Orphans busts are coming?

  12. I am going to be stoked to see you guys at the Anime Expo 2016.

    I remember last year you gave me a free Epyon poster cause I talked about HobbyLink.tv while at your booth.

    It’s a shame Todd won’t be coming out to LA. Doubly surprised he had a pair of GodHands SPN-120s in today’s episode.

  13. gundamuuUuuuuuu!

  14. DANG IT i just got the barbatos from hlj XD

  15. good show as always guys!
    really love that Macross kit, never build one and thinking to get one just for fun! 😀

  16. Sadly, I have never watched Top Gear 🙁

  17. i love you guys

  18. Sev said on June 27, 2016

    so deep

  19. hmm… i don’t think i like the way they did the Force Impulse’s shield transformation… i’d feel like i’ll break it lol anyway, great to see one more episode before you guys head out to anime expo and we’ll be here waiting, possibly having withdrawal symptoms from the long break from Gunpla TV.

    meanwhile, we’ll hand over the show to our tame gunpla builder:

    Some say he can use the beads of sweat dripping from his forehead when building gunpla as plastic cement. And that he can make a life-size version of any scale model kits just by staring at one for 123 days non-stop while sipping coffee from his Gundam Front Tokyo mug and listening to Poker Face, the first of which we know as the 1:1 statue in Odaiba. All we know is, he’s called The Todd!

  20. Nice!

  21. Lovely jubly, I’d love to get that old Guncannon for a little diorama I have planned! 😀

  22. i have the mg guncanon but the revive is prety cool

  23. Some say he was born with nippers for fingers and that he is married not to a wife but a knife. All we know is, he is called the Todd

    • If that thing about his fingers is true, then ladies need to keep his hands away from their hoohaas

  24. I can’t help but always be impressed with those busts. Hopefully the Macross Delta look good too.

  25. great episode

  26. barbatos plz even though he so cheap lol

  27. some say he was born when a molding kit got struck by lighting .
    other say he was bit by a radioactive nipper
    one thing is for sure that he is named …. the TOD .

    Barbatos for the win 😀

  28. Amazing episode as always

  29. the blue on the new macross kits is stickers and water slides? no blue parts?

  30. It would be great to win those guncannons or barbatos , just like the HG buster gundams :P, I can’t wait to start my PG unicorn any tips and advice when i’m building the unicorns? always a great show ryan, syd and todd keep up the good work 🙂

  31. Just let me win something !!!!! please show lots of awesome stuff at the show too thanks

  32. barbatos me… 😀

  33. I’m writing this before Anime Expo but you’ll be reading this after. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again. Here’s hoping I didn’t make an ass of myself.

  34. Some say that he built a modelkit of himself and uses that for hobbylinktv episodes. But all we know is he is called the Todd.

  35. I’m not really into (snapfit) aircraft kits but I’m big Macross fan so you get extra points for showing that new Valkyrie from Delta 😀


  36. Nice episode as always!
    Cant wait for the RG Sinanju

  37. It amazes me how many ‘some say…’ comments Todd is getting now. But how does the man himself feel about them? I can imagine him saying “I’m just a guy who loves gunpla and cuts the pieces off the sprue one at a time, just like all of you.”

    I just raffled off coupons for a Gundam Revive and an HG Barbatos at my Toastmasters club. Guys, it would be awesome if you and the RNG would see fit to send a Barbatos my way — then again, it’s already assembled, isn’t it?

    Reading up on the 72 demons the gundam from IBO are named for, I’m amazed how many of them are described as being helpful and teach the summoner stuff. Barbatos, Gusion, and Kimaris are all pretty powerful. Still can’t get a handle on Astaroth though.

  38. Nice episode again ~
    RNG plz come ~

  39. I orderd the rx78 2 revive, rx 75 guntank and gm command type. So please random generator i would love to get the guncanons’s

  40. Ha, never thought I’d win this! Thanks guys all is forgiven. Or maybe I should try my luck and say I’m still mad? :^)

  41. Some say he builds a Gyan as soon as he wakes up, others say that he builds a bazooka every night before he goes to bed. All we know is he’s called the Todd!

  42. I’ve been loving gundam since I was a kid, and would love to win barbatos even though it’s unlikely. Don’t have many gunpla due to where I live in ireland,but would love anything regardless

  43. Great episode! I wonder if the Seed head bust are awesome or weird….

  44. The Barbatos is a great kit!
    But I need a Guncannon with my revive RX-78-2 🙂

  45. Some say he can build gunpla blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back, and that he built his first kit years before he was born. All we know is, he’s called The Todd!

  46. Some say he’s a newtype and that he became a man when Captain Bright slapped him. All we know is, he’s called THE STODD!

  47. Some say molten plastic courses through his body…
    Some say the God Hands his wields are those of God himself…
    All we know is, he’s called the Todd!

  48. FA unicorn look sick but unfortunately don’t have the money to purchase such kit but thanks to you guys i’m able to see such kit being build and it really have some kind of good feeling inside kudos to you guys//…….please givev me some kitsss LET ME WIN

  49. Great episode guys! The star wars sets look really good! Ah, can’t say the same for the SEED figures, their faces look weird o.O

  50. I have always liked the design of the classic guncannon.

  51. I want my RX-0!!! Great show!

  52. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves at AX2016

  53. PM said on June 27, 2016

    I hope you guys enjoy yourselves at AX2016

  54. Hey guys love the show. Would love to get all the kits I can. Can’t wait for RG Sinanju.

  55. i got to have that barbatos 🙂 i don’t have any kit from this series… maybe this will be the first :D. Great episode, thank you for making it .

  56. Great episode! Enjoy Anime Expo! Jet Lag!

  57. Wish I could go to the show. 🙁


  58. Joe said on June 28, 2016

    Okay Gundam, where did Ryan touch you? *Gundam points to rear thruster nozzle* *all in attendance gasp in horror*

    Some people say he was found as a young boy and raised by Meijin Kawaguchi,
    others say his collection of Gunpla will one day amass and take over HLJ. All we know for sure is he is called The Todd.

  59. Dear HLJ,
    Thank you for the always awesome reviews. I recently walked into a video game shop that sells Gunpla and they were selling the Standard Graze and the Graze Ein for the same price and the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] + Head Display Base. I couldn’t make up my mind, but I started to hear Syd whispering, “Ein! Ein! Ein!” into my ear and I just had to buy the Ein. Thank you so much for helping me with my decision and I hope to see more reviews in the future!

  60. GunplaTV is here again and back with more stuff! So let me get absorbed in another great episode once again! :3

    The Kotobukiya Star Wars figures look really awesome! They aren’t kits, but they are still really good looking and would look really nice on a shelf! I love the minor weathering on the Astromechs, they add quite nice realism to the figures. My favourite part of the set though, has to be C-3P0’s slightly dulled, yet gloriously shiny gold finish. It reminds me of the Hyaku Shiki, and looks really good on C-3P0 as well. Kylo Ren looks quite cool too, although he will never be a true replacement for Darth Vader, I honestly find his character more like a whiny kid than a menacing, intimidating leader like I thought he would be. The new macross kit definitely peaks my interest, I like it’s sleek, sharp design and the blue is awesome! But well…blue is my favourite color, so that’s a factor. If only they were to scale with Gundam…that decal sheet is really scary though, clear stickers for me! This kit itself may actually convince me to watch the anime as well. I’m actually curious why Ryan would know such a personal fact of Todd…Ryan? Explaination please?

    I love Todd’s serious face that he was doing before you notified him that they were up, he just looks so nervous, but at the same time he looked so intimidating. XD
    The Figur-rise busts are interesting, and the engineering used to create them is indeed impressive. However, I just don’t see me paying the price of an HG for one, and the original concept doesn’t really interest me all that much, the Chara Stand plates is what I personally prefer, although the regular old-fashioned action base is what I like the most due to it being the most practical, simple and effective. I still hope we get Chara Stand plates for characters outside of IBO though, a Char plate would be awesome! On screen builds are cool though, so i’m glad you did one with these, and with Todd as well! 😀
    I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t weather the busts. We should give them a gunk wash, panel lines, extra decals and a matte coat while we’re at it! \o/
    The FA Unicorn would be a cool thing to get with the RG Sinanju, as I stick to my previous theory that this release was Bandai trying to make up for not being able to make an RG Unicorn, hence a repeated release with more weapons, a different psychoframe color, and RG style decals. Not complaining though, more Gunpla is always good, but when will Bandai make an HG Shokew is my true question. Todd shouldn’t be complaining though, Fully Armored MS and bazookas means more weapons, more weapons means more building, and more building means more fun with Gunpla! Hooray!

    Wait, Todd shares my theory as well?! We are long lost brothers Todd-senpai. (ಠ_ಠ)

    The HGCE Force Impulse is definitely the release I was really waiting for. I’m currently saving up for the P-Bandai Blast Impulse. I love the Impulse Gundam very much, and the fact that i’m such a fan of Lunamaria (not as much for Shinn, but he’s cool too) just adds to the Impulse’s appeal to me. The splitting gimmick is some really nice, yet simple engineering, so kudos to Bandai there, but the unpainted core splendor and force silhouette cockpit look quite bad though, and definitely needs some work. The fact that Bandai advertises the painted product is a peeve of mine as well, so you’re not alone there. It seems like Bandai has only been giving us a single pair of hands, on recent HG’s. I assume the reason is to save plastic, and therefore costs, but open hands are a useful option to have, so I hope Bandai wakes up on that. The fact that the kit balances well, even with the Force Silhouette pack is really cool though! That’s definitely going to help with the action poses.

    My friend gave me an HGUC ReZEL which is currently watching Gunpla TV while cheering you guys on right next to me on my desk, and an HG00 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G for my birthday. I knew there was something suspicious when he wanted to use my HLJ account for the 5% coupon I had. He had also bought a HG 1/100 Heavyarms Kai EW, but sadly, it hasn’t been in stock yet. I also picked up a Revoltech Vox Aura while the kits were in the private warehouse as it was insanely cheap. It’s a good figure to anyone who is reading, it may have some paint inconsistencies, but it’s a small figure, so they aren’t terribly noticable. It articulates extremely well too, and has a really sleek and curvy design, I highly recommend the figure to any mecha fan, and I also highly recommend the Anime for anyone that’s interested. I’m about halfway through it, and i’m quite enjoying it so far! 😀

    You’re telling me to do one for Todd, but i’m going to come up with one for all 3 of you just because I can. Who knows? Maybe my 3 senpai’s will notice me.

    For Syd:

    Some say he’s a lightning fast builder, and that he can build kits even in the wild, with nothing but his teeth and hands. All we know, is that he’s got a lucky job and should enjoy it as much as possible.

    For Ryan:

    Some say he’s a macross purist, others say that he needs his kits to be big, fun with tones of gimmicks for extra enjoyment. All we know, is that he shouldn’t paint on the runner. Ever again.

    For Todd:

    Some say he brings his modelling tools wherever he roams, and that he always cleans nubmarks on his kit. All we know, is that he always has a convenient lightsaber in arms-length reach, in case he needs to duel Syd anytime at the warehouse.

  61. Great show guys!

  62. Show me the Guns, you dismal knight!!!!!
    Some say he has a foot fetish for flats than heels.Others,say he’s just attracted to big guns.One thing is certain,his name is Todd.

  63. Hi HLJ 🙂

    Sid, Ryan, Todd and the rest; thankyou so much for bringing so many great Gundpla TV videos to Youtube and also opening myself up to other kits I wasn’t aware of (like Star Wars and Macross). I would definitely buy off you IF ONLY you had a store in the UK as tarrifs are quite high when it comes to paying shipping… However! That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy your videos, I like them alot! Sometimes I even find quite a few laughs out of you guys 🙂 not to mention how awesome you guys are for going to the trouble to go to events like Gundam Expo to document the experience for people like myself who cannot afford to go to conventions like those.

  64. guncannons! that was the first kit i built from the original series. i really need to get a new one. and i need to get a barbados

  65. Some say he is actual the prototype for the next grade of Bandai kits and his joints are nothing more than wobbly polycaps…all we know is that he is called The Todd.

  66. I really like how the old kits are getting the revive treatment, i hope suits like rick dom, GM line will get a revive upgrade!

  67. Some say he recites all 43 eps of MS Gundam in his sleep each night, and that he`s able to use his nippers to eat…soup. All we know is, he`s called The Todd.

  68. Barbatos Barbatos Barbatos, though ill probably be getting a macross kit.

  69. Guncannon is the only MS of the V project that I don’t have! It’s strange because I like it a lot. But with all these new awesome ms the old ones are often the “second choice”.
    I feel I will win this time because I love Guncannon (and Barbatos was very good too)!

  70. Some say that he has a vast amount of knowledge on all Gundam series, and that he is planning to overthrow Syd’s role in Gunpla TV. All we know is, he’s called The Todd.

  71. Rob said on June 28, 2016

    Another great episode, keep up the good work!

  72. Some say he’s Gyantastic, he’s… the Todd

  73. Some say he eats Ramen noodles with a set of nippers and a hobby knife. Some say he cuts parts off the runner so well he doesn’t need to clean the nubs- even on plated kits. Some say he took down more that 209 zeon pilots during the one year war. All we know is his name is Todd.

  74. Some say he perfected his art of model building after years of intense training under the Grand Master of Gunpla, Katsumi Kawaguchi. Other knows him as the new guy on HobbyLink TV. Master of the nippers and encyclopedia of Gundam lore. All we know is, he’s called Todd.

  75. I’m really liking the Star Wars models, its just too bad about the ships availability in other markets as they seem much better than the revell ones.

  76. havent won anything in a while now. BLESS ME RNJESUS

  77. Nice Impluse and have fun in anime expo. Also, I WANT TO BE A WINNER! 🙂

  78. See you guys in America

  79. Great stuff as always guys!

  80. Great episode as always! Just recently got PG Unicorn and PG Banshee from your sale! You guys are awesome as always with your sales.

    P.S. I took vacation money to buy those…I couldn’t pass up a good deal.

  81. That full armor looks GODLY

  82. i wanna win

  83. gun cannon

  84. That macross kit, i need more macross!

  85. Some say he was born with a pair of God’s hands and that he built his first gunpla at 10 months old!

    All we know is, he’s called the Tod!

  86. I want the two Guncannon for cannon fodder for my RG 00 Raiser. Also I have been wanting a Gundam Barbatos. The first opening song to Iron Blooded Orphans was incredibly awesome.

  87. Another great video guys,love those busts.
    Some say he is an android that was built and programmed to slowly put Syd out of a job,and some say is is the love child of Master Kawaguchi and a Beargguy,all we know is he’s called the Todd.2000.

  88. I love that star wars set, it’s magnetic!!! I hope its force is strong, so that I could stick BB8 in my refrigerator… 🙂

  89. I’d love to have those guncannons! The design is so simple and I love it.

  90. I would love to win my first kit and have it be an IBO kit !!!

  91. See yall at AX~

  92. Great to see the unboxing of that VF31J I just ordered one from you guys, its my first adventure outside of gunpla hopefully my experience from building the PG unicorn and MG phenex help me not break it.

  93. Awesome episode as always – I’m currently saving up to grab that gorgeous Victory Gundam Ver Ka and a HG Danazine from you guys… Not exactly a favourite design for a lot of people, but I think that a green, futuristic mecha dragon is too good to pass up.

    Have fun at the con, best of luck guys!

  94. what a jam-packed episode! Enjoy every second of it. Hope i win the Guncannons, the design is so classic.

  95. damn I really wanted that hyaku shiki 🙁

  96. some say his nippers are overpowered others say he has the voice of a golden god all we know is he’s called the TODD

  97. Nice Star Wars Figure

  98. Some say he can cut off plastic with 0 nub marks while using the wrong ends of his nippers, others say he built the 1:1 Scale Gundam in a day and called it a ‘scratch build’. All we know is he’s called ‘The Todd’.

  99. Some say that He is a fugitive for manslaughter a man for leaving a nub mark ,and that He banned from flying planes by FAA due to his high plastic blood levels … All we know he’s called the TODD

  100. Great show guys. I have the Kotobukia Nightwing and Robin they also have the magnetic bases and i thought it was amazing, good to see they still have it. I bought a barbatos 6th form realized he only had the wrench mace thingy so i got the first Barbatos as well, now if i win he’ll have 2 maces mwahaha. Random Number Generator you have failed me for the last time.

  101. I hope you have lots of fun at Anime Expo! Keeping my fingers crossed for HLJ eventually coming to an european convention. 😀

  102. i finally got my RG OO QAN[T]
    its really enjoyable, very statisfied by it

    some say
    he is a tame gunpla builder
    other say
    he turn into hulk if you dont let him clean nubmarks
    all we know is he’s called the Todd!

  103. Just saying… the Guncannon is my favorite suit… :3

  104. Love that Impulse…just wish the core fighter had some more color separation.

  105. The look of fear on Todd’s face as he receives the VF-31! That’s going to be one tough model XD

  106. I love seed/destiny… I’m sad that the blast impulse is p-bandai but I pre-ordered it anyway because its from seed/destiny… the con of it being p-bandai is sometimes I like buying multiples of the same kit… but p-bandai kits are a little bit expensive and limited release which make me sadder.

  107. Some say he is the “Chuck Norris” of the Gunpla world, all we know for sure is he is called “The Tod”.

  108. Some say he forged a Gunpla with the core of a star, and that he painted it with comet’s dust. All we know is he’s called the Todd.

  109. Some say he has an gang of Gyans he built himself that he has dubbed “The Gyang”. Others say he fought Darth Sid in a parking lot, an event that was ignored by two women who were present at the time, and didn’t get a copyright claim from Disney. All we do know is that he is called ‘Todd’.

  110. Don’t forget to eat that Murrican food! All these Top Gear-style comments are making Todd great again!

  111. The force impluse looks good but shame there’s no separation on the core fighter, but then I guess it is 1/144 so need to scale back expectations.

  112. I hope the new macross kits are good.

  113. Hoping that a Sword Impulse will be on the way soon. Been wanting the MG but there are so many nice MG’s at the same price range that I want more. The hg Impulse looks really good so hoping Sword will come out and be just as nice.

  114. Keep Up the good work guys! see you at the expo!

  115. give gundams!

  116. Some say, his joints are actually oversized

    …others say he actually has nippers for hands…

    All we know is… he’s called the Todd!

    Also really hoping for the Barbatos, I never got the chance to get any IBO kits due to my rubbish job =(

  117. Enjoy the anime Expo. 🙂

  118. That’s a great episode! Have a safe trip guys! and enjoy! Don’t forget to share us all what happened in the Anime Expo. Can’t wait for that episode to be up!

  119. Maybe one of these days you guys could come to Florida? We have conventions here too! The Gunpla sellers at my local cons are always way overpriced (most of the kits were $13-$40 above HLJ’s prices) and not very fun to talk to, so I think Florida cons could use more people like you!

  120. Hello Syd & Ryan! When you go to Anime Expo in Los Angeles, are you going to stay in a hotel or airbnb? Thank you for making all the videos!

  121. Bee said on July 1, 2016

    Some say that he was born in California, North America and that he learnt how to use a pair of nippers and sanding sticks before he can use a knife and fork, and that his first word was Gunpla. Others say that he was made as a 1:1 P-Bandai exclusive in Shizuoka, Japan and that his inner frame is comparable to that of the Astray Red Frame. All we know is that he is called the Todd.

  122. hope for good news in expo!

  123. Some say he builds only Gundam kits at home. Others say he packs only Gundam kits to ship to customers at work. All we know for sure that he is called “The Todd”.

  124. Love the show, been watching from ep1. Your pre-builds of the kits helps me out on my buying of most kits. Keep up the Great work and Show.

  125. Love the episode, liking the figurize bust. Can’t wait for the char ver. Hope I get the guncannons…ppppllllzzzz!!!

  126. Great episode as usual guys. Still salty they’re making the blast impulse a P-Bandai.

  127. Can I have those kits?

  128. Aaahhhh! That FA Unicorn… will definitely get one!
    Looking forward on your Anime Expo coverage. Cheers!

  129. Forgot to comment on the last video, but now I remembered.

  130. Kur0 said on July 5, 2016

    .. bandai!. make zaku warrior revive please !!! ….

  131. Looking forward to hearing some interesting stories about your experiences at Anime Expo.

  132. Great show guys. Have fun at Anime Expo. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  133. Would love to get one of those kits!

  134. I hope those figure busts become a succes. Would love to see Uso and Loran personally, but that might take a while.

  135. Hey Syd and Ryan,

    Long time no see/comment.
    If you recall, I came by and visited you guys at the HLJ HQ three years ago.
    A lot has happened to me since then and I fell off the Gunpla TV wagon for a couple years. I just finished going back to watch all the episodes I missed from late 2014 up to the present episode. I’m kicking myself for missing out on all those chances at the cool giveaways you had.
    Anyway, I’m back into gunpla and kit build now in a big way thanks to you guys. I dugout some 90’s no grade models kits that have been in my closet for YEARS and started putting them together. Even an old Patlabor Helldiver kit. Then I bought a bunch of RG kits from a local store that was having a hugh sale. RX-78-2, Zaku II, Char’s Zaku II, Zeta Gundam, and RG RX-178 Gundam Mk-II Titans & AEUG. Plus, two MEGA SIZE kits, RX-78-2 and Char’s Zaku II.
    BUT, even better! I also made my VERY FIRST purchase from HLJ.com when I pre-ordered the RG MSN-06S Sinanju!

    I would have loved to have come seen you guys at comic con, but that is not possible since I am saving up for my visit to Japan in November. I’d like to come by and see you guys again and this time buy some kits while I am there. 🙂

    Keep up the great work guys!
    Oh, and Tod also.
    Some say he’s the love child of Amuro and Sayla. All we know is that he’s the Stod.


  136. Is the unicorn gundam featured in this episode a hg?

  137. C3p0 with the Venom Snake arm.

  138. Seems this wont split off like the old hg every time u take it on hand GG

  139. I think Im too late for this XD

  140. wondering when will the competiton be. Can’t wait for it

  141. There has never been a better time to start a Guncannon collection.

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