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The Star Wars Invasion of Bandai Commences!




At the International Tokyo Toy Show 2014, we’re taking a look at Bandai’s amazing lineup of upcoming Star Wars products! You’re not going to want to miss out on these stellar collectibles!


First up is a 1/72 scale model kit of the X-Wing Starfighter.


Scheduled to release this autumn, the full details for the X-Wing have not been revealed yet, but we think we can expect big things from Bandai! Following up from Fine Molds’ long line of Star Wars kits, this will be Bandai’s first dive into Western sci-fi models in a long time, and it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops for this series!


One of the special features of this kit is the proton torpedo effect part accompanied by an exhaust pipe, a.k.a. the fatal and slightly embarrassing design flaw in the Death Star.  Display these pieces together to turn the kit into a movie scene!


Bandai6 Bandai7

Our heroes don’t get to hog all the glory, though. Next up in the 1/72 scale line is the TIE Advanced X1!


The base is similar but not identical to the X-Wing’s, as if both spacecraft are flying over different parts of the Death Star.

Bandai9 Bandai10


Looking at the details in the TIE’s signature solar panels and the cockpit, we can’t wait to see the finished product!


A special display depicting the climax from Episode IV was also recreated with these models at the event!


Don’t think we didn’t notice the other TIE Fighters hidden in this display! No announcement has been made for these Imperial Fleet ships, but we look forward to hearing some news in the future!


Alongside the Death Star type bases included with the X-Wing and TIE Advanced X1, it appears that this display is made out of squares that connect together with the model bases to form a larger display. We can’t say if this will be an official product or if they’re just teasing us with the possibility, but we hope to hear something on these, too!

Bandai14 Bandai15

Along with the 1/72 scale X-Wing Starfighter, we can also expect a larger 1/48 scale model kit!

Bandai16 Bandai17

With the increased size comes a lot of intricate details to look forward to, as well as parts to make the thrusters light up.

Bandai18 Bandai19

Not only will the ship feature lights, but the wings will also open and close with the push of a button!



…Or so it appears. The model kit on display was built to move automatically, but since the base is equipped with three buttons, we can –probably- assume these are used to operate the electronic functions.

Bandai21 Bandai22

We saved the best of the scale model ships for last! While all of the kits are impressive, this 1/700 scale Star Destroyer completely stole the show!

Bandai23 Bandai24

This is something you have to see in person to believe! The amount of detail in this giant model is breathtaking, and photos alone don’t do it justice!


Without a release date or information to speak of, it’s possible that this in an event display item only. But we can always dream big, right?

Bandai26 Bandai27

Moving along to Bandai’s figure kits, we have the most iconic of the Star Wars characters, a 1/12 scale Darth Vader, set to release this fall!

Bandai28 Bandai29

He’s displayed at the event with joints in his knees and elbows–please keep in mind that this is still a prototype, and the commercial kit may vary!


It looks like the separate pieces of his cape will also feature slight posability!

Bandai31 Bandai32

You can’t display Vader without one or two of his trusty Stormtroopers! According to the product description, this model kit will include two types of weapons to choose from, an E-11 blaster or a long-range blaster rifle!





Finishing off the first round of 1/12 figure kits are some of the most well-known droids in the series, starting with C-3P0. He’s noted as being posable, so you can easily recreate movie scenes with him and R2-D2 below!

Bandai39 Bandai40

R2-D2 is being released along with another familiar droid unit, R5-D4! Don’t remember this little guy? His life was probably saved when Luke decided –not- to buy him in Episode IV…

R2-D2 is scheduled to include a number of various mechanical arms that can be switched out depending on the task at hand. 1/12 scale space doors locked and blocking your getaway? Worry no more!



Among the other products at the exhibition were these transforming eggs! Carry around your favorite characters in uncomfortable positions, or release them for play or display!




Here, we finally get to see the faces of our heroes in these collectible busts! The first lineup is scheduled to release January 2015, but it looks like we can expect more in the future!


Bandai47 Bandai48

S.H. Figuarts is joining the party, too, with new figures scheduled to release in 2015 of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper!

Bandai49 Bandai50

If you’re not familiar with this 1/12 action figure line, then prepare yourself for a lot of articulation and accessories! Unlike the earlier 1/12 scale figure kits we presented, these do not require any painting or assembly; they’re ready to go right out of the box!


Bandai51 Bandai52

Scheduled for a 2014 Winter release, this rather unique figure took us by surprise! From Bandai’s Movie Realization line, Samurai Taisho Darth Vader comes fully colored and ready for action! Star Wars is well known for being inspired by samurai films, and Darth Vader’s helmet and gear even resembles Japanese armor, so Samurai Vader makes perfect sense to us! We can’t wait to see the finished piece of this highly detailed redesign!

Bandai53 Bandai54

The Galactic Empire’s crest has been sculpted in Japanese fashion and his lightsaber even resembles a katana!

Bandai55 Bandai56

Coming in Spring 2015, Bandai also plans to release a line of SD figures featuring tons of detail despite their 55mm size! Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper are starting off the lineup, but we hope to see more in the future!

Bandai57 Bandai58



The final exhibition we’re presenting might just be the most entertaining of the bunch! First released in 1983, Spacewarp is a build-it-yourself rolling ball, roller coaster series that’s teaming up with Star Wars to make the play set of your dreams! It features electric elevators, branch parts and tons of track that runs around and through a Star Wars themed set to keep you occupied for hours as you build it and watch it go!

We’ll keep you updated on these products as information comes in, so keep watching our site or media pages for their pre-orders and release dates!

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  1. Very impressive set of items coming up. My eyes almost popped out when I first glimpsed the 1/700 scale Star Destroyer. So much detail in pretty much all of the products, including the nice touch of adding detailed bases for the 1/72 scale X-Wing and Tie Fighters. Thanks for the peek.

  2. I am super stoked!

    I want all of them. My favorites is the lighted 1/48 X-Wing, that is soooo prettty.

  3. May the Force be with Bandai!

  4. I was lazing about in bed and saw this article and woke the missus next to me when i pumped the air and cry “YES”. LOL
    I loved the FIne Mold’s line up but this is frackin’ awesome. Super excited to get my hands on some of those 1/12th scale model kits of Vader and sundry. I wonder if they will come moulded in colour and snap fit like most of Bandai’s kits. Opens up a whole world of custom jobs too.

  5. Any other new product news?

  6. About the Star destroyer, i don’t CARE what that costs, give me 2 NOW!!
    Shut up and take my money!!!

  7. The 1/12 scale figures look amazing, and so does the Star Destroyer. But I noticed that the Star Destroyer does not have Turrets with the really big turbolaser batteries on it, I would be very disappointed if they got left out on such an amazingly detailed model.

  8. This is extremely awesome!!!

  9. Awesome please send to Chile Bandai!!!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this coverage. They are all impressive models. If the box show on the picture belongs to the big Star Destroyer, then it is 1/1700 and not 1/700 😉

    Also, I can’t seem to find a contact email for Bandai for further inquiry on these products. Do you happen to know that email?

    Thanks in advance.


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