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Gunpla TV – Episode 51 – PG Aile Strike & Ryan’s First Stage of Decals

This episode could have been titled Gunpla TV 49.5 as its here we show you what we’ve done and what has been released while we were away on our Obon Holiday and filming Episode 50. Quite a few new products arrive and we give you a rundown of them all including Gundam related books such as the Gundam Ace magazine which comes with a 1/48 scale RX78-2 Head Model!

In this episode:
– Gundam Ace October 2011 w/RX-78-02 the Origin Head Model
Gundam Weapons: Gundam 00 Special Edition IV
1/144 HGFC SF13-017NJ Shining Gundam
1/144 HGFC Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki
BB NZ-666 Kshatriya
1/220 RX-78 Gundam GP-01 Full Kit

Ryan uses a variety of tools to mess up, I mean apply, the decals on his 1/48 F-22 Raptor Idolmaster Haruka Amami kit.  Will he be successful?

Decal Tray
Craft Tweezers
Craft Precision Swab (Triangle XS)

During the Obon Holiday Syd took a day to himself to assemble the awesome 1/60 PG Aile Strike Gundam Clear Ver. kit and can’t say enough about it. Bandai Perfect Grade kits are the cream of the crop and with a clear armor parts version all the amazing details on the frame are viewable which makes it a perfect project for those modelers out there who spend the time to detail the frames of their kits.

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  1. I’ve only just ordered my first Gundam kit from hlj and now I’m thinking about the fun that will some day be a stack of water decals. 🙂

  2. water decals are awsome..good luck ryan..hope you finish it quick..we all want to see the outcome..

  3. hahaha..lol..thats what she said..


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