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1/144 F-15 ACTV Active Eagle (Muv-Luv) by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/144 F-15 ACTV Active Eagle (Muv-Luv) by Kotobukiya – Available from HobbyLink Japan

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (6)
Muv-Luv’s F-15 ACTV Active Eagle is all assembled. See how it looks!

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (2)
As usual, all you need is a good pair of plastic nippers to put it together.

Front, side, and back shots of the completed kit.


Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (5)

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (6)
Lots of details and lining possibilities surround the head and chest, and the clear orange parts stand out nicely. The pre-painted parts also look good.

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (7)
The elbows can bend 135°, so le’t see how that works when armed.

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (8)
The knees can bend a little over 90°, and due to the skirt, this is the best it can do.

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (9)
2 machine guns or 2 knives are your options for armaments, plus one dynamic hand for when you’re feeling particularly expressive.

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (10)
The melee poses look good, and the ankles and legs allow them nicely.

The machine guns also look sharp tucked into the elbow or extended.

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (12)
As for the size, it’s almost the same height of RG Gundam MK-II, though the Active Eagle’s shoulders will stand out. Are the logos as iconic as the 01?

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (13)
Some final thoughts: Starting with the fact that the kit is quite pleasing overall! I wondered if two guns and two knives would be enough for play and posing value, but it indeed looks ready for war! The heavily armored look of the Active variant of the Eagle helps by keeping it look bulked up and eye-catching. The clear orange parts might not pop out in the photos, but they always catch your eye when you’re looking at it in person. During posing, there were no problems with the parts staying together nicely, and all the resulting poses are ones you’d want to see on your shelf. Good price for this very good kit, so if you’re a Muv-Luv fan, why not actively add it to your shelf? Thanks for checking this out everyone!

Rrobbert184-Active Eagle-Review (14)
Wait, where’re the aliens?

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