Feb 19
Dave M

It’s time to RE! The new RE/100 Guncannon Detector is in and sure does look impressive! Kneeling seems to be all the rage these days and if you are looking for a Gundam that can kneel with the best of them then this kit is for you! But just how does it stand up compared to previous RE 100 kits? Watch to find out! We also take a look at the new Hobby Work Station (Pro) and how it could benefit your building routine.

Items in this episode:
1/100 RE/100 Guncannon Detector
1/144 RG Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn
– Dragon Ball Figure Rise kits
– Hobby Work Station (Pro)




  1. It’d be nice if I could win something one day. The Hobby Work Station (Pro) seems like it’d be nice to have.

  2. Can’t wait for the Banshee Norn review (:

  3. A 2000 yen store credit would sure help with all those wonderfest announcements… so much good stuff coming I can’t wait!

    Great episode guys, can’t wait for rg banshee review!

  4. Can’t wait for my Banshee to arrive wooooo

  5. that Hobby Work Station actually looks pretty cool

  6. Great episode, cant wait for next week’s.

  7. I’m waiting for review of Haros 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see some dbz kits (though a little dissapointed that its gonna be goku first cuz I already have him)

  9. Bring forth the Haro!

  10. This working station is a good idea, but looks a bit cheap! Would love to try it though.

  11. That crouching pose looks really derpy.

  12. A note of correction the “Bande Dessinee” in “RG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Bande Dessinee Ver.]” is french and directly translates to comic book so that special edition is the comic book version.

  13. [insert mildly witty comment]

  14. 2000 yen sure would be nice to put towards a Guncannon Detector!

  15. i want to win

  16. I might actually get one of those hobby workstations fopr when i go to my gfs place. The one thing that might be a problem is that my godhand nippers send the nubs flying. So i doubt the workstation will get to collect many haha

  17. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  18. While the Banshee Norn looks good (wish the main color was more black-purple than the blue-purple), I am waiting to hear/see more of the RG 1/144 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Luminescence version. Yes, it is ANOTHER Unicorn variant, it’s cool that it lights up and great that I do not have to build a lighting system from scratch.

  19. Can the guncannon detector detect why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch?

  20. That Hobby Work Station Hobby Work Station Pro would be useful for me. I always need lighting from different angles that I just cant easily get at the moment. Also The magnifying glass would help reduce my eye strain.

  21. RG SO COOL!

  22. The RE line is proving to be really great!

  23. THe workstation was very cool! I expecially like the idea of the grid…Can be a problem if working with little pieces but it’s very good for dust expecially if working with resin!

  24. So, one day, Archimedes is sitting under a tree. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, this bath hits him on the head. POW!!! And he gets up, shouts “formica”, and invents gravy!

  25. pick me pick me pick me !

  26. That work station sure looks fancy, a lot more than my improvised headlamp that I use to build.

  27. 2000yen and i would buy me some high grade leos 😀

  28. It’s nice to learn about some of the tools. These seem like they’d be nice to have.

    Todd, are you getting the HGBF A-Z Gundam?

  29. That hobby work station looks sick!!!

  30. I seriously can’t wait for the Guncannon! It should be here any day now!

  31. I’ll probably buy the tool case and then the station around April-ish. I’m having trouble though with the Paypal even though I connected my card to it. Also maaaan, shipping a bottle of cola is ridonkulous.

    More tool showcase!

  32. I can’t wait for summer so I can finally get and build an RG Banshee. I have too much on my backlog so there’s no point in getting it now since schools eating all my time anyway. Finally almost finished my RG 00 Quanta after 3 months just have to finish decaling it.

  33. Add the Banshee Norn to my back log list!

  34. I still can’t believe that I actually won after years of watching Gunpla TV the random number generator god has finally smiled upon me ^_^ The review was very insightful, at first I wasn’t too keen on the Guncannon Detector but I think I will have to pick one up now ^_^ Great show as always and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  35. Great show once again!! I’ve been looking for a new tool box and that is a very good option for sure!

  36. “This is a BIG deal.” -WQ

  37. my mind is running wild thinking of what to do with that store credit!

  38. Cool work station!

  39. I am hoping Bandai will release a 1/144 HGUC version of the Guncannon detector in the future;either next year or sometime in the future. They have done it to the Efreet so there is a high possibility they will.

  40. I wouldn’t mind seeing more tool reviews on Gunpla TV.

  41. That Guncannon could easily pass off as a MG just from looking at it. I can’t wait to see what’s next in the RE line.

  42. Something between his legs for stability.

  43. Love The Guncannon Design and the RE Kits in general, Must have it!

  44. That RG banshee norn is beast

  45. sad that the re 100 guncannon dt is floppy oh well 200 YEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN!

  46. I like your idea in reviewing tools and other building supplies. Looking forward to the RG Banshee!

  47. Did not expect a guncannon detector. Still waiting for re 1/100 leo so mg tallgeese won’t feel alone, wing gundam has his 4 man army, so why not tallgeese and his leos? could be as cheap as the HG, since it looks really simple for it to be $8 aprox. But that gives it it’s appeal. Simple.

  48. Great show gyus!! I would like 2 see that goku. come on 2000 yen

  49. That work station looks really interesting, specially the one with magnifying glass. Just think the cutting mat should be a bit bigger.

  50. If the work station came with an air brush kit, I’m pretty sure that all the fellahs of the Gunpla club here in Montreal would have bought it in a heart beat……….. I hope the company that made the work station sees this and makes it happen – fingers crossed.

  51. It looks, that Hobby Work Station (Pro) got snatched up fast, now say Back order 4-6 weeks 🙁
    This is an awesome opportunity for simple 3D printing project. I like idea of small space with holes for small scraps that always ended up from cutting gate marks, so time for some creative Fusion 360 work now. Thanks for great idea.

  52. nice work station featured in this episode.

    Maybe you guys should give away one of those pro version work stations.

  53. I am a big fan of dragon ball too

  54. This is what a winning comment looks like.

    Except when it’s a lie.

    But especially when I tell the truth while lying.

  55. That work station looks nice. Great episode.

  56. The detector looks really cool!

  57. Can’t wait for the Banshee Norn review!

  58. Its still early but I’m thinking of making pumpkin head Haro for Halloween.

  59. New RG’s are always cool. Nice to see more and more kits other then Gunpla.

  60. Play with my balls!!!!!!!
    Lol Todd

  61. I’m excited for the new Gundam diver kits

  62. Great show gyus!!

  63. Great episode.

  64. been wanting a workstation like that for a while thanks guys looks great

  65. Enjoyed the show as always! Thank you both! Gotta add the Guncannon Detector to my list. I need that 2000 yen to help pay for shipping for the stuff in my private warehouse 😊

  66. As someone that’s currently living in smaller spaces due to work, that workstation actually seems nice to have. The dust trap also would be awesome as i sand when building a lot; it would help to prevent me having to vacuum every other week.

  67. Really like that guncannon detector and that workstation is such a good idea

  68. The workstation thingy looks like more like a novelty tbh, though the plastic residue actually looks pretty handy.

  69. Great episode though I feel like I should correct you concerning the work station. It does have a battery. When you power it up, it has 4 led’s indicating how much battery life you have. Also, I was surprised by the large cannon that was included with the detector. Why didn’t Bandai feature it in any of its promotional photos? Oh well, great surprise.

  70. Hi Guys
    Every time I look at the Hobby link building I wonder what it was used for before, do you know?

  71. ravioli ravioli giveme the 2000 yenioli

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