Dec 16

It’s the video you’ve been waiting for — Syd takes you through the installation of the PG Unicorns LED kit and shows it off in time for the holidays!

Kits featured in this video:
1/60 PG Unicorn Gundam
LED Unit for PG Unicorn Gundam


  1. I’m so in love <3

  2. This really tickles my wallet… Looks amazing!

  3. Wow im planing to pick this pg up and the led kit at some point im so looking forwerd to doing this build!

  4. that is just beautiful, that’s all I can say right now. I never thought that’d be a perfect grade just like that, its so cool its so unique, at least in my terms.

  5. dammit I can’t decide between PG Strike Gundam or the PG Unicorn for Xmas…

  6. These will burn your wallet. T_T

  7. The front skirt pieces are not lighting up, is it because you guys applied stickers under the psycho frame pieces in the front skirt?

    • I’ve taken a look at the manual ’cause I asked myself the same question. Maybe it stated that you shouldn’t put on the stickers when building it with the LED’s. But there was no comment in the manual about that.
      I watched the video again, and when 48 min in, you can see Syd had some difficulties with attaching the back piece on the LED of the front skirt. You can clearly see he puts the LED on backward due to it fitting that way.
      I think he put the left back piece on the right and vice verse, and thats why it didn’t fit with the LED’s facing forward.
      So my guess is that it doesn’t matter if you put the stickers on, just don’t put the LED’s in backwards (LOL) and the front skirts will light up like a charm

  8. Dude! That is awesome!
    Really appreciate the video. At one point you were looking upside-down the same direction as the camera, and you can barley see the top of your head on camera. That might show how difficult it must have been working while getting it on camera.
    Glad I’ll be doing the LEDs as I build the kit. Will definitely be testing the LEDs before I start building. I’m sure they’ll be fine, but just in case.
    I don’t have any other PG kits, but I have some figures that have LEDs. They usually take little watch batteries. I will light them up once in a while, but when the batteries go out, I don’t replace them often. With AA batteries easily accessed in the base, this dude is going to be glowing all the time!

  9. Hi Syd,
    Would you recommend to do painting of this kit before or after assembling the LED? Thanks. 🙂

    • If I may give you my suggestion, I’d paint is before. I know I am. And piece by piece, as I do with all my kits, and then putting it together and installing the LED’s at the same time.
      If you’re going to paint it when assembled, and you are going to do it with an airbrush or spray cans you’ll have to mask very carefully or you’ll get over spray on the psycho frame and/or LED’s.
      Painting it with a brush shouldn’t be a problem either way

  10. I don’t know why but audio is still out for me for every Gunpla TV episode since 2 weeks ago.

  11. hey guys,
    cant wait to build mine in the next few days

  12. watching this makes me want to buy this kit more and more 🙂 and now this episode confirms the led kit is a must buy also~~! Great work by the way putting in the led units after assembling the kit.

  13. Just got my kit in this afternoon. All thanks to the great and quick service of all the good folks at HLJ. Was already excited to build the Unicorn, but seeing it with the LED’s in, I can hear my building supplies screaming to that they want to get to it as soon as possible. Have to wait a bit, as the MG Hi-Nu is still under construction…
    Thanks for putting this video out as soon as possible.
    One question, where you wearing glasses Syd?
    Anyways, happy holidays to everyone at HLJ and on this site!

  14. Sorry if this was answered, cause I only glanced the video. Are the LEDs white, and the only color coming from the clear plastic? I was thinking about how kewl it would be to paint up the PG like the phenex or something, but if they’re red/pink LEDs then that may look weird.

  15. Great video. One thing, I saw that the Syd inserting Leds in the front skirt wrong side up.

  16. That looks sexy!!! i want one of those so bad

  17. Thank you Syd for taking the time and showing us how the LED system looks, just got my PG unicorn on order but didn’t get the LED, now seeing how to install it after the Build, I might just go ahead and get it.

  18. Wauv.

    I am totally in love. I thought the kit would look cheesy with all those lights, but wholy s…!

    I am SO getting the full package after xmas.

  19. Thank you Syd! Brilliant, just brilliant!

  20. I wanted it before now I want it even more

  21. That’s heck of a nice kit! Those LED are really worth it. They seem to be flickering quite a bit though… Still a very impressive kit!

  22. I’ll just echo everyone else and thank you for all these detailed videos.
    I am sure it will sell everyone on how awesome the LED set is, as well as the Unicorn on its own. It has definitely convinced me to get the LED’s as well. Hoping the exchange stays favorable.

    I also agree with Lindsay that it would also make a cool-looking Christmas decoration or even for Halloween.

  23. Getting in there bro!!!! Awesome vid Syd! Awesome kit. PGs are real master pieces. Thanks for letting us see this amazing build.

  24. Buying this as my first PG kit, with LED of course!

  25. Yeah it looks awesome and am glad I ordered the LED set too.But my only gripe with the LED set is they didn’t implement it for Unchained Mode. I will definitely add LEDs to light up the Unchained Mode psychoframe and the Jets.

  26. Rage mode activated

  27. Hey Syd,
    Love your show, however, I can’t help but notice that the LED for the front skirts don’t seem to be working. Did you by chance miss something?

  28. I don’t like taking model kits apart… It’s super scary.

  29. Amazing! Just finished building mine and can’t wait for the led set to show up. Long distance jumping high five for the great vids!

  30. Beautiful set! thanks for sharing!!!

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