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1/144 EX-Exbein by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/144 EX-Exbein by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (8)
EX-Exbein is all put together. Let’s see how it looks in its full armor mode!

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (3)
Front, side and back shots.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (4)
We can see from the side that it’s got a huge and very wild looking backpack.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (5)

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (6)
Due to the use of double joints at the elbows, the arms bend a very nice near 180°.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (7)

Similar construction for the knees makes for some incredible mobility.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (8)
And look at how detailed the head sculpt is! The goggles though, they do nothing?

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (9)
With all the ridiculous weapons and option hands, let’s see what poses are possible!

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (13)
T-Link Saber!

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (12)
Ready to go! Even one handed.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (11)
But holy Black Hole Buster Cannon. Wowza.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (14)
As it should be, though it matches Exia’s 1/144 scale, the size is much larger.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (15)
It’s almost as big as Gesterben.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (16)
Some final thoughts. This kit really impressed in a number of ways. First of course is the mobility. Kotobukiya keeps getting better almost every single time with their SRW OG line.  It stacks up against very good HG Gundams.  Second is the overall sculpting. It reminds me of SRX from time to time. The body, the weapons, and most importantly, the goggles.  Last but not least, for the details all over the body, and the stability.  If you want to go pro, of course more lining, painting, or at least a flat coat would make it pop even more.  But it was a fun build, and fun to pose, so would make a nice addition to your shelf!  Thanks for checking this out everyone.

rrobbert184-exexbein-review (17)
Black Hole Sun II?

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