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New Bandai Gunpla & Plamo Preorders – September 2021

Bandai’s latest round of plamo preorders just went live! This time, we’ve got MG, HG, and Hi-Res Gundam, Digimon, 30MM/MS, Batman, Yu-Gi-Oh, Entry Grade, and more! There’s a lot of great stuff to look forward to, so be sure to get your preorders in fast!

Don’t wait — Bandai’s plamo sells like hotcakes, which means the longer you wait to place an order, the farther down the preorder list you’ll be. If you order at HLJ.com, you won’t have to pay until the items are in stock, so why wait? Grab these kits today!

To see more images and details for any of the kits below, and to place an order, just click the name of each product!

Or, see all the new kits right now at hlj.com.

MG Gundam

MG Dom

MG Rick-Dom

HRM Gundam

Hi-Resolution Model Gundam Astray Red Frame Powered Red

HG Gundam

HG Gundam OO Command Qan[T]

HG Gundam Barbataurus


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Beelzemon (Beelzebumon)

Figure-rise Standard Magnamon


ULTIMAGEAR Millennium Puzzle Storage Box Golden Chest

Kyoukai Senki

FULL MECHANICS MAILeS Kenbu (First Press Limited)

HG 1/72 Brady Hound

HG 1/72 V-33 Stoke Carry

HG 1/72 New Ren

HG Brady Hound (Blood Exclusive Machine)

No images available yet:
Kyoukai Senki New Product A (Provisional)
Kyoukai Senki New Product B (Provisional)

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS SIS-Ac25g Fal-Farina (Conductor Form)

30MS Option Body Parts Type A01 (Color A)

30MS Option Hairstyle Parts Vol.4

30MS Option Parts Set 4 (Stealth Armor)

Entry Grade

EG Strike Gundam

EG Strike Gundam (Light Package Ver.)

30 Minutes Missions

30MM EXM-A9a Spinatio (Army Specification)

30MM EXM-E7c Spinatia (Command Specification)


1/35 SCALE Batmobile (Batman Begins Ver.)

1/35 SCALE Batmobile (Batman Ver.)

No images yet
Batmobile New Product A (Provisional)

SD Gundam

SDW HEROES Arthur Gundam Mk.III

SDW HEROES Caesar Legend Gundam

SDW HEROES Robin Hood Gundam AGE-2

SDW HEROES Night Strike Gundam

SDW HEROES Saizo Gundam Delta Kai

SDW HEROES War Horse Night World Ver.


Pokemon Plamo Collection Quick!! 09 Jigglypuff

Pokemon Plamo Collection 50 Select Series Cinderace


BANDAI SPIRITS Stick File Set (Mini)


Exploring Lab Nature Mammoth

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