Aug 11
HLJ : Luke

We talk about the new changes and what to expect when piecing together the MG’s Gundam head.

If you’ve got a question or comment about what you saw in this video let us know and we’ll do our best to answer it in the next episode!

Gundam model shown in this video : 1/100 MG  Full Armor Gundam

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Gundam Competition : Gunpla – Playing With Plastic


  1. You are great! I’m the Gianni who asked for an explanation of symbols on Bandai manuals. I was so surprised when you say Gianni in the video….I had to rewind and play again to be sure. 😛 Thanks for the explanations!!!

  2. Absolutely love the insert shots! The detailing of the 2.0 head is amazing. Really tempted to get one or two or a whole mess!

  3. Damn, I love that head design, I head some trouble putting togheter the neck though. Hey Sid what are your favorite models? I see some pics of your desk, could it be the sinanju?

  4. Awesome, that shot with the scene next to your head is great (not sure what you call that so I’ll just describe it)

  5. wow ive never seen a gundam head assembly like that. its perfect. you can get all of the details (more than usual actually), easy to paint and NO seam lines. its a work of art. they should all be made this way from now on.

  6. Agreed Busterbeam one of the greatest things about the 2.0 design is the seamless head. There is a full english translation of the manual symbols in the Engineering Corps at the GAF, albeit a pretty poor quality one =)

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