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Non-scale F-22A Raptor Infinities by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

By Rrobbert184 from GundamReviews.net

Non-scale F-22A Raptor Infinities by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (1)

The F22A is put together. Let’s take a close look.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (2)
Here are the tools used.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (3)
Front and back view.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (4)

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (17)
Just a little shorter than MG Gundam 2.0.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (18)
And much bigger than 1/144 kit of the same series.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (6)
Some nice details are etched all over the body.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (8)
Good mobility for the arms and legs. Surprisingly, it can stand on one leg without too much effort.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (9)
The shoulder armor can stretch out with a neat gimmick you can see on the right.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (11)
Lots of accessories can be added on. Let’s see how they look when they are put on.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (12)
The knee part can be replaced to hold the knife.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (13)
Are two guns enough?

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (14)
Of course not!

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (15)
Some more cool poses with the help of the flying base.

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (16)
Matrix style!

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (19)
Overall, this is a nice kit with high mobility and sharp details. Unlike most Kotobukiya kits, the parts don’t fall off very often, and even seem to be on the tight side. Thanks to the good range of motion, you can easily get some cool poses right away with very little effort. The only thing that I’d really know this for is the color, as you can see there’s not a lot included in this kit.  However, you’d know that going in based on the art around the box.  But thanks to the weapons and gimmicks that are such a big plus, when you combine it with a fun build and good posing, I quite enjoyed this non-scale kit.  Thanks for reading!

rrobbert184-F-22-Review (20)
Gun(s) vs Sword.

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  1. Nice looking mech. Not really my design taste, but good to see something different. Thanks for your review.

  2. I love the muv-luv designs. Though this kit makes the shoulders on the Raptor look enormous.


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