Jan 16

We’ve been hinting at this for some time and we’ve put the finishing touches and it’s ready to go. HobbyLink.TV’s Playing With Plamo 2017 Modeling Competition is now open. Be sure to check out the contest page for all the details!

Playing With Plamo 2017 Model Competition

Check out the groups from the last competition to get an idea of what to expect and get some inspiration but remember to post your WIPs in the 2017 groups. Links for those are in the page for the Playing With Plamo 2017 Competition.

Beginner Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013

Intermediate Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013

Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2013

Or, see the winners of the last competition here!

Good luck, everyone!



  1. A quick question. Couldnt find it in the rules (looks like you guys even didnt add the requirement about the unopened kit like last competition) but is it ok to make a kit (orginal unopened one) using canibalised parts of other kit. Im my example. The model will be MS-06E3(unopened kit) and the part provider (joints and some parts to fix proportions of the kit) will be MS-06FS. Will it still be eligible?

    PS. Ryan and Syd. I bet Robodaz if he wishes could put a submission today since he has insane build speed 😛

  2. Finally!!!

  3. So we can’t include WIP pics of a kit we’ve already built if we’ve posted a review of it? What if we remove the review? Already too late?

  4. The links to the 2013 groups don’t work.

  5. Whooo! So we need to start with a completely unassembled kit right?

  6. Oh yes, definitely going to do this!

    Just a few questions though, would a kit received in the /r/Gunpla Secret Santa be eligible (It’s a Barbatos Lupus so there’s no doubt you guys sell it), and would sending WIP pictures to a gunpla chat in Telegram foul the no external posting rule?

  7. Ouch I don’t have credit cards, so I buy kits from a guy who often order large amount of kits from hlj to sell to the locals. How can I prove the origin of my kit?

    • I’m guessing that with a good recent picture of the box and the runners inside the plastic?

  8. Do we have to include the kits that I’m just using their weapons I have the parts but I don’t have box no more.

  9. This is really cool. I just got one of my boxes from HLJ (after about 5 weeks in shipping, still waiting for another) I might use one of the two kits, probably the MG RGM Custom.

  10. Is it me or are the links for the Begining/Intermediate/Advanced 2013 broken?

  11. I am waiting for anew competition for years and now I figured, that I have no kit. The last unbuilt mayor kit from HLJ was my five star stories mortarhead and I started building it last weekend… Tough luck with that. I only have a V2 on its way since e few weeks, that might be in time. But I like it how it is. Sure my warehouse has a couple of kits, waiting to be shiped, but I had to use express shipment to be in time and that doubles my costs for them… argh.. have to sleep over this problem.

  12. I’ve got a large number of planned projects, and this competition gives me a reason to start one. I’ve got a few questions:
    First: Does it need to be a single model kit, or can a diorama with a few models be acceptable?
    Second: I’m attempting to create a YouTube channel for my work. I’ll be taking video of the progress on this project. Do I need to wait until the competition is over to post any associated WIP videos, or does HLJ want some free advertising while I’m working on it?
    I’m Excited! Like I said, my backlog is pretty enormous at the moment, and this does give me an excuse to actually move forward with one of my many plans. More often than not, these same plans prevent me from actually building the kits, as I don’t have much free time to work on them.

  13. A wild Ryan has appeared!

  14. Hi,

    I am very happy HLJ is doing the competition again. It was a great experience last time round. I wish everyone the best of luck and can’t wait to see your work.

    If I may add a small critique. I wish you had not done the competition in this period of the year. This is study time in the northern hemisphere and April/May is exam time! Some of us who work and study are going to find ‘finding time’ very difficult. I think something like this would have been better served if done during the summer time.

    Also, I wish next time round, you pre-inform us when the opening dates for submission will be at least a month in advance. This way we will have some a grace period to think what we want to build and have enough time to order the parts/kits without loosing time.

    At this point I do not know if I will manage to finish a good project in time working only few hours over the weekend. I don’t want to rush my work like I did last time round and end up regretting it.

    I still have not decided what to do, but I will still be more than happy to watch others work on their projects.

    Once again good luck to one and all and a big thank you to HLJ for hosting the competition.


  15. Does the kit have to be purchased from HLJ?

  16. I need to know if it’s ok that I use one weapon from a kit (just a beam rifle) that wasn’t purchased from HLJ, would that get me disqualified or ???

  17. wait, so i gotta buy the kit from hlj in order to enter?

    • I thought that Sid said threat they just have to stock the kit at hlj not necessarily have bought it from them??? I’m not sure does any one want to clarify this conundrum.

    • Not don’t think so, u just have to make sure you make the kit for hobbylinkjapan only. That mean they can’t been any photo or video of the kit your building anywhere online it must be on hobby link Japan.tv

  18. Tod is great, but it was nice to see ryan again.

  19. Please I would like to know why are only kits purchased on hlj.com allowed in the competition? I buy my kits from all over the place and I have used hlj.com and many others for many many years. I do not know why this is a rule now.

    I believe this limits everyone’s creativity. Because I feel like my ability to express myself with Bandai’s Gundam, or Kotobukiya, or Tamiya kits are really limiting. I would prefer to have a wider range of models to choose from.

    • The rules have been clarified to state clearly that the kit can be purchased from somewhere other than HLJ.com however you will need a customer account at HLJ.com in order to submit your final order and claim any prizes.

      HobbyLink Japan has a huge range of models. I don’t think it’s fair to say that people’s creativity is being stifled by asking that they use models that were/are available for sale through hlj.com

      • Thank you Syd. I did not mean to come off as arrogant as it might have sounded. I highly and greatly appreciate it. I have been a long time HobbyLink Japan customer. Do not take my comments as being ungrateful for the opportunity and the experience that this competition offers.

        I was expressing frustrations over what I believed to be mixed up rules. I am sorry. Please do not hold that against me. I am having trouble deciphering and understanding the rules is all. I not only have HLJ models I would be able and willing to use but also my prize for 4th place runner up from 2014. I am just looking and trying to do something different.

        I am a loyal HobbyLink Japan customer.

        Thank you Syd sensei.

  20. Can I use a 3rd party kit?

  21. I can use already assembled models to create a kitbash and scratch

  22. Hello HLJ and Master Syd.

    So yeah… a couple of questions:

    1. Can me and my wife both enter the competition (me in intermediate, she in beginner) as you know we are both fans of Gunpla and both build our own different kits?

    2.We have two HLJ accounts, however both are named after her and me as a care of in the address section as she has more time to pick up the kits at our post office and in times she cannot, i do so… Is this okay?

    Thanks for the response

  23. Hi Syd, any chance we can up the image count for the submission? 8 is kinda low…



  24. Hello Hlj, and Master Syd
    I have a few model and i already submit one model to this competition, my question can I submit more then one model, ths

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