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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 22 – 2010 Year in Review Pt. 1

Show us your favourite Gundam

As we approach the end of the 2010 we thought we would take a look back at the year that was for Gundam model kits. Bandai was true to form and unleashed a large amount of product this past year, even more than normal as part of their Gunpla 30th Anniversary so, while we can’t show you every Gundam model kit Bandai brought out in 2010 we can definitely show you some highlights.   This video covers the first half of 2010 and the latter half will be the subject of next week’s episode.

What was your favorite kit from 2010?  Leave a comment and let us know.  Even better, if you’ve got pictures of your favorite 2010-released Gundam, why not submit them and share them with the Gunpla community through GunplaTV?

Gundam Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG GN-X

1/100 MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Titanium Finish
BB Unicorn Gundam
1/144 HG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

1/60 PG MS-06 Zaku 30th Anniversary Extra Finish Version
1/100 MG MSN-04 Sazabi with Special Clear Armor Parts
1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS Cage

1/144 HG GX-9900 Gundam X
1/144 HG Gundam Astraea Type-F
1/100 MG Wing Gundam

1/144 HG 1.5 Gundam
1/144 HGFC G Gundam
1/100 MG Musha Gundam Mk-2

1/144 HG Avalanche Exia Dash
1/100 MG Full Armor Gundam
1/144 HGUC MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam

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  1. I’d say that the RG RX-78 is my pick for Gunpla of the year

    • @ Gamedingo if you have a picture of one you have made send it in!

  2. Hi there, first off, nice episode as usual, well done ^^
    2nd, I think Syd needs more sleep, i saw some dark circles ^^;

    3rd, I know this is a bit off topic, but could you tell me how to take care of my Tamiya Chrome Silver Marker? I just got one today and tried it out, I noticed that the head is a little different and the paint stuck there after using. Is there anything I need to do so it won’t dry up or anything? Cause I don’t think I’ll be using it for a while and I seriously don’t want it drying up. Thanks a lot.

  3. my favorite kit of this year is 1/100 MGS 00 QAN [T]

  4. PG Strike Freedom is probably a good pick for Gunpla of the year.

  5. yup. my fav for 2010 would be the RG RX-78 too. as for all time favourites, it has to be the MG sinanju! hmm… will send in pics. now, where is my camera…

  6. This year, I brought Infinite Justice Gundam w/ Clear parts and RG RX-78 Gundam (Just came). Both which I have not built yet.

    Favourite Gunpla, I really like the look of Sinanju, Unicorn and RG RX-78 Gundam kits.

    Last built Gundam kit I ever done was MG Strike, which was last year! 😡

    • @ Gallen nice photos, you should start submitting some in!

  7. I loved the HGUC ZZ Gundam

  8. HG Gundam X and the RG RX-78 are my favorite kits so far this year.
    MG wing, deathscythe and ReZEL are up there too but they didn’t give me the satisfaction and pure joy as the smaller kits did.
    GX and the RX are 2 of my fave designs, so that may be why.

  9. Syd is sleepy. The arrival of the RG Zaku, PG Strike Freedom, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3 all in the span of a month have taken it out of him.

  10. Nice episode as always. My favorite MG this year would have to be the Infinite Justice. I got it 2 months ago. It was also my first MG kit and I love it. I do have two quick questions though.

    1. How exactly does the whole replacement part thing work? Do I just send an email and wait for a reply? The reason is that I lost one of the hilts for my Justice. Yea I know pretty dumb.

    2. My second is about decals. Is there an alternative adhesive to Mr. Setter/Softener? I don’t think my local hobby store sells those.

  11. There are various other decal setting agents that are basically the same as the GSI products… Solvaset and Microsol are a couple that come to mind. Testor’s apparently makes a decal solvent product as well. There are differences between the various products: some are more potent than others, among other things. Which is best could also depend on the specific decals you’re using as well. It’s kind of a compatibility thing. Although the different products work on the same principles, their formulation can be entirely different. Some decals may not perform well with a particular solvent – some may not be compatible with solvents at all. (This was a problem with the Revell-Monogram Starfury kit put out in the 90s – I think it’s not a common problem these days.) It may even be worth buying multiple brands and testing the different products with the decals you plan to use.

    Personally I prefer to get the more potent decal solvents. I get annoyed when I use a decal solvent and it doesn’t appear to do anything. 🙂 I mostly stick to Solvaset and Mr. Mark Softer.

  12. You’ve done a very great job from the whole time syd…

    i think my favorite MG would be the SINANJU for that
    and also the greatest ever build this year by bandai the

  13. I will vote for the MG Wing Gundam for the best MG for 2010

  14. For me it would be the 1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color. It was already a great kit and now Bandai made it even better and included a ton of extras 😀

  15. Hi.

    First to answer the question, most definitely is the RG Gundam and RG Zaku. Can’t beat those two.

    Secondly, to address the problem of watching Gunpla episodes in iTunes. Managed to get hold of episode 22 but the problem is, it’s the same as episode 21 and not the episode available on this page or YouTube. What gives?

    Thirdly, happy holidays to all HLJ and Hobbylink TV staffs and also all HLJ fans and customers.

    • @ Shaharul we were testing a couple things with iTunes and our videos so we have to wait for iTunes to refresh its lists of podcasts before it will start finding the correct episode.

  16. Nice episode HL! But I think you missed Gundam Astray Red frame (released in the begining of 2010 and re-released last month). (yet) My favourite gundam! He is also my pick this year. I migth have submitted it, if I had any knoweledge in how to “erasing” surroundings.
    Also, can anyone tell me what are theese cards with colour and cap. letter on ’em that you can find in pockets w/ runners (you could see one on 4:02 minute of the video)?

    • @ Vasily That little card is a code you can enter on Bandai’s website if you have an account there. Basically, if you buy a lot of MG kits and enter a lot of the codes you get some free stuff. Only for residents of Japan, though.

  17. i was wondering if bandai will release mg red frame 2nd revised:- original red frame backpack, d 1 with dual beam sabers, 2 katanas, maybe a shield n a beam rifle. almost d same accessories as d pg red frame but with 2 katanas. n for d sword holders make it like d pg instead of 1 at a side. d current mg red frame for me is just a copy of d blue frame kit, somewhat shows bandai just slacking off, they could had done it better. don’t really feel the originality of red frame cause giv it a tactical arm? just wrong… they can reuse the blue frame’s design no prob, make changes for the sword holder n d accessories n i bet more ppl will wanna buy d kit, i know i would 🙂

  18. @Luke
    Thanx for the reply. As always, keep up the great and enjoyable work.

  19. RG RX-78-2 Gunpla kit of the year!

  20. You know, looking back at the Bandai kits released in 2010 – There’s nothing I look back at and say, “that kit really made my year.” The only one I actually bought is the HGUC Zaku F2: Good kit, nice improvement over the MG version, but still, to me, not the kind of release that has me waiting for the release date…
    MG Full Armor Gundam and Wing Gundam were nice releases as well… (Plus GN-X – Gundam 00’s first season had great adversary designs…) And both Real Grade and Mega Size are pretty cool… But somehow none of those releases has managed to draw me in.
    There’s been some pretty nice Kotobukiya Armored Core releases this year – the “Crest Assault Type” was a long time coming, and the Mavors and Oracle releases included some welcome new parts…
    It’s not gunpla, but I think the most exciting hobby-related news of 2010 was that Round 2 models got their business together and released various Star Trek kits – reissues of old AMT stuff, plus the Polar Lights kits from a few years back and some all-new kits like the 1:1000 scale Refit Enterprise… It’s great to have such a beloved sci-fi subject in a form that’s both accurate (unlike the old AMT kit) and affordable (unlike the Bandai one – and the 1:350 Polar Lights version is pretty expensive these days, too…)
    Though I guess another good one was the recent 1:48 scale Macross and Star Wars kits… The YF-19 came out in ’09 so it doesn’t count, but this year Hasegawa started the 1:48 VF-1 series… and, of course, Fine Molds did the 1:48 TIE fighter…
    I vote for the MG Zaku v1.0 as the best kit of 1995! 🙂

  21. Currently building the new RG RX-78-2 Gunpla kit. It feels like I’m re-living the character from Gunpla Builder animation hahaha.

    • @ Gallen make sure you send that in to us!

  22. Just got the GN-X (Jinx) the other day, it looks to be a great kit. Here’s to another year of gunpla TV! Hope to see some more 00 MG releases in the future. Seeing the FA Gundam makes one ponder the possibilities of a MG 0 Gundam with 2.0 frame…though there’s others on my wish list at the moment, like a MG Cherudim? Please?

  23. My favorite of the year was definitely the Real Grade Gundam.

  24. 1/100 MG Musha Gundam Mk-2

    got it at dragon con and loved building it

  25. My favorite for this year is the MG Wing Gundam.
    Because I’ve waited more than 5 years, since my collection gunpla

  26. sinanju is my favorite gundam…i dont have any pics right now,becoz i am going to paint it…thanx hobbylink for some tips….

    • @ Roy make sure to send in some pictures once its finished!

  27. @Luke, will do when I finish building it! This kit is awesome. XD

  28. I vote for RG RX 78… this kit really deserve to be kit of the year 🙂

  29. I think WING is a terrible gundam.

    Hopefully Bandai will make more G Gundam 🙂

  30. hey…when will bandai make a ver 2.0 for mg nu gundam?….ver 1 is boring

  31. Its gonna be the MG 00 Raiser XD


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