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Tokyo Game Show 2014: Video Coverage


We’re back in the office after an amazing run at Tokyo Game Show yesterday! This was the HLJ team’s first time attending the event, and despite the crowds, we did our best to bring you coverage of some of the best games presented at the show along with gameplay footage wherever possible!



Starting with Namco Bandai’s impressive booth, we took a look at one of the upcoming Gundam games, “Gundam Breaker 2” for the PS3 and PS Vita. And after basking in the glory of their gigantic Gundam display, we jumped right into some gameplay! Following up at the NBGI booth, we checked out the new “-Godzilla-” game for the PS3, along with their S.H.MonsterArts display featuring the king of monsters himself, along with a teaser picture for the web exclusive Mecha King Ghidorah. And before we left, we made sure to thoroughly enjoy the “Tales of Zestiria” corner! Zestiria is the 20th anniversary title in the “Tales of” series, and from the short demo alone, we saw that there were quite a few new features in the battle system. We also had a nice chat with the “Tales of” producer, Hideo Baba, but unfortunately he was swept away before we could get in a proper interview.


Making our way into the next area, we were immediately blown away by SONY’s booth, featuring a huge stage, several PS3 and PS4 gameplay stations, and videos of all the upcoming releases. In this area, we took a look at the newly released, multi-platform title “Destiny” by Bungie and captured some gameplay footage of the upcoming PS4 title “Bloodborne”! At this point, we were also hoping to capture some new info on the newest Persona game, “Persona 5”, but after a wild goose chase, all we ended up with was the same animation clip that’s already been seen around the net.


Directly behind SONY was the stage for “Earth Defense Force 4.1”, with a massive mobile suit that even trumped the “Gundam Breaker 2” display in size! This mecha was massive, but the gameplay for this new installment to the “Earth Defense Force” series looked equally impressive, and the ever knowledgable Cacophanus gave us a ton of information on the game and series!


Square Enix had a great booth as well, and we were excited to get some gameplay footage from “Final Fantasy XV”, set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One. But it wasn’t just gameplay we were after from Enix. We were expecting some figures on display at their booth, and we were not disappointed! We got our first look at some of the Square Enix figures already on pre-order at HLJ.com, as well as some prototypes for upcoming products! We were especially impressed with the gorgeous Fran figure from “Final Fantasy XII”!

Up next, we went to EA and got some great shots at the “Battlefield Hardline” area. This multi-platform game looks amazing, and we can’t wait for it to release in March of next year.


Another big point of interest was the G-cluster / Broadmedia booth. G-cluster is a multi-platform cloud gaming service, and they were showing off their service with two awesome titles, the new ZOIDS game, “ZOIDS Material Hunters” set to release in spring 2015, and “Final Fantasy XIII”, set for fall 2014! We even had a chance to win the G-Cluster device in their huge gacha machine, but we were met with disappointment that would follow us to the final stop on our trip.

We were hoping to end the day with some footage of Syd and Ryan playing “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” in the Xbox area, but just as we were about to enter the gameplay area, the staff took one look at us, and decided that moment was perfect for closing up shop. Thanks guys! But despite that small drawback, we really enjoyed this experience, and we hope you enjoy our coverage!

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of Tokyo Game Show 2014! Would you like to see us return to the show next year?

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  1. What’s this? Claiming a Final Fantasy game the best among the whole franchise? You know, this is how wars start right?

  2. is there a release date for the new play arts kai final fantasy action figures?


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