Aug 31

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By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


When Bandai announced its more compact Hi-Metal R range for Macross, while it was expected we’d get a lot of variable fighters, I never truly expected that there would be releases of any of the other designs. Turns out that my expectations were misplaced and Bandai has delivered a truly magnificent Hi-Metal R rendition of the Destroid Monster.

After the alien starship crashed on South Ataria Island, it was clear that its previous inhabitants were gigantic. Following the global unrest of this new discovery and eventual unification, humanity tried to create weapons that could meet these aliens on their own massive terms.

While many know of the variable fighters in Macross, they were actually a later and more secret development. The first generation of weapons were the destroids. These were non-transforming and often humanoid mecha that had a certain degree of specialization. Then there was the Monster.

Very few of these were actually manufactured but their intention was a clear one of superior artillery-based firepower. From the missile launcher arms to the massive cannons atop, with a 160km range no less, the Monster was an aptly named destroid if ever there was one.

Both in the series and movie, the Monster turned up a few times to help lend its immense potency to the conflict. As such, over the years it has become somewhat of champion among the destroid ranks. It even popped up in Macross 7 as well.

In more recent years, the Monster ended up inspiring the creation of the fully transformable VB-6 König Monster. This was debuted in the game Macross VF-X2 and then became an integral part of the story in Macross Frontier.

It’s here I should also talk a bit about the fact that while many identify Macross with Shoji Kawamori, a lot of the design work was also penned by the insanely talented Kazutaka Miyatake and the Monster was one of his contributions.

In that sense, having this Monster released at all is amazing, as Bandai has broadly retained the design’s original scale relative to the other Hi-Metal R toys. This means the box is massive and is lovingly covered in yet more artwork by Hidetaka Tenjin.







This is a remarkable release, so stick around for the review!


  1. When Cacophanus told me this was on the cards, I told him I’d believe it when I saw it.
    Even seeing the prototype at the Tamashii Showroom was not sufficient.
    Seeing it in the flesh, however.
    Yeah… Now we know why this line is called Hi Metal “R”
    Because this Monster is Real as it comes…

    I’l save my observations on playing with it (Yes, I said it! 😉 ) till after part two drops.

  2. Can`t wait to read it at my morningcoffe tomorrow.. \O

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