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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 5 – Building an MG – Inner Frames

Before jumping into a viewer suggested MG, Syd explains a little about what makes the Master Grade line so masterful.

In this episode:
1/100 MG RX-77-2 Guncannon


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  1. Need a closeup if we’re gonna *see* the “gate”… And maybe a comparison with the corresponding HGUC version might have been useful to show the difference between HG and MG? This video seemed to just gloss over a lot of those details…
    As for the MG you build later on… Actually I gotta say, I didn’t even think of Guncannon prior to seeing this video but I think that would be a good one. And although I’m personally pulling for some kind of Zeon MS, I liked a few of the suggestions from the comments on the previous video – like MG Wing or Full Armor Gundam…
    Are you going to assemble the Real Grade when you do the video about it? I’ve seen the skeleton and all that, I’m mostly interested in seeing how it looks assembled, how bad (or not!) those gaps are between armor parts, etc. Maybe you could also compare it with the HG G30th version? The two kits are both based on the giant Gundam statue, it’d be interesting to see in what ways the Real Grade is the better representation…

  2. And to address the question of “what is a runner/gate/polycap” (Paul asked about this in comments for episode 1) in case it wasn’t clear from the video:

    The “runner” is the plastic tree the parts are on when you first get the kit.
    The “gate” is the junction between the runner and the part. Learning to cut the gates to remove the part, without damaging the part, is an important elementary skill when building any kind of model kit. Cutting parts is covered in episode 2.
    The “polycaps” are vinyl parts used for moving joints. They are used because they help the joint to last a long time without losing its ability to hold a pose. If you paint, remember that ordinary paint will not stick to vinyl. Usually this isn’t a big deal but in some cases the vinyl parts are visible enough or cover a large enough area (i.e. Patlabor kits) that it may be an issue.

    In some cases, instead of polycaps, kits will use ABS for moving parts… This is more common in Master Grades (a few MGs use no polycaps at all – but rather just all ABS for their joints) but a few High Grades have it as well (the elbows of a few HGUCs come to mind…) ABS is a hard plastic that’s tough enough to be used in a plastic-on-plastic joint and still last a long time. (Kits from the early 1980s didn’t have polycaps or ABS, and so moving joints were prone to wear out rather quickly, and lose their ability to hold a pose.)

  3. there’s something I would like to know about these reissues do they come with updated frames from the V2.0 series or are they just like the originals?

  4. Again, I want the MG Full Armor. It’s an impressive kit and it’s gonna be my first master grade, the only thing missing it’s the mail man to deliver him to me ^^

  5. What is the difference between MG RX-78-2, Mg RX-78 ver 1.5, MG RX-78-2 Ver One year war, MG RX-78-2 Ver2.0? i can’t really tell the diference between them. Thanks. And also u did mention that there is another REAL GRADE RX-78, any difference? Thanks again.

  6. I would love to see the 1/100 Wing Gundam Ver. Ka being built! ^.^

  7. Simon, the RX-78-2 has had many re-imaginings, as it is one of the most popular Gundam designs(and it is simple.) The order you listed them in is actually the order that they were released, so the 2.0 has a full inner frame and lots of parts, where the regular RX-78 is more simple and shows it’s age(poor articulation, colors, stickers, etc.)

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Not to give too much away, but our plan with the Real Grade is to give everyone a ‘first look’ a the kit and what they will see when they open the box and what to expect when they start putting it together.

    Concerning the re-issues, these kits are exactly the same as their initial release however, an extra runner of optional clear parts is included.

    Mack, excellent overview of the differences in the RX-78-2 kits. I should mention that the last version of the MG RX-78-2, the 2.0, was also designed to work with the MG G-Fighter (BAN957465).

  9. Simon: as Mack said, the difference between the MG Gundams is largely style, but there’s some technical differences as well.
    On the technical side, the oldest Master Grade kits are basically High Grades by today’s standards. Very little in the way of internal frames, not super-poseable, etc. Personally I love the v1.0 of Zaku and Gundam (even with their limitations) because of that simplicity – and because of their designs. The v1.0’s were designed by Okawara, the original designer of the Gundam and Zaku. They’re very detailed, but still have the classic feel…
    The v1.5 was an upgrade of the v1.0 – reused some parts of the v1.0 but relaced others. It included a full inner frame for the leg, restyled armor to more closely resemble the then-recent Perfect Grade Gundam, and additional weapons.
    v.OYW is also made to resemble the PG Gundam, except the OYW has a bunch of added surface detail. Unlike the v1.5, the OYW was almost all-new and had a full internal frame with great mobility. The OYW does not have the core fighter gimmick – this was sacrificed for better mobility in the torso. People sometimes used to call the v.OYW “MG Gundam v2.0” before the real v2.0 came out. Technically this is incorrect, but the OYW came out about the time the v2.0 line started, and it was on par with those early v2.0’s…
    MG Gundam v2.0 is the newest one – and it was the first RX-78 kit -not- based (at least partially) on the PG design since the PG first came out. It’s designed to look a bit plain on the surface, to evoke the look of the original 1979 TV show. But the frame’s pretty impressive – for instance, they managed torso mobility on par with the v.OYW without sacrificing the core fighter gimmick…
    http://www.dalong.net is a good place to see the differences between the kits… Even if you can’t read Korean there’s lots of good photos showing direct comparisons, the limits of joint mobility, etc.

    Flamish: the clear-armor reissues of the various kits are exactly the same as the corresponding original versions – they just added in the clear runner as a bonus. It’s a very efficient way for Bandai to revitalize interest in these releases.

  10. I find your series very enjoyable. I would like to see you build the freedom gundam.

  11. How about a go @ the perfect grade Gundam Wing ?

  12. I’d love to see an Ex-S Master Grade build up, but that might take a few hours.

  13. Since you have it in your hands in the intro I think it’s only right that you build the
    MG EX-S Gundam!!!

  14. still on MG gundam mkII, before i start mine

    and colouring tips maybe? if i need to colour a large piece? how do i go about it? using the gundam markers? or maybe other type of colours?

  15. Bring on the RG!

    As far as MG kits I’d like to see you do something technical like the Blue Frame or the Sinanju.

  16. EX-S Plox

  17. the models MG, are exelentes pieces to assemble, and we combined if them with techniques of advanced modelismo we will obtain great realism in the finished figures, thanks for the explanation, tapeworm desire to see a RX77 with great details.


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